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                           These  tracks  and  photos  are  archive  Jazz   in  the  Kent  and   Sussex
                         venues, in  the  early  60's  to  the  early  90's,  some  of  the  pubs  no   &nbs0;   
                        longer   exists ,  and  many  of  the  musicians   are  sadly  no  longer  with  us, so 
                        come  and  enjoy  the  traditional   jazz  that  we  played, heard  and  grew  up  with.

                                                                                                                                                 Burtie  Butler 
                                Continuation of the Invicta Jazz Band with their famed guests page three

                                       Vic and Tony Pitt                 Alan Elsdon               Roy Williams

                                                                                       Acker Bilk


                                                                                    page three


      Continuing with the memorable guests, our next celebrity guests are Vic and Tony Pitt, this evening
      was recorded at The Slatters Hotel, Canterbury, Kent on the 8th May 1988.

                                                    The full band and the lads left to right:

                  Vic Pitt bass, Jim Clarke tmb, Mike Porter-Ward bass (hidden behind) , Dave Link tpt,
                        John Cottis (hidden behind), Tony Pitt, Pete Rose clt and Burtie Butler banjo.

Vic Pitt   bass      John Cottis drms    Tony Pitt gtr                           John Cottis       Vic Pitt 

                            playing :         Alabama Bound                                       Big Noise from Winnetka                 

             Vic     Barbara    Tony



                         Avalon                  Jazz Band ball                 Lady Be Good                 Memphis Blues

                                                    Rose Room                  When I Grow To Old To Dream  

                  So click on to the above titles to get the savour of the evening especially 'When I Grow to Old To Dream'
                      for the full band sound with two basses ( a rare treat ) and two banjos - enjoy.


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                    Continuing with the memorable guests, our next celebrity guest is Alan Elsdon, who was
                our guest at our -
                          'Jazz on a Summer Night' at the Whitstable Playhouse - Saturday 29th July 1989



                 L/R:  Burtie Butler bnj, Kenny Perke tmb, Roy Mason reeds, Alan Elsdon tpt, Dave Link tpt,

                                       Mike Porter-Ward bass and John Cottis drums.

                                  click on below to hear Alan chat and his superb  playing:

                                China Boy           Butter and Egg Man            Margie                  That's a Plenty



                                The Band on Stage                                    and our lovely audience in the bar

                                       I Want a Little Girl               Marie              Up The Lazy River

                                                                          I Cant Get Started



                                   Mike Scott finishing of the evening with the chat etc and the last no

                                                                                 Dr. Jazz Stomp
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  Continuing with the memorable guests, our next celebrity guest is Roy Williams trombone,
                         who was our guest at  -  the Slatters Hotel on the Sunday 5th November 1989



            Band members L/R :

         Burtie Butler bnj,  Roy Williams guest tmb, Kenny Pyrke tmb , John Cottis drms, Dave Link tpt,

                                 Lyn Falvey vocals, Mike Porter - Ward  bass and Roy Mason clarinet.

                                                      with guest trombone player Don York 


            Struttin' with Some Barbeque            When Youre Smiling             Blue Turning Grey Over You
                                                                            voc by Roy Williams                     voc by Lyn Falvey



                            signed ticket                      Front Line:  Roy Williams,  Kenny Pyrke  and  Don York
                                                               Rhythm boys:   Burtie Butler,John Cottis and  Mike Porter-Ward


                                                   My Blue Heaven                                   Mood Indigo
                                                                        these two are solos by Roy


                                              Muskrat Ramble                                                If I Had You

                                these two above are with three trombones Roy, Kenny and Don - great stuff


                             Roy Williams,    Burtie Butler,    Kenny Pyrke,   John Cottis and Mike Porter-Ward
                                                                   Roy mason and Lyn out of sight


                                       Lady be Good                             Till We Meet Again with vocal by Lyn

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                              Continuing with the memorable guests, our next celebrity guest is Acker Bilk again

                     at the Slatters Hotel, St Margaret's Street, Canterbury, Kent on the 2nd December 1990



                          Band members L/R :

                          Don York tmb, Burtie Butler bnj, Dave Link tpt, John Cottis drms, Acker Bilk clt,

                                                       Mike Porter - Ward  bass and Roy Mason clarinet/sax



                            Acker with the lads - looks as if he is giving Roy the look and visa versa 

                           Lou - easy - an - i -a               Delia Gone                 Stranger on the Shore
this is funny  - Acker's  humour                                                                            Acker's most famous hit with the lads

                                                           All Of Me                    Lord Lord Lord      
Acker and Roy two clarinets


                                  Closer Walk with Thee                                When I Grow Too Old To Dream

                                        Click on to the above titles for the fun on an evening with Acker




                                                     The lads doing a sponsored beard shave here is Dave


                           they had a good turnout of musicians for the sponsored  beard shave L/R:

                                 Roger Link bass, John Finch tmb, Roger Ely tpt, John Cottis drms,

                                                Bill Stotesbury  bnj and Ian Turner clt.