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                          These  tracks  and  photos  are  archive  Jazz   in  the  Kent  and   Sussex
                             venues, in  the  early  60's  to  the  early  90's,  some  of  the  pubs  no       
                    longer   exists ,  and  many  of  the  muscians   are  sadly  no  longer  with  us, so 
                   come  and  enjoy  the  traditional   jazz  that  we  played, heard  and  grew  up  with

                                                                                                                                            Burtie  Butler 











The Invicta Jazzband with special guest Humphrey Lyttelton

These two tracks were recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, in Whitstable, Kent on the 27th July 1985
                                 the first track being 'Snake Rag' with Nigel Pitt and Humph doing some great cornet and trumpet, the
                                 second track 'At the Jazzband Ball'  brings a bit of humour into the equation with the band not quite
                                getting the dog-leg right and Humph explaining it away in his usual of the cuff humour.

                               Band members from left to right in the photo:          Lyn Falvey                    vocals
                                                                                                                    Phil Barnes                   trombone and introduction's
                                                                                                                                                           and sadly no longer  with  us
                                                                                                                     Burtie Butler                banjo
                                                                                                                    Nigel Pitt                      cornet
                                                                                                                    Humphrey  Lyttelton    trumpet & clarinet
                                                                                                                   John Cottis                    drums
                                                                                                                   Pete Rose                       clarinet
                                                                                                                  Humphrey Mayes           double bass
                                                                                                                                                          and sadly no longer with us
Jonathan Vinten               piano,

                                                               to hear the tracks just click on to the required title that is underlined:
                                                                                                                Snake Rag
                                                                                                       At the Jazzband Ball

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                                  This is the earliest jazz that I have recorded it was on a joy stick reel to reel recorder according to Humph
                                  Little Red Rooster was top of the charts, so am dating it about 1962/63. It was recorded at the Ship Inn,
                                  East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent. The picture was taken recently but might try and get an older photo.


            George Wooding                         Gilbert Walner                            Humphrey Mayes                            Ivan Gandon                           John Beckenham                   Burtie Butler
                   trumpet                                        trombone                                      double bass                                     clarinet                                          drums                                       banjo

                                                         So click on to the title and hear what we sounded like in the early 60's             Dippermouth  Blues
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                                    The Smugglers Inn at Herne has always been a place for jazz on a Sunday, started upstairs in the public
                                   and finally downstairs in the cellar bar - firstly with the Mo Hovery Jazzmen, Bill Barnacle band and finally
                                    the Invicta Jazzband.

                                                   Sean Maple tmb, Ron Woodward bass, Mo Hovery tpt, Bill Ambro drms (hidden)
                                                                          Bruce Roberts clt and Dave Bashford bjo/gtr

            The Mo Hovery Jazzmen played from 1962 - 1983 the original players were Mo Hovery tpt, Frank Packman clt
                       Sean Maple tmb, Jim Beale Piano, Ben Marshall bnj, Roger Link bass and Pete Hovery drms


                Mo Hovery                  Bruce Roberts                      San Maple                    Dave Bashford                 Ron Woodward                 Bill  Ambro                   Mike Oliver
                    trumpet                          clarinet                              trombone                        banjo / guitar                     double bass                         drums                            piano


                                                                                                                                   and Patti Clarke  vocals

                                    So click on the tracks below and hear what is was like with the above line-up
                                                                                             of the Mo Hovery Jazzmen in the Smugglers, Herne  23rd July 1978

                                        As Long as I Live             The Riverboat Shuffle            Sleepy Time Gal               Hindustan

                                    Down for the Count        Clarinet Marmalade       Davenport Blues        Bill Bailey voc Patti Clarke

                                            Basin Street Blues  vocal Patti Clarke                      Empty Bed Blues voc Patti Clarke 

                                       Sweet Georgia Brown voc Patti Clarke                 Georgia on my Mind voc Patti Clarke

                                                                        and lads signing off with credits    Monochrome  

                                   Mo's Band played at the Thomas A'Beckett Pub, Canterbury, Kent, for BBC Radio Kent in 1972
                                   here are three of numbers from the session.   
                                                                                               Band members are:
                                                  Mo Hovery tpt, Frank Packman clt, Charlie Banyard tmb, Jim Beale piano,
                                                             Les Biggs gtr, Roger Link bass and Ted Backhouse drms.

                                     I cant give you anything but love                        St Louis Blues                        Muskrat Ramble



                                A great session here are some tracks from this session not above recordigs

                 Royal Garden Blues        Oh Baby            Monochrome           Wolverine Blues

                 Savoy Blues               Indiana                Rosetta                       New Orleans




             Left to Right:
      Ron Woodward bass, San Maple tmb, Mo Hovery tpt, Frank Packman clt and Peter Darby harmonica,                   
A bit of history of Thanet Jazz in the early 50's
out of site Roy Williams - Gaston piano and Ted Backhouse drums                                                                                            relating to the photo on left

                                                                            Carting a piano to gigs - Sean Maple, Bill Ambro and Dave Bashford this was taken at the
                                                             Herne Bay Hockey Club, Beacon Road, Herne Bay, Kent - how keen the lads were in days gone by - no digitals then

Sadly Mo passed away on Thursday 2nd October 2014


                                          Here are some great photo's from the 'Ron Woodward collection' of Mo Hovery's Jazzmen
                                                                              with their twinning trip of Hernebay with Waltrop (Germany) 1977/78



                                                                                                      The group Photo

Dave Bashford gtr/bnj ,   Bill Ambro drms ,   Bruce Roberts clt,

                                                Mo Hovery tpt,   Sean Maple tmb,   Ron Woodward bass  and  Mike Oliver piano

                                 here are the lads on a recording session at the Smugglers Inn in 1977 and what cracking stuff !!!
                                                                    so click on the titles to listen to the quality of the band 

                                                                               Recording engineer  Ray Chapman

                                 Fidgety Feet              Creole Love Call                 Riverboat Shuffle                      Chimes Blues

                                Sidewalk Blues                 Ghost Of A Chance              Weary Blues                        Mood Indigo

                               Dippermouth Blues           Liza           Mahogany Hall Stomp           Idaho               Stans Dance

                               These recordings below were recorded at Ray Chapman house in Westgate - On - Sea circa 1977

                                  Sidewalk Blues               The Preacher (Mo Hovery vocal)         Ice Cream (Mo Hovery vocal)

                                                 What Can I Say Now That Ive Said That I Am Sorry    (Mo Hovery vocal)






Cutting's  from the 'Westdeutsch Allgemeine' paper September  1977


Mike Oliver                                                                           Mo Hovery





                                      cutting from   'Stadt Waltrop und Umgebung'   September1977                                                                same paper  January 1988


                                                                        I love this translation after finishing playing at 10.30pm to the bar for a beer - came out
                                                                        at 5am - despite an apparent lack of sleep which complemented the music being played
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         burtie b

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                                                                    White Horse Finglesham, Deal, Kent. circa 50's ( a guess by me )

                                                The White Horse, Finglesham, Deal, Kent                        A Whitbread Inn sign of the White Horse
                                                                                                                                          no 44 from the third series of 50 in metal

                              The White Horse at Finglesham, nr Deal,Kent was another great venue for jazz with the Pete Rose Jazz Band
                             on Friday nights, this recording was the last night there on the 5th March 1982, it was not long after this that
                            the inn burnt down with only the chimney stack remaining - another venue goes. The picture of the inn is from
                            the Bill Barnacle collection, being a memento from the landlord as Bill had his reception there the previous year.

               Bill Barnacle                  Pete Rose                    Kenny Pyrke                 Colin Hodges                 Robin Beames                    Burtie Butler
                   cornet                          clarinet                         trombone                      double bass                        drums                               banjo

                                                       So click on the two tracks to soak up the atmosphere and fun evening
                                             to the Pete Rose Jazz Band on the last night at the White Horse in the early 80's

                                                               Dinah is there any one finer        Kenny Pyrke vocal
                                                              Dolly Grey                                      Colin Hodges vocal


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                              Another great venue started by the Landlord Alan Brown of The Sun at  Bredgar,
                             Nr Sittingbourne, Kent, UK. This venue was the most popular venue to go to from
                          the late 60's to early 80's it was held on a Monday evening,


                          This photo is one of the first bands to play at the Sun Inn this is late 60's or very early 70's
                                                         courtesy from the Bob Boorman collection

               L/R   Bob Boorman tmb,  Ivan Gandon clt,  Dave Hill tpt,  Burtie Butler bnj and Humphrey Mayes bass.



    This is of the last  night at the Sun, as Alan was leaving to take over ,The Phoenix, Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent. UK.

                       The members of the band playing on the last night at The Sun, Bredgar. Monday evening 1981

 Alan Robinson             Malcolm Walton             Rod Hayes                Burtie Butler                Laurie Palmer              Colin Martin
 clarinet                       trumpet                           trombone                        banjo                            drums                           piano

                                              Humphrey Mayes
                                                                                double bass and his other favourites - beer and pipe


                             The 'New Jazz Bandits' playing Three Little Words so grab a bit of nostalgia and hear
                            what the Sun sounded like in 1981, also a bit of cabaret with Alan Robinson singing
                            If you're a Viper, so click on to one of the title's below.

                                                                                                Three Little Words

                                                                                    If you're a Viper

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