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                                     These  tracks  and  photo's  are  archive  Jazz   in  the  Kent  and   Sussex
                                     venues, in  the  early  60's  to  the  early  90's,  some  of  the  pub's  no       
                              longer   exist's ,  and  many  of  the  muscians   are  sadly  no  longer  with  us, so 
                             come  and  enjoy  the  traditional   jazz  that  we  played, heard  and  grew  up  with

                                                                                                                                                     Burtie  Butler 
                                                        The Cavemens Jazz Band
                                                             The Tishomingo Jazz Band
                                                                The Tuxedo Jazz Band
                                                              The San jacinto Jazzmen
                                                              The John Kelk Jazz Band
                                                               The Eagle Jazz Band
                                                               The Chianti Jazz Group
                                                             Early Tony Pink Jazz men
                                                          The George Wooding Jazzmen 
                                                            The Phoenix City Jazz Band 
                                The Old Timers Jazz Band / The Original New Orleans Jazz Band



   This is one of the early recordings of Kent jazz,

In the nineteen fifties the Granville Hotel in Ramsgate was unoccupied apart from the ground floor bars and the ballroom.  These were run by ballroom dancing instructors Billy and Florrie Hamilton.  In 1955 Chatham House sixth former Peter Darby persuaded them to let out a cellar under the hotel as a jazz club for ten bob a week.  The teenage band and their friends put in a cement floor, opened up the space by putting in a lintel between two rooms and hung Chianti bottles with candles on the walls.  All this was done with a joint effort by students at local art colleges and various secondary schools from Ramsgate.  The original Cave jazz band comprised Steve Knight (cornet), Arthur Robinson (soprano sax), Dave Corsby (clarinet), Dave Dagley (trombone), Dave Brunwin (guitar), Mike Oliver (piano), Mick Shrubsole (tea chest bass), John Dadds (drums) and Pete Darby (washboard and harmonica).  The club flourished and the personnel and the style and standard of the band changed.  The band became the Chianti Jazzmen appearing at the Coronation Ballroom in Ramsgate often as an eight piece band opposite name big bands such as Ted Heath.  Several of the band became fully professional musicians with trumpeter Al Smith joining Sid Phillips, pianist Mike Oliver joining the Clyde Valley Stompers and guitarist Eric Flynn embarking on a tv and film career

                                The Cavemen's Jazzband in residence circa 1956, photo from the Dave Corsby collection

                              Steve Knight            Dave Dagley             Dave Corsby        Arthur Robinson         Mike Oliver           Dave Brunwin
                                  cornet                     trombone                    clarinet                   soprano                    piano                        guitar

                                                                         Pete Darby                  Mike Shrubsall                John Dadds
                                                                    Washboard / Harm            Tea chest bass                     drums                                                 back to index

                                               so soak up the atmosphere of the late 50's and hear the lads playing: 
                                                                  When the Saints go marching in

                                    cave band track was reprocessed from a direct cut 78 which emits blue powder
                                                                                                                                       Dave Corsby

    L/R  Dave Corsby,  Arthur Robinson,   Mick 'Ned' Bray,                      Dave Corsby at the Smugglers, Herne,Kent
                                                    Bass is Mike Shrubsole  drummer unknown
                                                                     Cave Club circa 1957.
                                             At start candles in Chianti bottles was the only lighting



                                   The Cavemen's Jazzband carnival truck in the late 1950s,its the Ramsgate Carnival and lds are:
                                   Shun Talbot tpt and Bod Bowles tmb are depping for the regular trumpeter and trombonist; 
                                    Dave Corsby (clt), Artie Robinson (sop), John Dadds (dms), Mick Shrubsole (tea chest bass)
                                   and Mike Oliver (pno). and  Dave Dagley (wash/brd) 





                                       A great reunion held at the Westgate Pavilion 10th Sept 2005

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                           This was a wonderful presentation of Jazz put on at the Kings Hall, Herne Bay, Kent on the
                      Saturday 17th September 1960 by, Vic Caira, president of  the San Jancinto Jazz Club. So
                      click on to the underlined titles of each band to relive the atmosphere at the Kings Hall on that
                      great afternoon back in 1960.

                                                       Kings Hall circa the 30's but still looks the same in 2006

                                              CONCERT ....................................Commencing  2.30pm
                                              DANCE.........................................Commencing  8.00pm
                                                   programme   .    .    .    .     .     .    .    .   sixpence

                            intoductions to the bands were by Vic Caira, Clare Thomas and Rosalyn Young

                        WELCOME JAZZ LOVERS
                       Nowadays there is much discussion concerning different styles and aspects of jazz that all to often
                       one cannot get to the hot music through the hot air.
                       One of the objects in presenting these five excellent Local jazz Bands, all with their different styles,
                       that between them they practically retell the history of small band jazz, is that this afternoon you may
                      for once sit back, relax, and enjoy them all, and then this evening come and participate yourselves
                      by dancing to the happy music they create. When its all over we would be very glad to receive one
                      sweet letter from you.
                     Stomp off, let's go,

                                     VIC CAIRA,                                        PAM WOODWARD  (now PAM CLAYSON)
                       President, San Jacinto Jazz Club                             Secretary and Business Manager

                         The Tishomingo Jazz Band
                    First formed in the Summer of 1957 the Tishomingo Jazz Band became the resident band of the
                   Whitstable and Tankerton Jazz Club when this started later on in the same year. Weekly sessions
                   were held every Wednesday at the Bear and Key Hotel in Whitstable.
                  The original members where:

                      Des Barker cornet, Dave Bone clt/ldr, Hal Jones tmb, Dave Victor piano,
                                                                      Dave Bashford bjo/gtr , Jim Davis bass and Gary Lucas drms.

                   These sessions continued until 1959 when for a short while the club moved to the Duke of
                  Cumberland Hotel. The group now plays  regularly at the Cave Jazz Club in Ramsgate on alternate
                  Thursdays and Saturdays.



                                                                The Tishomingo Jazz Band circa 1960
                                                                 photo from the Dave Bone collection


                                     MAURICE HOVERY                           ROBIN WALKER                                DAVE BONE
                                               trumpet                                              trombone                                         clarinet/leader

                               ROY GASTON-WILLIAMS                BRIAN HIGENBOTTAM                           JIM DAVIS
                                                  piano                                               banjo/guitar                                     double bass
                                                                                                                                        possible Brian Askew playing at the concert
                                                                              back to index               
                                                                                                      BILL AMBRO                                                                                   

                                            click on to the titles to hear        these recordings taken at the KINGS HALL,  HERNE BAY 1960

                                   Beale Street Blues                 Wolverine Blues                   Side-walk Blues

                                   As Long as I Live                     Go Ghana                          Mood Indigo

                                    Ole Man Mose                        Savoy Blues                          Panama

                                                                                  Signing off



                        Another fine write-up from local Herne Bay historian Ralph Carter, about the Tishomingo Jazz band, this
                                                                 was in "The Times " issue Thursday 16th June 2005      

                                                                                                                                       the wedding photo many years ago

                                          Not the original Tishomingo but close, the occasion was Jean and Dave Bones's 40th Wedding Aniversary
                                                              in their garden, High View Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent. date 2nd July 2000

                                 Four standing left to Right:  San Maple tmb, Roy Gaston-Williams piano, Dave Bone clt/leader and Mo Hovery tpt
                                                             seated on left Bill Ambro drms and on the right Jim Davis bass.


                           This piccy was taken at the Imperial Hotel, Hythe where we had  2/3 seasons as the house band , Every Saturday, Dinner Dances
                                that sort of thing. Happy days. Bill Ambro drms, Dave Bone vibes/tenor sax/clt, Doug Inkpen bass and Kaye Nesbitt piano
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bill Ambro
                                  Click here for the reformation of the New Tishomingo Jazz Band in 2007


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                                The Tuxedo Jazz Band 

                                The start of the Tuxedo Jazz Band was the integration of two jazz bands the Perdido Street Jazz Band
                          from Sittingbourne, Kent, and the Apex Jazz Band from Chatham.

                          The Perdido Street Jazz Band 1957 - 1958

Conservative Club, Milton Regis. 1958
band members:
               Bill Wright tea chest bass,  Roger Corden clt,  Sos Sears drs,
                                                                                 Doug Waring tmb and Burtie Butler bnj
                                                                                         also Mick Rose tpt ( no photo )
                                                 in the very early years around 1954/55 the band played in the Crescent hall,
                                                Crescent Street, Sittingbourne, Kent. and then at the Conservative Hall, Milton Regis,
                                                Sittingbourne, Kent. I think the entrance charge was 9d  (about 4p).                                                     back to index 

                                                                Newspaper cutting 1958 in the local rag East Kent Gazette      

                                                  The Apex Jazz Band 1957 - 1958
                        The Members of the Apex Jazz Band were:
                        Dave Hill tpt, Roger Griffin clt, Brian Nye bnj and Brian (Bugsy) Summers bass

                                                             Brian (bugsy) Summers                           Brian Nye

                         When we met up in Sittingbourne, we practised round a friend's house in Albany Road
                         Sue Gransden, now Sue Knowles, the original Tuxedo Jazz band personnel was:

                         Dave "Jaik" Hill tpt,   Dave Jarrett clt,   Doug "Perc" Waring tmb,  Brian "Bugsy" Summers,
                         Robin "Burt" Butler  and  Bob "Sos" drums.


                                      from the Brian " Bugsy " Summers collection band members of the 'Apex Jazz Band' LtoR

                                Bugsy bass, Dougy Waring tmb, Brian Nigh bnj, Dave Hill trpt, Roger Griffin clt could be Sos Sears drms.


                               from the Brian " Bugsy " Summers collection band member LtoR

                               Dennis Lear clt,  Bugsy bass and Dave ( Jaik ) Hill trpt


                      The band had personnel changes when Bernard Jack took over from Brian Summers on bass,
                      then Gordon Hurley took over from Bernard Jack.



                                          A great photo taken at Bernard Jack 21st Birthday Party 1960 in Sittingbourne, Kent
                                                             Band personnel all dressed in their fancy dress party gear : L/R:
                              Bernard Jack bass, Dennis Lear clt, Doug Waring tmb, Sos Sears drms , Dave Hill tpt and Burtie Butler bnj
                                   dont know the guy alonside Burtie - but the dancer is Sue Knowles nee Grandson                                             
                                      I might add Bernard still does a great version of the Shiek of Araby
                                                                                           as sung at The Duke of Cumberland on Friday 24th Sept 2010

                     We had Dave Nicholls take over from Dave Jarrett on clarinet followed by Pete Danby and finally
                     Dennis Lear.
                     Later Dave Chandler took over from Doug Waring on trombone, followed on later by Sam Weller
                    then John Cooper took over from Burtie Butler and finally Roy Neal took over from Sos Sears on drums.

                                                                                  Silent Movie
This has to be the earliest Silent video  it was taken on a super 8 camera
                                                  no sound, it was taken at Highfield House around 1968, the band members are:
                                                                   Dave Hill tpt,  Bob Boorman tmb (picture),  Jim Lewis clt
                                            Burtie Butler bnj, Humphrey Mayes bass ( just see in the background) and Sos Sears drms

                                                                                  so click on the picture to watch the movie



                                     Sittingbourne Carnival   1956/57                                                         Sittingbourne Carnival 1961/62
                        Bill Wright bass, Burtie Butler bnj, Sos Sears drms,                     Sos Sears drms, Gorden Hurley bass, Burtie Butler bnj
                           Brian Preston, Jaik Hill tpt, David Jarrett clt                                  Pete Danby clt and Doug Waring tmb.
                                        and Doug Waring tmb
                   Formed only ten months ago from two groups who were disbanding, the Tuxedo Jazz Band is the   
                    resident band of the Cedars Club in Sittingbourne, and part resident at Highfield House, Maidstone
                   In July of this year 1960 the band appeared on independent television and were awarded First Prize
                  on the talent show " Home Grown " and this  success earned them two further dates on I.T.V. which
                   have not yet been played.

                             Dave ' Jaik ' Hill                                   Doug Waring                                       Pete Danby
                              trumpet / leader                                       trombone                                             clarinet

                         Robin 'Burtie' Butler                                   Don Hurley                                   Bob 'Sos' Sears
                                   banjo                                                 double bass                                          drums

                           Southampton TV Studios                                           Collecting our cheque for the first heat 25
                                                     Collecting our cheque for 100 for winning the grand final
                                               The Tuxedo Jazz Band taken at Southampton TV Studio's circa 1960/61


                                         Dave (Jaik) Hill                   Doug Waring                     Dave Nicholls
                                            trumpet/leader                      trombone                            clarinet
                                                                        (Sean Maple is on trombone)

                                       Robin (Burtie) Butler                  Don Hurley                  Bob (Sos) Sears
                                                 banjo                                    bass                                drums                          
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                                                Bourbon Street Parade                         Muskrat  Ramble

so click on titles to listen

Don Hurley in later years               Burtie Butler in later years




       Above are recollections of the Cedars Club that was very popular in the late 50's to the early 60's of which the Tuxedo Band
      was the resident band . In the picture above right,  from left to right:    Fred Page double bass, Dave Chandler trombone,
      Dave a regular fan of the Tuxedos,  Burtie Butler banjo on bended knee, Dennis Lear clarinet, Bob (sos) Sears  drums,
      Doris Stagg proprietor, Shirley the barmaid  (not Yvonne Stagg as in the article) and the two girls Susan Gawthorp and
      Angela, nee Jenner who brought in the photo to the local newspaper The East Kent Gazette and Times Wednesday 26th
      May 1999


                                    Taken about 1957 when the bands played upstairs at the Cedars Club:

                      Band personnel: Doug Waring tmb, Geoff Rosewell tpt, Mike Godfrey bass and David Jarrett clt
                                                                             unknown bnj / drms

                       the dancers are Mavis Bartlett and Sue Knowles nee Gransden (well-known followers of jazz)



                        Another photo from the Bernie Collins collection taken in the late 50's of upstairs at the Cedars Club.
                   Band personnel: Roger Griffin clarinet, Dave Hill trumpet, Charlie Webster trombone
                                            Brian Nye banjo, Gus Warner bass and 'Bunny' Pete Burton drummer


                                       Cedars Club:
                                   Brian 'Bugsy' Summers (bass) Pete Danby (clt) Dave 'Jaik' Hill (tpt)                  Burtie Butler (banjo)
                               Bob 'Sos' Sears (drms) Dougy 'Perce' Waring (tmb) Robin 'Burtie' Butler (bnj)        scruffy is the word!!

Cedars Club Sos, Jaik, Burtie and Doug 1960                          Burtie and Jaik with Kenny Ball and Vic Pitt
                                                                                                                                  when they were playing at the Corn Exchange Jazz Club
                                                                                                                                               on a Tuesday evening in February 1962 


                                                                                                                              This picture taken at Highfield House, Maidstone, Kent
                                                                                                                              which was run by a Miss Julia Edwards who tragically
                                                                                                                             died in car accident, which drove off a ferry in Cornwall.
                                                                                                                              circa 1962/63   bass player Barry Forcette

                                              Above two pictures are the Tuxedo Band around 1963 with new personnel taken at the new Jazz Club
                                                             at the Wig and Gown, Maidstone, Kent.       from the Roy Neal photo collection 
                                      band members:
                                     Denis Lear clt, John Cooper bnj, Roy Neal drms, Ray Mannering  piano/bass, Dave Hill tpt and Sam Weller tmb.

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                      The San Jacinto Jazz Band
                      The San Jacinto Jazzmen grew from the humble origin of a folk skiffle group in one of Herne Bay's                      
                      leading Youth Clubs. They first took up instruments to play as a jazzband in 1958 and progressed
                      so well that they opened the San Jacinto Jazz Club in February of 1959. The band features many
                     original numbers  composed by its musicians which have come extremely popular with the club
                     members. Many of these will be played here today.


                                                     A great poster from the Vic Caira collection circa 1961/62


                                  The San Jacinto Jazz Band circa 1959                                  Vic Caira trumpet                              

                                                                          from the Vic Caira collection                                                                      


                Herne Bay Carnival float, 13th August 1959 (street location               this photo taken at Pier Avenue, 13th August Vic Caira           
                    unknown) Vic Caira tpt, Mike Cole tbn, Pete Danby clt,                     (then SJJB leader) admires his team: Geoff Sanders, Pete             
                    Geoff Sanders dms, Ronnie Blake bjo and Ron Woodward bass          Danby and Ron Woodward are visibly playing; the right          
                    in full swing; Sylvia Perrin smiling prominently; side view of              arm of a sitter-in on guitar is probably that of Bill Cole
                    Brenda Culver; but where are Roy Williams-Gaston pno and              while Mike Cole tbn and Ronnie Blake bjo are obscured.
                    Bill Cole (Ronnie Blake's guitar unattended ?)                                     Also featured are several of the band's regular followers;
                    Photo's either Scrivens , John Fishpool or Fred Waters                      (L to R) Keith Alexander, Lyn(ne) Sykes, Julie Atkinson,                
Footnotes:                                                                                             Barbara Cooper and the back of Sylvia Perrin.
                   1, The piano was Roy's own and collected earlier from his house         Photo's either Scrivens , John Fishpool or Fred Waters
                   : it is recorded that Roy joined the float late, straight from his             Footnotes:
                   evening train.                                                                                          1, Uncharacteristically absent is Lyn Cockett  (who
                  2, Jimmy Woodward (not in either photo) collected donations               subsequently married guitarist Roger Hampshire of
                  from the public on foot.                                                                            Sittingbourne)
                  3, Brenda Culver eventually married David Borcome, a local                2, Is Geoff wearing an eye-patch (or is this just a photo
                  jazz follower and rehearsal host.                                                             blemish ?)

                                         from the Geoffrey Sanders collection and captioned by Ronald Blake 2008 



                                                Sadly Vic passed away 2015 - 11th May 1929 - 1st March 2015


                        also Vic was a great movie maker - here are the San Jacinto Jazz Band in 1959

                         playing at the Catholic Garden Fete - Herne Bay - click here / picture to watch

                           from Vic's movie collection - a silent film - would love to know the tune

                    Band members: Mike Cole tmb - Ron Woodward bass - Vic Caira tpt - Pete Danby clt

                         Geoff Sanders drms - Ronnie Blake banjo and an unknown clarinet player



                                click here to go to the 1957 - 1960 formative years of the S.J.J.B. by Ronald Blake.  


                         JERRY RICKWOOD  trumpet       PETE DANBY   clarinet        SAN MAPLE   trombone


                         RON WOODWARD  bass/leader     RONNIE BLAKE   guitar      GEOFF SANDERS   drums

                    Two great photo's taken from the Vic Caira collection of the San Jacinto Jazz Band taken outside
                                                            the Kings Hall on the Saturday 17th September

                               click on to the titles to hear ( recorded Kings Hall, Herne Bay, Kent.  Saturday 17th September 1960)

                 Policeman, Please Don't Tow My Car Away                  Pete's Regret                  Saturday Blues

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                         A great write-up from Herne Bay historian Ralph Carter recalling the late 50's and 60's in "The Times"
                                                  issued Thursday 3rd February 2005 , all about the San Jacinto Jazz Band


                                Just had an e-mail from Ron Woodward today 21st October 2006, he has just got
                                 married last Sunday 15th October ( my 66th birthday) to Carol, and sent me this
                                 photo of members of the San Jacinto Jazz Band 45yrs on:


                            San Maple tmb, Geoff Sanders drms, Ron Woodward bass, Vic Caira tpt, Ronnie Blake gtr.
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                           The Stour River Jazz Band 
This band was formed (1949 - 1951) - band members are: Keith Button tpt, Norman Halliday clt,
                           Baach Birchfield sop, Ted Chappell tmb, John Kelk piano, Dave Briscall bnj, Brian Wood tba/bass
                           Ian (Eddie) Edwards  drms. Tony Coe, (Canterbury born 29th Nov 1934) played local gigs with the SRJB
                           and also with Johnny Kelks's 'Eagle Jazz Band',(1951 - 1957) which was formed from the 'Stour River
                          Jazz Band' and  from the 'Eagle Jazz Band' to the 'John Kelk's New Orleans Jazz Band' (1957 - 1964)


                          Here are two tracks from these two 78s recorded at A. C. Southwood Studios in Wincheap,
                     Canterbury, Kent 26th July 1950. It gives a very true insite to how we all sounded when we started.
                     But John Kelks piano playing is superb.

                                                 Careless Love                                                 Blues for Pamela       click on titles to hear

                          Band personal:
                    Jim Roberts crnt,  Baach Birchfield Soprano, John Kelk piano, Johnny & Geoff Fagg banjo's
                                                                and Ian (Eddie) Edwards drums.


                              The Stour Valley Stompers 
This band was formed in 1979 - 1987 touring Belgium several times
Band personal:
                       Dave Link tpt, Norman Halliday clt, Sam Weller tmb, Steve Langton bnj, Rocky Harman bass,
                                                    Pete Davis drms and Lyn Falvey vocals.

Here they are in Belgium but different line up

                                                         Robin Beames drms, Norman Halliday clt, Leo Davis tpt, Chris Thompson bass
                                                                              Dave Bashford bnj and Sam Weller trombone


                            The John Kelk New Orleans Jazz Band
                           The resident band of the Canterbury Jazz Society. This band was formed as long ago as 1950 to
                           play New Orleans Jazz it is renowned for the purity of it's music and it's refusal to be diverted by
                           modern trends or popular sounds in jazz.. Besides having played in most of the jazz clubs in East
                          Kent the Band is in great demand for street parades such as the Hastings Jazz Festival as Brass
                          Band Jazz is a speciality. The rags and marches presented today will recall the purist form of
                          instrumental jazz , the music of the legendary Buddy Bolden who led his band through the streets of
                          the Crescent City in the early part of this century.


                              John playing in a Coal Board promotion film circa 1956 also Ted Chappell on trombone
                                                                   click here to watch video or picture

Bill Cole                                               Norman Halliday                                 Ted Chappell
photo's from the Brian White collection                                                    from his daughter's collection Claire LLoyd


                   Ted Chappell tmb, John Kelk bnj and Norman Halliday clt.              Bill Cole bass, Ted Chappell tmb, John Kelk bnj, Barry Campbell tpt
                                                                                                                                                and Norman Halliday clarinet


 The John Kelk Jazz Band taken at the Marlow Theatre circa 1960                                            The John Kelk Jazz Band,
                                                                                                          but with Mark Alexander on trumpet instead of Barry Campbell
                                                                                                                                        taken at the Canterbury Jazz Club in the early 60's
                                                                                     picture's from the Mark Alexander collection



                                                                             The John Kelk New Orleans Jazz Band, circa 1960. 

                          L/R  Cliff Elvidge drms, Ted Chappell tmb, Barry Campbell tpt, John Kelk bnj, Norman Halliday clt and Bill Cole bass. 
                                                                     this picture is from the Geoffrey Sanders collection 

                          footnote from Ronald Blake:
                          Around this time Jazz fans from Herne Bay started attending sessions at JK's Canterbury Jazz Club after months of poor
                          audiences there. Cordial relations between the two (San Jacinto Jazz Club Herne Bay ) assisted the popularity of both as
                          joint gigs and reciprocal visits became more frequent.



                             Barry Campbell                             Norman Halliday                         Ted Chappell
                              trumpet/leader                                    clarinet                                     trombone
                                  John Kelk                                      Bill Cole                                 Cliff Elvidge
                                      banjo                                      double bass                                    drums

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                  Young Mark 16yrs old 1958                                 Mark Alexander trumpet and drums

     back to index
                                                                                 Norman Haliday  
                                                                          & John Beckenham drms

                                                                        picture's from the Mark Alexander collection 

                                                                    click on to the titles below to hear

                                               Tin Roof Blues                Brahms Lullaby                    Unknown
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                                  The Eagle Jazz Band - as remembered and narrated by Derek Cook

                 When the John Kelk Jazz band broke up in early 1965 ( Cliff Elvidge moved away from Canterbury and John
             Kelk wanted to concentrate on developing his single string picking style, if I remember rightly, I know he went
             on to win awards in BMG competitions ). Than three of us Norman Halliday, Mark 'Alex' Alexander and Derek
            Cook teamed up with Frank and Charlie Webster both free as the Deep Bayou Band had also broken up by than.
            The band mostly played without drums - having heard the ' Wooden Joe Nicholas 1945 recordings with Lawrence
            Marrero and Austin Young showing that it could be done ! The band started rehearsing in the sail loft of the
            Whitstable Yacht Club in May 1965. From the start everyone was playing New Orleans style to the best of their
            ability ( I, Derek Cook only started playing in March 1964 so was the least experienced )

                                                          1965    At the 'Con' Club, Chatham L /R:

              Mark Alexander tpt, Charlie Webster tbn, Derek Cook bass, Norman Halliday clt and Frank Webster bnj.
              This was the regular line-up of the Eagle Band during 1965/66/67 and again in 1971. Occasionally a
              drummer was added, and Bob and Brian Boorman (not brothers) played with the band now and then.

                  At the 'Fleur de Lis' Faversham Jazz Club,
                                                   where they often played whilst the John Defferary Creole Band took a break
                                         Mark 'Alex' Alexander                                             Derek Cook

                                        Norman Haliday                                           John Beckenham
                                                  At the 'Fleur de Lis' Faversham Jazz Club  1965

                                                  A great photo of Charlie with his daughter Mandy          

                               1966 saw the Eagle band play in Belgium, three times February, May and October
            On these trips we were obliged to take a drummer and used Ted Backhouse, Lawrence Potter and Pete Fenton.
           For a while the band was without Frank and Charlie Webster, so Bob and Brian Boorman were brought in instead

                                           on the way to Belgium:
                                           Alex,  Ted Backhouse, Frank, Norman, Derek and Charlie.

             Dendermonde home of Heuvinck family also ( also with members           Poster of the Honky Tonk Jazz Club
             of the Jeggpap N.-O.jazz-band - Left to right:
             Burt Heuvinck clt/ldr (1), Lawrence Potter (2), Jane Halliday and Derek (7),
             Brian Boorman (9), Norman Halliday (10) Jan Heuvinck tpt

1967 Poster at The Honky Tonk Jazz Club
with Bill Brunskill 

                            The Jeggpap New-Orleans Jazz-Band who ran the Honky Tonk Jazz Club in Dendermonde

                   Burt Heuvinck clt/ldr,  Jan Heuvinck tpt,   Alajos Van Peteghem tmb/tuba,   Miel Leybaert drms/wsbrd

                               Luc Van Hoeteghem  bnj/gtr,  Pol Van Den Durpel bass  and  Norbert De Taye piano


                                              Honky Tonk Jazz Club in Dendermonde 1966

                          Band members:    Norman Halliday clt, Mark Alexander tpt, John Mason tmb

                                                      Pete Fenton drms, Brian Boorman bnj & Derek Cook bass.


                                                    Brian Boorman banjo 1966 Dendermonde


                                                     John Mason Trombone 1966 Dendermonde


                                                Norman Halliday, Pete Fenton and Brian Boorman
                                                                 1966 at Dendermonde

                                               1966 The Eagle Band at the 'Duke of Kent' Thanet Way,but with
                                               Bob Boorman tbn, Brian Boorman bnj and Lawrence Potter drms

                                                  1966 - the regular band at the 'Duke of Kent' Thanet Way

                                                                             The Duke of Kent as it stands 27th September 2006

                                                it sadly was demolished in 2009 and is now a Log Cabin and Summerhouse centre

                                                    The regular band at the 'The Three Mariners' Faversham, Kent 1971
                                                                  with Ted Bishop the landlord keeping trad alive

              1971   Charlie Webster                               1971   Frank Webster                                     1971    Mark 'Alex' Alexander

                         1971 Norman Halliday                        1971 Derek Cook                                    1971 now with  Pete Lay on drums

                                                                       Derek and Frank, Besele, Belgium  October 1971




                              The Chianti Jazz Group
                            The most modern form of jazz in this concert is provided by this group. Over the last five years
                            it has concentrated on producing a fine sound in the modern manner. The group was for many
                            years the resident band of the cave Jazz Club in Ramsgate, then recently it found new success in
                            London as " Jazz at the Roebuck " near Tottenham Court Road. However it still finds time to
                            play at Ramsgate on alternate Saturdays.


                                ARTHUR ROBINSON  alto sax, soprano sax and flute/leader     MIKE OLIVER  piano      

                             LAWRENCE EDWARDS trumpet and valve trombone   MICK BRAY  clarinet and tenor sax

                                                       OSIE LINDSEY   bass        RON LLEWELLYN  drums

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                                                                         THE TONY PINK'S JAZZMEN   

Sam Weller tmb, Clive Brooks piano, Tony Pink tpt,
                                   Ivan Gandon bnj, Pete Godsiff clt, no drums but the guy at the back is Bev Bromley'

                                This is probably the start of the jazz scene in the Chatham area with Tony Pink getting the
                          lads together for the early recording: this is the words from Tony Pink about a cold January evening.
                          This was recorded at the Sir Robert Peel, Chatham, Kent 10th January 1954, in an upstairs bar used
                         by the Buffalos. It cost 1/=d (one shilling for those that dont know ) for the evening with the use of the
                        piano and an electric fire, but only one bar. We eventually burnt the varnish on the front of the piano
                        by standing it too close to the electric fire! band members on the recording are:
                Tony Pink tpt, Pete Godsiff clt, Sam Weller tmb, Ivan Gandon bnj, Clive Brooks piano and Colin Jeffries drms.

                                                Closer walk with thee                        Frankie and Johnny  
Ivan Gandon voc
                                                              So click on the titles to go back over 50 years


                 This track was sent to me by Tony Pink 5th Jan 2010 of  Patti Clarke singing     Empty Bed Blues    click on title to listen
The track is a bit long with solos from everyone Mick Durell bass, Terry Wells piano, Kenny Pyrke trombone, Randy Coleville clarinet
                     and myself Tony Pink trumpet - It was recorded in Micks front room and why we were all there I cannot recall. Possibly we had a gig
                     down at Pa Pa Joes? I really cant remember.

                                                                                                       Patti Clarke

                                                                                early picture of Tony Pinks Jazzmen L/R:
                                                                Don York tmb. Roy Neal drms, John Martin clt and Tony Pink tpt
                                                                               1952/53 taken at the Wingets Social Club


                     have just been put in the picture of the start of the jazz scene in the Chatham area by Roy Neal :

                  Your section  on Tony Pink  1954...you state  "probably the start of the jazz scene in the Chatham  area.."  Oh  no no.. 
                     'The Good Intent' pub New Road Chatham, landlord  Jim Pitt, father of the Pitt brothers started a jazz club in his back
                     room, Ivan Wells, Ivan Gandon, the Pitt boys both on banjo, dust bin bass (forgot name) and myself on drums. That's going
                   back to the early 50's...51, I believe. Have a pix of Tony Pitt playing with us.Going to rack out more pix...Cheers for now   Skins Neal

                    regarding the above from Roy - received an e-mail from the pianist Clive Brooks  (the author of the book I read the most Trad Mad )
                    here is his reply:

                 Hi Burt. Sorry, but Roy Neal's got his chronology in a twist. That early recording of Tony Pink's band definitely preceded the sessions at
                 the Good Intent, which in fact were the beginnings of the Crescent City Stompers. I know this because I was on piano with Tony and it
                 was before I took up clarinet. I then went on to play clarinet at the Good Intent, later replaced by Ivan Gandon who had switched from banjo.
                 I was practising with the Webster Brothers at Bannister's motorbike repair shop in Railway Street, and I used to go there on an old Triumph
                 Tiger 80 bike I bought in 1955 for 11 from Waldron's in  Old Brompton, then afterwards I'd drive up to the New Road for a session with the
                 band at the Good Intent. More details available if requested. Incidentally, the first paid gig I ever played was with George Wooding's band on
                Coronation Day 1953 (piano) in Blue Bell Hill village hall.  Regards  Clive.  NB I'm not  using my old e-mail address any more, it's knackered
                (like me).


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                                                                                         1955 - 1964

                                                           The George Wooding Jazzmen
                                                        from 1955 to 1964, the original members of the band are:

                                   George Wooding tpt/ldr,  Pete Godsiff clt,   Sam Weller tmb,  Johnny Martin piano,
                                                            Ralph Hayward bass and Bernie Godfrey drms.

George Wooding tpt                                Pete Godsiff  clt                                    Sam Weller tmb

Johnny Martin piano                              Ralph Hayward  bass                            Bernie Godfrey  drms

    The above pictures are the original band taken in the Rose and Crown in Leysdown 1952/53 from the Sam Weller collection


George Wooding, Pete Godsiff clt, Bernie Godfrey drms,

                                                    Ralph Hayward bass, Mick Durell piano and Sam Weller tmb.


                                                The above Newspaper cuttings are from Sam Wellers collection

                                        photo's and memorabilia are now from the Don York archive collection

                                             different personnel pictures of how the lads looked forty tears ago


  Bill Stotesbury bnj                 Don York tmb                      Pete Godsiff clt  and              Terry Wells piano
                                                                                                         Jack Long piano

Ivan Gandon clt                   Pete Burton drms                  Ralph Hayward bass          Bernie Godfrey drms

                                                                        George Wooding tpt/leader

The George Wooding band
                                                The George Wooding Band 1962/63
                              late 1957 or early 1958                                           in fancy dress at the popular jazz club
                      at the Wig and Gown Maidstone, Kent                                 Cedars Club, Sittingbourne, Kent
                                       left to right                                                      
                   George Wooding tpt,  Ralph Hayward bass,                                            left to Right
                     Don York tmb,   Bernie Godfrey drms,                               Pete Burton drms,  Bill Stotesbury bnj,  
                       Pete Godsiff clt and Jack Long piano                            Terry Wells piano,  Ralph Hayward bass,
                                                                                                          George Wooding tpt/ldr, Ivan Gandon clt,
                                                                                                               and finally grovelling on the floor
                                                                                                                     in a true Roman manner
                                                                                                                             Don York tmb                                         


                           A great write up in the Chatham Standard 30th April 1963 in the Teens and Twenties column
                            ( so young forty years ago ) band members top row Don York tmb and Ralph Hayward bass
                                           middle row Pete Burton drms, Terry Wells piano and Ivan Gandon clt.
                                           bottom row  Bill Stotesbury banjo and the leader George Wooding tpt.

                                  The George Wooding Jazzmen made a fine studio recording in 1964 so
                                  listen to this great band, going back over 40yrs, the personnel in this studio
                                  recording are:
                                              George Wooding tpt,  Barney Richards clt,  Don York tmb,
                                           Terry Wells piano, Mick Durell bass and Bernie Godfrey drms

                        so click on each title to hear the track ( Everybody loves Sat night has a slight break in it)

                                               Chimes Blues             Fidgety Feet               Thats a Plenty

                 Everybody loves Saturday Night George Wooding voc       High Society            Nobody's  Sweetheart


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The Phoenix City Jazz Band 1962 / 63


                                                                   taken at the Cedars Club, Sittingbourne, Kent. 1963

                                            band members:
                                                      back row: Humphrey Mayes bass, John Beckenham drms and Gilbert Warner tmb
                                                      kneeling : Derek Guiver clt, Dave Carpenter tpt and Burtie Butler bnj.

                                           original clarinet player was Mick Betts and Dave Pyrke took over from John Beckenham on drms

                                                                                                 Mick Betts here on drms


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                                                         The Original New Orleans Jazz Band    1985 - 1994

          These video clips were taken  in the cellar of  Chatham Town Hall  1989/1990 some lovely  memories of musicians who have left us
                                  Norman Halliday clarinet, Roland Hopkins multi musician here on clarinet,  Peter Jenns tuba, and especially
                        and old friend and stalwart of jazz Peter Baker vocals and a founder member of what is known as the Maidstone Mafia
                                                               so click on to the pictures or Video one - seven to watch

                   Dans Les Rues Dantibes                                                  Dallas Blues                                                     Royal Garden Blues

                                                                                                 Norman Halliday                                         Roland Hopkins and Dave Pyrke
                             Video one                                                              Video two                                                                Video three


                     Some of these days                                                Closer walk with thee                                               To miss New Orleans
                       Janet Smith                                                               Pete Baker                                                              Barney Smith
                            Video four                                                                Video five                                                                 Video six


Cake Walking Babies

                                                                                                             Video seven

                     Musicians in the above clips :              
                                   Mick Stansell crnt and piano 1 2 3 ,  Ivan Gandon clt 1 6 & 7,  Sam Weller tmb 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7,
                             Peter Jenns tuba 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7,   Mark Alexander drms 1 5 6 & 7, Colin Chaplin bnj 1 4 5 6 & 7,  Dave Pyrke drms 2 & 3,
                                         Norman Halliday clt 2 & 3,  Janet Smith bnj 4,  Peter Baker vcls 5 & 7,   Barney Smith vcls 6,
                                       Leo Davis tpt  2 3 4 & 7,    Roger Mullen bnj 2 & 3,   Tony Morris clt 5 ,  Roland Hopkins clt 3 & 7
                                           David Stone clt and piano 2 3 4 & 5,      Alex Holt piano 1 4 5 6 & 7,      Dave Hopkins drms 4.

                                                                      So click on to pictures or video one to seven to watch



                                                                        The tray of one of many CD's the band recorded

                                                              band members:
                                                             Mick Stansell crnt/sop ,  Ron 'Sam' Weller tmb, Colin Chapman bnj,
                                                                 Alex Holt piano, Pete Drage bass/tuba and Paul Baker drms
                                                                                   here are two tracks off this CD

                                                                  Black Cat on the Fence                            Dinah



                             Concert recorded at the Chatham Town Hall Club  Feb 1992   by 'The Original New Orleans Jazz band'

                      Band Members:

                          Sam Weller tmb,                      Mick Stansell tpt,                      Mark Alexander drms,                  John Kelk bnj,
                                                   Alex Holt piano,    Norman Halliday clt     and      Roland Hopkins    Sousa

                1  Shake That Thing  voc Sam Wellar          2 Blame It On The Blues       3 Celito Lindo           4  In The Good Old Summertime  voc Sam Wellar

                 5  Riverside Blues        6  South           7  Im Not Rough  voc Mick Stansell          8 Bye Bye Blues         9  Darkness On The Delta   



                                                     The Old Timers Jazz Band     1994 - 1997       


                                          taken at the Queen Charlotte, High Street, Rochester, Kent 1990

                        band members: top row left to right:    Mark Alexander drms, Colin Chaplin bnj, Mick Stansell crt and Alex Holt piano
                                                 bottom row left to right:    Peter Jenns tuba, Ivan Ganden reeds and Sam Weller tmb.

                           Click on Picture to activate                         Click on this picture to hear The Second Line
                          Video taken at Queen Charlotte                               here the boys are
                          of the Old Timers         early 90's                                     playing:
                             click on picture to activate                                     The Second Line

                                                                                                              Band members:
                                                                                               Mick Stansell tpt, Ivan Gandon clt,
                                                                                                Sam Weller tmb, John Kelk bnj
                                                                                                      Roland Hopkins sous and
                                                                                                        Mark Alexander drms.



                                                      The Original New Orleans Jazz Band   1990's
           taken at the Queen Charlotte, Rochester, Kent
band members L/R:

                                            Sam Weller tmb,    Mick Stansell tpt,     Bill Bates drms,     Colin Chaplin bnj,
                                                   Alex Holt piano,    Ivan Gandon clt     and      Peter Jenns tuba.
                                                                       photo from the Arthur Prosser collection



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