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                            The Tuxedo Jazz Band at the Oaks Community School, Sittingbourne, Kent

                            Christmas at Donnington Manor 24th Dec - 27th Dec 2006

                            Double Jazz Evening 14th October 2006 Jazz Pilgrims and the Bill Barnacle Band

                            Double Jazz Evening 2nd June 2007 Jazz Pilgrims and the Bill Barnacle Band
                           Jazz in Prague  with Burtie and Eileens four day visit - wonderful stuff
                           Crowborough Christmas Lights switch on with Bob Cox's Dixieland Serenaders



                  Oaks Community Infant School, Gore Court, Sittingbourne, Kent.     

   Old Friends of Burtie's from years ago Dave Hill's Tuxedo Jazz Band playing for the youngsters at the
   Oaks Community Infant School, Gore Court, Sittingbourne, Kent. 16th March 2007 It is the youngsters'
   music week. Band  members are Dave Hill tpt/leader, Chris Rumsey reeds, John Finch trombone, Burtie
   Butler banjo, Gerry Birch sousaphone and John Cottis drums.
             So click on the pictures to hear the videos they are a bit blurry, but the sound is fine

                                           Bill Bailey                                               Mama don't allow no jazz in here

       When I first stood in front of this sea of faces of over 300 youngsters, I found it more unnerving than
       playing to our generation at a concert, thoughts were going through me, what are these youngsters
      thinking -  like they are all older than my dad and some are older than my grandfather and probably my
      great grandfather. I liked some of their comments in their letters -  some of the instruments were funny
      looking , must have been the banjo and  the sousaphone.  Below are some of the wonderful letters and
      drawings that Dave had back from the school - fan mail and fame at last -
Dear Mr Hill                                                                                 Dear Mr Hill                                                                                     Dear Mr Hill
                      Thank you for coming to our school I enjoyed                           Thank you for coming to our School I really  like                           I really like the marvellous concert. Even I
                      the concert. I liked all the instruments and the                        the Tuxedo Jazz and My favourite instrument was                         loved the trumpet and the drums. Thank you
                      Music. I loved listening to it it was lovely. Thank                       the clarinet and the trombone. Some of the instrument                 for coming to are School and playing the
                      you very much. I liked it so much I wish you                             Made funny sounds and some looked funny as well.                       instrument for us and I hope you come again.
                      could come again.                                                                     please come again.                                                                          And you were really good. But some of it was 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   really  funny and great.
                                                                                from Amy                                                                                      from Eleanor                                                                                   from Erin 

                      Dear Mr Hill and the Tuxedo Jazz Band                                    Dear Mr Hill.                                                                                      Dear Tuxedo Jazz Band
                      I extremely loved it and want to come again                            I loved it The Band was brilliant did you know                                 I like it was excellent. I like the trumpet best.
                      because it was absolutely good. I loved all the                        that my dad used to be in a Band. Thank you                                  I hope you can come again. because your band
                      instruments especially the drums because I                            I loved the drums because the drums is my                                     is great. Thank you for coming.
                      play the drums.                                                                          favourite instrument.                                           
                                                                             from Jordan                                                                                  from Nick                                                                                   from Rosieseth

                                                                                                                        Dear Mr Hill
                                                                                                                        The concert was really awesome. It
                                                                                                                         really was enjoyed. I think it was
                                                                                                                        fascinating. I like the trumpet.
                                                                                                                                                                                 from Ryan 


                                                                         from Erin                                                                                                                       from James 


                                                                        from Reece                                                                                                                   from Ryan

                                      Wonderful stuff from the youngsters of Oaks Community Infant School, Sittingbourne, Kent. Keep up the good work.

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             Christmas at Donnington Manor,

                Dunton Green. Kent.

                      24th Dec - 27th Dec 2006


                                                                                        Donnington Manor, Dunton Green, Kent.

              Christmas at Donnington Manor is a must for all ardent Jazz fans, with mine hosts Dick and Sheila Waterhouse,
          without whose hard work and dedication, we would all probably be sitting at home and watching Cliff Richard and
           Cilla Black, so for those who left it too late to book, have a listen to the musicians who were there, and the stripper
           gram that was hired at great expense for our host's birthday surprise. So have a listen to some of the entertainment.

          musicians in alphabetical order:

George Bridges             Burtie Butler               Chez Chesterman             Geoff Cole                  John Collinson                  Bob Cox

Peter Elliot                 Dave Hopkins                  Pete Lay               Chris Marchant             George Murray            Barry Palser                

George Webb               Brian White                Mary Wilkinson            Mick Wilkinson           Yvonne Wilkshire           Tom Wilkshire
sadly Tom is no longer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              with us
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               24th September 1937 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3rd March  2008

                                                                              our Jimbo sound engineer / vicar and cross dresser

                           The band on Christmas Eve -  what a line up                       The restaurant area, sumptuous food I might add                          



                                  Getting the daggers from Connie                                  George Webb and Jimbo into the community singing

                                                                                           The lounge and bar area                                      


                      video clips to watch - a little blurry, but the sound is not too sad. But you will get the gist of the action
                  it takes about 2 minutes for each video to download - am experimenting on flash movies - so be patient 
                  or :      right click > save to target > make sure its to your documents > give it a name > and press save.

                                                       Video a        The band on Christmas eve with a little dancing

                                                       Video b        more of band - different personnel, Christmas eve

                                                       Video d        Christmas day singalong with George and Jimbo

                                                       Video e        Christmas day - Bob - Dave - Tom - Yvonne - John - and dancing
                                                                                                  featuring Bob Cox on 'It Had to be You'

                                                       Video f        Christmas day, George Murray giving a great washboard break

                                                       Video g       Brolly parade around the tables - great fun

                                                       Video h       Brian vocalising on It's a Sin to tell a lie - great stuff

                                                       Video j        Boxing Day, Dick's worst nightmare - at great expense
                                                                          the stripper gram for his birthday

                                                       Video l        Boxing day John Collinson piano - Chez - Geoff - Mick - Chris - Tom
                                                                          and finishing off with dancing - how it should be done.

                                                       Video m      Dancing feet on the floor

                                                       Video o       Mary Wilkinson vocalising on Baby won't you please come home

                                                       Video q       Nobody's Sweetheart Now and the title of the song coming true !

                                                       Video r       Mary singing the blues with
                                                                         Geoff - Chez - Brian - Burt - Dave - Mick - John

                                                       Video s       Brolly parade again

                                                       Video t        Mary singing the session out with the lads

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                The double Jazz Evening at the Whitstable Playhouse, Whitstable, Kent.
                                                   Saturday 14th October 2006
               Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims with Denny Ilett and The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band

                     The Pilgrims had a great night at the Whitstable Playhouse, Whitstable, Kent on Sat 14th Oct , with the
                 Bill Barnacle Band. Denny Ilett with the Pilgrims blew a storm and set the place alight.  Also Tom Brady,
                 our regular trumpet player, who suffered a minor stroke a few weeks ago with quite a memory loss, joined
                 us, to the great delight and admiration of both bands and teamed up with Denny to finish the first set with
                'Mama's gone Goodbye'.  It was just great, a brave guy, as one of our fans commented in an e-mail to me.
                 So you can hear Tom playing, and also a couple of other tunes with us and Bill's band and some photos
                 to look at ------------- so click on to the titles of the tunes below and enjoy:

                Silver Threads among the Gold   voc Denny Ilett                                                Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims

               Mama's Gone Goodbye           two trumpet lead Tom Brady and Denny Ilett        Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims
a great solo by Tom -  wonderful stuff

               Bourbon Street Parade           voc  Colin Hodges and Bill Barnacle                        Bill Barnacle Jazz Band

               Some of these Days                voc Colin Hodges                                                     Bill Barnacle Jazz Band
and a great scat chorus from Bill Barnacle, Pete Rose and Colin Hodges

               The Saints                             voc Bill Barnacle, bringing in each member of both bands penultimate no

               Indiana                                voc Colin Hodges and Tom Brady doing the scat singing, the final number of
                                                           the evening with both bands playing it out.


                  The Bill Barnacle Band                      Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims                      The Bill Barnacle Band
                                                  The two bands together                   Our wonderful audience

               The Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims                     The two bands posing              The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band                
        left to right:                                                                                                                                     left to right
          Roy Mason clt, Tom Brady tpt, Denny Ilett tpt                                                                               Mike Marsh drms,    Bill Barnacle tpt
          Tony Richards tmb, Bernie Johnson bass,                                                                                       Sean Maple tmb,   Pete Rose clt,
          John Cottis drms and Burtie Butler bnj.                                                                                         Colin Hodges bass and Ray Perkins piano 
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                                  Another double Jazz Evening at the Whitstable Playhouse, Whitstable, Kent.
                                                         Saturday 2nd June 2007

                      The Pilgrims had a great night at the Playhouse, Whitstable, Kent  , with the Bill Barnacle Band,
                           this time we have some great video clips, taken by Cloe Maple - of what we all look like in action!
                                                                     Band Members of the Bill Barnacle Band:

                                            Bill Barnacle                             Pete Rose                                Séan Maple

                                             Colin Hodges                          Mike Marsh                               Ray Perkins

                                       Here are two video clips of the lads that evening so click on the picture / title to view


                                                         Dinah                                                              Stan's Dance

                                                                                                                               Also a dedication to Bills 80th year from Pete Rose

                                                                   Band members of Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims:

                                             Tom Brady                                Roy Mason                            Tony Richards

                                           Burtie Butler                               Mick Durell                            John Cottis

                                     Here are two video clips of the lads that evening so click on the picture / title to view


                                              Royal Garden Blues                                                    Mood Indigo

                        as always at the end of the evening, we have the two band jam, so click on the picture / title to view


                              two bands playing - Doctor Jazz                                       final sign off with two bands - Shine

                                                        So ends another great and well supported evening and
                                                    also a special thanks to Cloe for taking all the video footage
                                                                                                                             Burtie b

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                                                                Prague, Czech Republic 7th - 11th November 2006


                              Burtie and Eileen had a wonderful trip to Prague, Czech Republic 7th - 11th November 2006
                    Here are some pictures of the band on The Charles Bridge ( Karlův most ) and the band on the Jazz Boat
                                          and some videos of them, great musicians and some good stuff:

                         Coming on to the Charles Bridge                                  The Bridge Band playing some great stuff
                                                                                                              so click on below to hear :     
                                                                                                                         Please dont talk about me
                   These video tracks take a bit of time to                                    Basin Street (a)      Basin Street (b)
                  down load, it is best to right click the track                                and              Indiana
                  and save target as in your documents.                                                                        
                                    next day a great four piece     playing :     Bye Bye Blues     and    Blueberry Hill

                                                                 The Jazz Boat Band playing         track 1
                                                                 a great evening one not to miss
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  The Crowborough Christmas lights switch on with the help of Bob Cox's Dixieland Serenaders on the 25th November 2006.
  The weather was, well you could say it was raining a little, in reality it was coming down in buckets, but the Serenaders
  are true jazzers entertaining the crowd, as you can see and hear below.

         The Serenaders doing the pose                 The Marquee the band played in                The kids that were dancing and
                                                                                                                                             our very own MC George

               Bob Cox            Peter Leonard          Arthur Gould            Pete Drage            Burtie Butler           Colin Large
        clarinet & leader           trumpet             trombone & voc           bass guitar                banjo                     drums

                                    Sheik of Araby                           Dallas Blue                              Jingle Bells

                                           Click on the titles or the picture to hear and watch the video of the band




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