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                           These  tracks  and  photos  are  archive  Jazz   in  the  Kent  and   Sussex
                         venues, in  the  early  60's  to  the  early  90's,  some  of  the  pubs  no       
                        longer   exists ,  and  many  of  the  musicians   are  sadly  no  longer  with  us, so 
                        come  and  enjoy  the  traditional   jazz  that  we  played, heard  and  grew  up  with.

                                                                                                                                                 Burtie  Butler 

                                                               Dave Link's All Stars  and select six
                                                               Deep Bayou Band
                                                               John Defferary's Creole Jazzband
                                                               Kid Webster's Jazz band    new
                                                               Tin Creek City Six

                                                                               Bill Brunskill's New Orleans Jazz Band    new



                                                   The Creek City Six

                   Faversham in Kent, the garden of England, in the late 50's - the Tin Roof Jazz Club
                   was formed at Delbridge House, in the out building in the gardens, apparently it had
                   a corrugated tin roof hence the name of the club, then with various changes in personnel
                   this fine band with the latest member John Deffray, changed the name to John Deffray's
                   Creole Jazzband.


                                        Tin Creek City Six  circa 1957                        Roger Link and Frank Webster
                                        band members left to right :

                                               Dave Link tpt, Brian White drms (hidden), Roger Link tuba,
                                               Frank Webster bnj, Mick Honey clt, Harmer Johnson piano and Bob Boorman tmb (out of sight)


                                       Bob Boorman                                        Bob Boorman tmb,      Dave Link tpt,                               Bob Boorman and Dave Link
                                                                                                                        Brian White drs,     Mick Honey clt
                                                                                                                             and Harmer Johnson piano

                                                                               more early pictures from the Bob Boorman collection circa    59/60's 



                                                                     In the early sixties 'The Invincible Brass Band' was formed
                                            and performed at all major functions in the UK and abroad.



band members left to right:                                                                                         band members left to right:
       Bill Cole tuba, Dave Carpenter tpt, Roger Link sausa,                                  Parade Marshall Councillor Bob Amor, Bob Boorman tmb, Nelson cym,
       Brian ( Jockles ) White snare, Ivan Wells tpt, Nelson cym,                          Charlie Webster tmb, Brian ( Jockles ) White snare, Dave Carpenter tpt,
       Frank Webster bass drm,  John Beckenham snare (behind Frank)         Frank Webster bass drm, Charlie Shields tmb, Bill Cole tuba, Dave Link tpt,
       Bob Boorman tmb, Malcolm Ing clt, Charlie Webster tmb,                        Malcolm Ing clt, John Beckenham snare, Ivan Wells tpt and Roger Link sousa,
       Charlie Shields tmb  and Parade Marshall Councillor Bob Amor            and not forgetting Brian Sheppard collecting money in the barrow

             The Guildhall, Faversham circa 1961/62                   Preston Street, Faversham circa 1961/62



                                                    Above three pictures at Faversham circa 1964
From the Bob Boorman collection



band members from left to right:
                                                              Derek Guiver clt   Ivan Gandon clt, Dave Carpenter tpt,
                                                                            Dave Link tpt, Bill Cole tuba, Ivan Wells tpt,
                                                            Frank Webster bass drum, Brian ( jockles ) White snare,
                                                                    Mick Lay snare, Nelson ? cvm, Roger Link sousa,
                                                                           Charlie Shields tmb, Charlie Webster tmb
                                                                                            and Bob Boorman tmb.

                                                                             Hazebrooke, France  circa 1961/62
                                The Invincible Brass Band in Faversham, Kent circa late 50's / early 60's





                                                                       The New Eagle Brass Band 
                                                                         Birchington carnival 1963
                      Mark Alexander tpt,  Brian White b/drm,  Bill Cole sousa,  Bob Boorman tmb
                                                                              Norman Halliday clt  and Ted Chappel tmb.



                                                               band unknown but Faversham based
band members are left to right:
                                                               Brian Boorman bnj,  Bob Boorman tmb,  Derek Cook bass,
                                                          Mark Alexander tpt,  Lawrence Potter drms and Norman Halliday clt.

                                                                   taken at the Duke of Kent , Thanet Way, Faversham, Kent


                                          The Creek City Jazz Band was then formed from 1962 - 1965

                                original band members :
Dave Link tpt,   Norman Halliday clt,   Bob Boorman tmb,  Harmer Johnson piano
                                                         Brian White gtr,   Roger Link bass  and  Mick Lay drms

                                    tpts Dave Carpenter,    tmb  Gilbert Warner and then Barry Weston,    bass  Bill Cole

                                               this band toured Belgium twice and broadcast on Belgian radio



                                        band members of the Colyer band from left to right:
                                       Roger Link bass, Tony Pyke clt, Ken Colyer tpt, Brian Etherington drms, John Bastable bjo.

                             Faversham has always been the in place of jazz, here is an early photo of the
                        Fleur de Lys Jazz Club, Preston Street. This club was the follow on from Delbridge
                     House, This photo is probably about 1965, with Roger Link on bass with the Colyer band.

    This recording was made by Pete Lay at the Fleur-de-Lys, Faversham Jazz Club , Faversham, Kent. 2nd October 1966.
     band members:
     Dave Carpenter tpt, John Defferary clt, Roger Link string bass, Brian White gtr, Harmer Johnson piano, Mick Lay drms
                                                                             and guesting on trombone  Bob Boorman
                                                                  click on to Apex Blues to hear recording   Apex Blues

Greg Gibson , Rudy Ballieu, Mike Pointon, Bill Cole                  Tony Pyke, Greg Gibson , Rudy Ballieu, Mike Pointon, Bill Cole


                                Do you recognise any of  these musicians at the Faversham Jazz Club 1966
                             top three:       Harmer Johnson,  Brian ( jockles ) White,   Mick Lay
            Middle Row Standing :        Mick Murphy, Tony Pyke, Pete Treager, Kay Finch, Rudy Ballieu, Dave Carpenter,
                                                               Mark Alexander, Mike Pointon, Preacher Hood (Dennis Jones), Roger Link ( peeping )
       Bill Stagg, John Finch, Eric Webster, Derek Cook ( just see top of his head behind Eric)
Bottom Row kneeling:        Dave Link, Norman Halliday, Bill Cole , Greg Gibson (his farewell bash at the Fleur De Lis
                                                               before moving to Greece to take up a position at the Australian Embassy)

Mick Lay, Roger Link, Barry Weston, Bill Cole, Harmer Johnson               Norman Halliday, Dave Link, Roger Link and Dave Carpenter
                               Brian White, Dave Carpenter and Norman Halliday



                                                 The John Deffray's Creole Jazzband
                                                          1965 - 1968

                                            top row       Roger Link bass,   John Deffray clt/leader,  Brian White gtr,  Mick Lay drms.
                                     bottom row                Dave Carpenter tpt ,   Harmer Johnson piano,   Barry Weston tmb.   

                                               John Deffray                                             Dave Carpenter                                      Barry Weston
                                             clarinet/leader                                                    trumpet                                                trombone

                                                 Roger Link                                                    Mick Lay                                           Brian White
                                                double bass                                                      drums                                                    guitar

                                                                                                                Harmer Johnson






                                                                        Some great action photo's from the Brian White Collection
                                                                                  taken at the Faversham Jazz Club early 60's

                                          The tracks are taken from the 'John Deffray's Creole Jazzband' LP    VJM LC7
                              recording first published 1966 so click on the tracks below to hear what a great band it was

                                                   Yellow Dog Blues                                             Maple Leaf Rag

                                                   Tin Roof Blues                                                 Wolverine Blues

                                                  Down in Honky Tonk Town                              Sweet Lorraine    Dave Carpenter vocal

                                                              Put on your Old Grey Bonnet                            Down Home Rag







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     Memory Lane of the Deep Bayou Band by

                Dave Carpenter,
         from the year 2000 of the October

               issue no 30 of the  
u  s  t     a  z  z

           traditional jazz magazine.
           click on to the Just and the Jazz above for details and contact of this fine magazine

                                                                                       The Constitutional Club, Chatham. 1957

         by Dave Carpenter

                The Deep Bayou Band was originally formed by myself, Derek Guiver and Frank Webster, also after a
                short while, Charlie Webster.
                I first met Frank when I was working in a garage as an apprentice mechanic. He came to work there as a
                motor cycle mechanic ( a very good one I might add ). At this time Derek Guiver (clarinet), Don York
                (trombone), and myself (trumpet), were getting into the Traditional jazz scene, going to watch bands like
                Freddy Randall, Alex Welsh, Mick Mulligan etc in the local dance halls. Then going out to the woods to
                practise. None of us learned, music it was all done by ear.

                                                                     The Johnny Martin Band 1954
                   band members:
                                           Derek Guiver clt,  Les ?(dustbin bass),  Dave Carpenter tpt,  Don York tmb,  John Martin bjo
                                                                       Norman ? piano and Roy Neal drms.

                    Roy Neal 2007

                                                   The Crescent City Marching Band in the Chatham Carnival 1959
                band members:
              Dave Carpenter tpt, Ivan 'Fats' Wells tpt, Terry Treagus tpt, Mike Betts snare, Roy Neal snare, Nelson cym,
               Ivan Gandon alto, Frank Webster bass drm, Derek Guiver clt, Neil Highley tmb, unknown tmb and tuba.

                                    Crescent City Stompers / Crescent City Wanderers they seem to be the same band.
                         The photo was taken for Elliotts Annual Dance at the Royal Star Hotel, Maidstone, Kent. 1953.
                                                                                    band personnel:
         Ivan 'Fats' Wells tuba, Sam Weller tmb, Johnny King clt, Pete Reynolds clt, George Wooding tpt, Clive Brooks piano
                                                                                   rest unknown


                                        Crescent City Stompers at Leysdown 1952 from Roy Neal's photo collection
         band members:
                        Ivan Wells tpt, Fred Cogger sax, Don York tmb, Tony Pitt bnj, Roy Neal drms, and Tony Pitts Friend Colin wash/b
                                                    and Ivan Gandon on clt but out of the picture as he was getting the beers in !!!

                At this time Frank had never heard of Traditional jazz at all. I talked him into becoming interested and he
                quickly became obsessed with the music and brought his brother Charlie on to the scene. (At this time
                Charlie was in the army.) Frank bought a second-hand trumpet and started to take music lessons.
                He decided to form a band with myself, Derek Guiver and Don York, and called it Frank James
                Dixielanders. Don York decided to go his own way with another band. Frank decided to play banjo and
                Charlie came in on trombone. We kept practising a lot together and sitting-in with other bands, mainly
                the Crescent City Stompers. Next to be recruited was Vic Pitt on string bass. At this time we did not have
                a proper bass so Derek Guiver and myself went to London and bought a second hand one for Vic.
                Drummer Bill Woodgate was a customer at the garage with his motor cycle, so naturally he joined the
                band, Terry Wells was also a motor cycle customer, so he happily joined us.


                                              The Deep Bayou Band at The Oddfellows Hall Chatham 1955
                                                       with Niel Highley on bass otherwise same personnel


                   A visit to Hastings Jazz Club , August Bank Holiday 1958.  Should have been the Terry Treagus Jazzmen,
                   but they had just broken up, and this was the reformed Deep Bayou Jazzband from Chatham,
                 with Terry Treagus(tpt) & his clarinettist Tony Richards; drummer Bill Crowley from the Eureka Jazzband
                 Humphrey Mayes on bass taking over from Vic Pitt and Frank and Charlie Webster on banjo and trombone
                                          photo from the John Powys collection


                                                 The Deep Bayou Band taken at a venue in Gillingham 1956
 Band Members:
                                               Terry Wells piano,  Derek Guiver clt,  Dave Carpenter tpt voc,  Bill Woodgate drms,
                                                                Vic Pitt bass, Frank Webster bjo and Charlie Webster tmb.
                I think it was a toss-up between Frank and myself who came up with the name Deep Bayou jazz band. It came
                from Deep Bayou Blues by George Lewis, on a Climax 78 record. Now we had a full line up: myself (trumpet),
                Derek Guiver (clarinet), Charlie Webster (trombone), Vic Pitt (bass), Frank Webster (banjo), Bill Woodgate (drums),
                and Terry Wells (piano).

              Dave Carpenter                         Charlie Webster                       Derek Guiver                         Frank Webster
                    trumpet                                    trombone                                 clarinet                                   banjo

                                Terry Wells                                      Vic Pitt                                      Bill Woodgate
                                    piano                                       double bass                                         drums

               The band progressed in leaps and bounds and became one of the best bands around, particularly known for its
                hard driving rhythm section. We started a regular Friday night jazz club at the Constitutional Club in Chatham.
                It was the longest running club in Kent and very well attended, not only by local people but people from fair
                distances. The band also played other venues over quite a large area. One really good gig comes to mind -
                it was at Wood Green Jazz Club supporting the Alex Welsh Band.
                In 1957, myself and Derek Guiver went into the army (National Service) for two years. While we were away,
                the trumpet chair was filled by Terry Treagus, sometimes Ivan Wells, clarinet was mostly played by Mick Betts,
                sometimes Johnny King. While being away, personnel changed a bit, Bill Woodgate, Terry Wells and Vic Pitt
                all left. Bill Cowley came in on drums and Humph Mayes on Bass, (no piano).
                On getting demobbed from the army, Derek and myself returned to the band and Mick Betts changed to drums
                after Bill Cowley decided to leave. Shortly after this, Mick went on to other things and Mick Lay came in
                on drums.

                Here is an early recording taken at the Cedars Club in the mid 50's, Sittingbourne, Kent. Charlie Webster tmb
               and Frank Webster banjo and the singer is Brenda Cowling - Empty Bed Blues a little jumpy but never the less
               a fine recording of the sounds in the mid 50's - from the Bernie Collins collection

                                                                         Empty Bed Blues                                                                         


               These recordings below were recorded from 1959 - 60, they were taken from an old reel to reel and jump a
               little, but none the less, gives an idea of what a great band it was in the late 50's
                                  Dave Carpenter tpt, Derek Guiver clt, Charlie Webster tmb, Frank Webster bnj
                                            Terry Wells piano, Humphrey Mayes bass and Mick Lay drms

                     All the Girls go Crazy            Canal Street Blues            Over the Waves           Sheik of Araby

                               Willie the Weeper              Running Wild               World is Waiting for the Sunrise
(a great solo from Frank Webster)

                            The following recordings below were recorded 18th October 1960 with same personnel
                            but Roy Neal on drums, these recordings are of better quality

                           Four or Five Times                            Jambalaya                         Up jumped the Devil
( Charlie Webster vocal great singer)

                                The next recordings were probably around 1964 with different personnel being:
                                                   Charlie Webster tmb, Ivan Gandon clt, Ivan Wells tpt,
                                             Frank Webster bnj, Roger Link sousa, John Beckenham drms.

                                    Slow Blues                         All the Girls go Crazy                       Ice Cream

                The band continued to enjoy very good popularity with a good following of supporters, who
                travelled with us to all our away venues. We made an appearance on television supporting a female singer.
                Also played gigs at the Ken Colyer club, Studio 51, Great Newport Street. Ken Sims (then with Acker Bilk)
                sat-in on trumpet for a couple of numbers. Also at the same session, the New Orleans pianist, Champion
                Jack Dupree, sat-in with the band. These were the all night sessions, with two bands playing, starting at
                midnight until six o'clock in the morning.


                     The Deep Bayou Band at the Con Club 1962/63 with John Beckenham drms and Humphrey Mayes bass

                                          Mick Lay                               Humph Mayes                      John Beckenham
                                            drums                                    double bass                                drums

                Sometime in 1961 Mick Lay left the band and joined the Merchant Navy. He was replaced on drums by
                John Beckenham. During this period the band did a recording session at the Marquis of Donegal's private
                studio in Chelsea. I do not know what happened to the master tapes and I have never heard them.
                The band carried on with great success and popularity until approximately 1963 (the memory gets a bit
                unreliable sometimes), when there was a big disagreement between myself Frank and Charlie.
                I decided to leave the band, and Derek and Humph also decided to leave with me. This was the end of
                The Deep Bayou, as we went on to play in other bands.
                It was the end of an era. Frank and Charlie carried on playing, but never managed to form a band quite
                like the Deep Bayou.
                It was a long time ago, but I still carry some great memories of a great New Orleans band, styled on the
                George Lewis Band.


             Frank and Charlie Webster                     Brian Nye bnj , Mick Betts drms, Frank Webster tpt
                                                                                                                            Dave Nicholl's clt and Humph Mayes bass

 Frank Webster, Derek Cook bass, Charlie Webster                                                    and Frank Webster
                                       Mark Alexander and Norman halliday

                                                   Charlie Websters Funeral 1979
band members from left to right:
                 Bob Boorman tmb, Don York tmb, Ivan Gandon sax, Tony Pink tpt, Phil Barnes crt Dave Link tpt,
                 Norman Halliday clt, Bill Bowden tpt, Roger Link sausa, following up his widow Jan and George Stockley




                                       Here is a great poster I think it is the year 1963 but depicting it as

                                                      Charles Webster and his New Orleans Band

                                                                                            with thanks to Mike Hill in sending it to me burtie

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Kid Webster's Jazz Band 1975 - 1976

With demise of the Deep bayou Jazz Band in the late sixties Frank decided to form his own band
                 Kid Webster's Jazz Band in 1975,
                 The personnel being:     Frank Webster tpt/ldr, Dick Smith clt, Charlie Kid Webster tmb, John Kelk piano
                                                        Dave Jordon bnj, Brian White bass and Mark Alexander drms.

                This band broke up in 1976, but was immediatly reformed by the Webster brothers.
                The personnel being:    Brian Craig tpt, Clive Brooks clt/alto/piano, Charlie Kid Webster / Mark Bradley tmb,
                                                   Frank Webster bjo, George Stockley bass, Mark Alexander / Pete Lay drms.

                       This recording was made in the Bear and Key, High Street, Whitstable, Kent. 8th April 1976
                       The personnel being:    Brian Craig tpt, Clive Brooks clt/alto/piano, Charlie Kid Webster tmb,
                                                           Frank Webster bjo, George Stockley bass and Pete Lay drms.

                          so click on to the titles to hear a jam session in the Bear and Key back in the late seventies:

                          Bugle Boy March                      Kid Thomas Boogie                    Let me call you Sweetheart
Clive Brooks  piano

                          Ting - a - Ling                           Tishomingo Blues                                Maryland
Brian Craig
                                                                                                                                  Swannee Whistle

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                                  The Duke of Kent, Thanet Way, Faversham, Kent.

     was home to Country and Western music on a Friday evening and also to traditional jazz on Tuesday evenings, with
     Dave Link's All Stars way back in the late 70s to the early 80s, sadly the fine building is falling into a state of disrepair

                                                                      The Duke of Kent as it stands now 27th September 2006

          So listen to the three numbers of the Dave Link's All Stars recorded at The Duke of Kent on the 9th November 1982
        Members of the band:
       Dave Link tpt , Roy Mason clt, Burtie Butler bnj, Humphrey Mayes bass and Graham (not Brian) Lennard drms

                Canal Street Blues                                Honeysuckle Rose                            Nobody's Sweetheart Now



                       Dave Links Select Six taken at the Chapter Arms, Chartham Hatch, Nr Canterbury, Kent 

            Band members from L/R:

           Tony Richards tmb, Dave Bashford bnj, Dave Link tpt, Roger Hooper sous, Pete Rose clt and Colin Martin piano



                                     The Bill Brunskill's New Orleans Jazz Band

              at the "Fighting Cocks" Kingston upon Thames


The Fighting Cocks, Kingston upon Thames 2007



             Bill Brunskill was one of the living legends and inspirations of traditional jazz to us up-and-coming
                  youngsters in the south of England.   These photos and recordings were taken at the "Fighting Cocks"
                   5th March 1961.  Another legend "Uncle John Renshaw" is on bass and vocal on "Didn't He Ramble"

      John Finch                Kay Clarke                 Bill Brunskill              Bill Wilkinson                 George Berry              Bill Skinner
                            trombone                          double bass                              trumpet                                  drums                                         clarinet                                banjo

                                         Robert - E - Lee                              Didn't He Ramble                                  Sheik of Araby
Uncle John Renshaw
bass and vocal

                                   So click on to the above titles to hear the lads back in 1961 at the "Fighting Cocks" Kingston upon Thames



                                           Bill at The 'Lord Napier' Thornton Heath, London 1st April 1998
                               Bill started at the Napier around the late 80's - a great sound - band members:

                              Bill Brunskill tpt, Geoff Foster clt, George 'Kid' Tiddiman tmb, Phil Dearle piano,
                                                                  Bill Stotesbury bnj, Graham Wiseman bass / tuba and Mike Harvey drums.

                                                                                click on the titles to re-live the atmosphere

                             There's Yes Yes in Your Eyes                 Dauphine Street Blues                Moose March

                                                             Bluin The Blues                                Ting a Ling


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