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                           These  tracks  and  photos  are  archive  Jazz   in  the  Kent  and   Sussex
                         venues, in  the  early  60's  to  the  early  90's,  some  of  the  pubs  no       
                        longer   exists ,  and  many  of  the  musicians   are  sadly  no  longer  with  us, so 
                        come  and  enjoy  the  traditional   jazz  that  we  played, heard  and  grew  up  with.

                                                                                                                                                 Burtie  Butler 
                                                               The Invicta Jazz Band  page one





                                                          The Invicta Jazz band story 1980 - 2000

                     The Invicta Jazz Band, a very popular band playing in the east Kent area, was formerly
               “The Mo Hovery Jazzmen”  are now the resident band at the Smugglers Arms at Herne, Kent,
         playing every Sunday evening in the cellar bar 1980 - 1985    8pm - 10.30pm adm  £1.00 (very cheap)
                                  and then at the First and Last also in Herne 1985 - 2000 ( approx )

     These tracks were taken at a session at the Smugglers on 17th February 1980 with band as below:

          Phil Barnes cornet               Bruce Roberts clt                Séan Maple  tmb            Dave Bashford bnj/gtr

                          Ron Woodward  bass                     Nicki Starke  voc                       Bill Ambro drms
now Nicki Walton


                                                     Younger Bruce Roberts                        younger Sean Maple


                                                                      even younger Bill Ambro




                                          So click on the tune titles below to have some of the atmosphere
                                        at the Smugglers, Herne      -      on 17th February 1980


                      Girls go Crazy      Jackass Blues       Muskrat Ramble           Beale Street Blues
      Nicki Stark vocal

                       Dr Jazz            Perdido Street Blues        Milenburg Joys        Stevedore Stomp
Nicki Stark vocal

                         Black and Blue        Tight Like That         Georgia on my Mind           Undecided
Lots of chat voc Dave Bashford
             Nicki Stark vocal

                   I Cant Escape from You           Nobody Knows You When Your'e Down and Out
Nicki Stark vocal

                                     The original band members (pictures circa 1981 ) are as follows:


            Phil Barnes                          Séan Maple                             Bruce Roberts                   Dave Bashford
               cornet                                  trombone                                   clarinet                            banjo/guitar


                            Brian Askew                                   Nicki Stark                                 Bill Ambrose
                            double bass                                       vocalist                                           drums
sadly no longer with us
                                June 1939  -  May  2008   68yrs



                  The Invicta Jazz Band     1984                                                    Private gig       1981
             The Smugglers Arms, Herne, Kent.                                    ( somewhere in Ashford, Kent.)

         Later around the 1982 / 83 onwards the band varied a lot, pictures below of the personnel change :

                                                       Nigel Pitt                                      Dave Link                      
                                                          cornet                                         trumpet  

                                          Pete Rose                                                    Dave Corsby
                                        clarinet / sax                                                  clarinet / sax  


                                         Jim Searson                                                      Roy Mason
                                        clarinet / sax                                                    clarinet / sax

                                 Jim Clarke                                 Tony Cardwell                              Kenny Pyrke
                                  trombone                                      trombone                                     trombone


                         Jonathan Vinten                               Pete Gresham                                   Burtie Butler 
                                   Piano                                              Piano                                                   banjo


                    Ron Woodward                                      Roger Link                                    Mike Porter - Ward
                      double bass                                        double bass                                         double bass

                                                                       Gerry Birch                                Les Feast  and Brian Askew
                                                        Sousaphone                                    drums               bass


                            Robin Beames                                   Laurie Palmer                              John Cottis
                                  drums                                                  drums                                          drums


                                                                                           Lyn Falvey

                                                           _____________________Year 1982_________________


               These two recordings were taken at the Smugglers on the Sunday 29th August 1982, the
         recorder had a sound limiter on it, hence the volume changes, but none the less the atmosphere
             is captured well here.
   Dave Link tpt, Bruce Roberts clt, Séan Maple tmb, Burt Butler bnj, Brian Askew bass and Bill Ambro drms.

                    click on the titles to hear:                           From Monday On                          Apex Blues  

                                                __________________________Year 1983________________________   


              November 13th 1983, Phil Mason was the first of many guests the Invicta JB had with them,
               Listening to these tracks for the first time after 23yrs, one realises what a cracking band it
               was under the leadership of Phil Barnes (cornet / leader). Here are eight tracks from that
            evening a superb version of Chimes Blues, so click on to the titles to go back to the early 80's

                                                                                     Band Members

                                                           Phil Barnes crnt/leader,    Bruce Roberts clt,      Séan Maple tmb,    Burt Butler bnj,   
                                              Robin Beames drms,  Brian Askew (in the first set) and Ron Woodward (in the second set) on double bass
                                                                                             with special guest Phil Mason cornet


                Steamboat Stomp                  Chimes Blues                     Sheik of Araby               Hindustan


           Poor Butterfly                       Travelling Blues               Stevedore Stomp            Sarratoga Swing


                                            The write up in the local rag the following week, Kentish Gazette, December 9th, 1983

                                                 __________________Year 1984_____________________

                    In the Summer months, the Invicta Jazz Band was often seen at country house parties.
              This is one the band often played at.  It was at Roger's house 'Old Tree House' Hoath, and was
         always held to raise money for one charity or another. Here are some video clips of the lads in 1984


                               1984 click the picture to activate, great stuff of what we looked and played like                                              1984 early nostalgic stuff, with our greatest fan Captain Wellard or 'Spider' lurking in the background who is no longer with us  
The Invicta Jazz Band playing a slow blues 1984                                                    Stevedore Stomp 1984                 

                                                                                          Ron Woodward bass, Séan Maple tmb,
                                                                                       John Cottis drms, Phil Barnes crnt,leader
                                                                          Burt Butler bnj and Pete Rose clt. ( how young we were )
                                                                                       so click on the picture to play the video

                                 _______________surprise party 65th in Stone-in-Oxney from the Bruce Bauer collection____________

                                                                            Edward Briggnalls 65th suprise birthday party early 80's


                               Dave Link tpt, Gerry Birch saus, John Cottis drms , Lyn Falvey voc,
                                                                        Burt Butler bnj, Kenny Pyrke tmb, Jim Searson and Alan Robinson clt



             Christmas at the Smugglers was great fun, and well supported by the fans, some photos
            of what we got up to, this was the last Christmas at the Smugglers.   23rd December 1984


                                  Fancy dress at the Smugglers, Maxine with the                     Phil Barnes on trombone, Colin Hodges vocalising
                                  ball and chain, Val at the back and Bob as the                      and Bill Barnacle in the Biggles gear.
                                  Sheik of Araby.

    John Cottis                Phil Barnes                    Burtie Butler                      Lyn and Eileen                 John and Pete Rose            Ron Woodward
                                                               Band Members in drag for the Christmas party


  Lyn and Barbara with Pete Rose wishing about something

                        The following tunes with audience participation gives an idea of the fun we had in our
                    younger days, Spider ( Captain Wellard ) a staunch supporter of the Invicta band, and
                    Sam supplier of the bottle of wine, with Spider contributing anything from jazz LPs to
                    windscreen washer fluid, you never knew what was going to be in the raffle. So click on
                    to the titles to get the flavour of Christmas at the Smuggs.

              All of me                                                   Old Rugged Cross                                       Five feet two
This is a comical rendition with Phil                                            This is a nice rendition with                                           This is with Lyn vocalising
     Barnes vocalising . Band members:                                             Pete Rose taking the lead
         Phil Barnes tmb, Pete Rose clt,                                            
   Burt Butler bnj, Ron Woodward bass                                            band members same as                                                  band members same as
           and John Cottis drums.                                                                   'All of me'                                                                      'All of me '

                    Hiawatha Rag                                           Sheik of Araby                                        Ace in the Hole
This has the raffle prizes explained,                             The wonderful singing of Bill Barnacle                           A bit of banter from the front line and
          at the beginning, with Spider showing                           is shown here and the ad-libbing is just                          a change of drummer here with Colin
          what a generous guy he was, and the                            Bill.  Band members as 'Hiawatha Rag'.                        Hodges on vocal the band members are
            wit of Pete Rose. Band members:                                                                                                                   the same as 'Hiawatha Rag' but with
             Bill Barnacle crnt, Phil Barnes tmb,                                                                                                                Spider ( Captain Wellard ) on drums
            Pete Rose clt,  Burt Butler bnj,
      Ron Woodward bass and John Cottis drums.
                        Ja Da                                                     Basin Street Blues                                      Ice Cream
We have a complete change of musicians                          This with the lovely Lyn on the vocal                            A great vocal with Pete and Bill and
           Roger Ely tpt, Séan Maple tmb                                                                                                                        Colin I think. Band members are:
            Pete Rose clt, Burt Butler bnj,                                       Band members same as 'All of me'                              Bill Barnacle crnt, Séan Maple tmb
       Spider drms and Colin Hodges bass                                                                                                                     Pete Rose clt, Burt Butler bnj,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Trevor Lewis-Evans drms
                                                                                                                                                                                   Colin Hodges double bass and
                                                                                                                                                                                    Roy Gaston-Williams piano 

                                                     Doctor Jazz                                                            Sarratoga Swing    signing off
We have the full complement of musicians                                               We have the full complement with Phil Barnes
                                                       here on this no;                                                          signing off
                                           Bill Barnacle crnt, Roger Ely tpt,
                                          Phil Barnes tmb,Sean Maple tmb                                                       Hope you have all enjoyed our Christmas at the
                                          Pete Rose clt, Lyn Falvey vocal                                                         The Smugglers, Herne, Herne Bay, Kent. UK.
                                       Burt Butler bnj, Ron Woodward bass
                                             Roy Gaston-Williams piano
                                                 and John Cottis drums. 

                              ______________________________Year 1985____________________________________


          The Invicta band through the 12/14 years of playing had some great British artists guesting
     with them.  One was an old mate of Pete Rose - Pete Allen with Phil Mason, this was at the Smugglers

                      9th June 1985 - have a nostalgic trip back in time to the session:


                       Lyn Falvey,Phil Barnes, Laurie Palmer, Burt Butler, Phil Mason,                        Lyn Falvey, Phil Mason and Pete Allen
                             Humphrey Mayes, Pete Rose, Jonathon Vinten, Pete Allen.
           Phil Mason and Pete Allen guesting with the Invicta Jazz Band at the Smugglers 9th June 1985
The write up in the local rag the following week

                        Three great recordings from that evening, Lyn Falvey giving a sensitive performance of Hoagy Carmichael's Georgia on my mind,
                        Snake Rag and a great two clarinet's in Dippermouth Blues. The recordings also give a great insight to the atmosphere and chat with
                        our followers and the band themselves.
                                                                                                     Band Personnel:
                      Phil Mason crnt, Pete Allen reeds, Pete Rose clt, Phil Barnes tmb, Burt Butler bnj, Laurie Palmer drms, Humphrey Mayes bass,
                                                                               Jonathon Vinten piano and Lyn Falvey vocals


                              Georgia on my mind                            Snake Rag                                 Dippermouth Blues
click on to the above titles to hear these great tracks of a great evening with Pete Allen and Phil Mason at the Smugs    

                    The last night at the Smugglers 25th August 1985, a very sad occasion, since they have
                   had jazz from the early 70's, from what I can remember, starting upstairs in the public bar
                                   then progressing to the cellar bar with the Mo Hovery Jazzmen.       

                                                                                           click to top

              The Invicta Jazz Band had many memorable guest artists, starting with Phil Mason in 1983
              than Phil Mason and Pete Allen 1985, later in 1985 they had  Humphrey Lyttelton at the
              Whitstable Playhouse Theatre, also at the Playhouse in 1988 they had Cy Laurie with Randy
              Colville what a stunning night that was.



The Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland was a great favourite with the Invicta Jazz Band from Kent, so    starting with our first tour in Cork, 25th - 28th October 1985, Stripes Rhythm Bar, MacCurtain St.    here are pictures of the band members in the venue, and what the band sounded like.


                      outside the Bar                                                     on stage                                               group photo

                                                                           Band members from left to right
                       Phil Barnes,  Laurie Palmer,  Lyn Falvey,   Burtie Butler,  Nigel Pitt,  Roger Link    and Pete Rose
                         trombone          drums            vocalist            banjo            cornet     double bass          reeds

                             Summertime Saturday evening                     Please dont talk about me  Sunday dinner time

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                          One year on at the Cork Jazz Festival, with the Invicta Jazz Band, small change in the personnel
                                 24th - 27th October 1986 at the Stripes Rhythm Bar, MacCurtain Street, Cork, Ireland.


                                  Stripes Bar on the Corner of MacCurtain St.                                         The Invicta Band in full swing

                 Dave Link                  Pete Rose                       Jim Clarke                   Burtie Butler               Mike Porter-Ward            Laurie Palmer
                   cornet                         clarinet                         trombone                         banjo                           double bass                       drums

                                      So soak up the atmosphere and listen to the band playing                   Way down upon the Swanee River


                        October 1993 at the Cork Jazz Festival, with the Invicta Jazz Band, small change in the personnel
                                    at the Satchmo's (new name same place), MacCurtain Street, Cork, Ireland.

                    band members are:         Malcolm Walton tpt.,  Jim Searson clt.,  Tony Cardwell tmb.,
                                                          Burtie Butler bnj., Roger Link bass and Robin Beames drms.

                                                                Cork Jazz Festival 1993 for the local TV     

                                                                                                         "On The Jazz Trail"      

                                                       This was filmed by the local TV company aptly called "On The Jazz Trail" the year is
                                                                                    1993 so click on the picture or title to activate

                                                                       Click here to continue with the Invicta Story page two  


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