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                                                                       Bude Jazz Festival 2007

                                                                       Goose Fair Challock Lees 2007




                                                                   Bude's Twentieth Jazz Festival 2007

         What a cracking festival held in the NW corner of Cornwall from Sat 25th Aug - Sat 1st
          Sept - a great thank you to the Festival organiser Rachel Hayward and the Festival
          administrators Jean Manual and Diana Ohison, and not forgetting the countless venue
          stewards in making the whole thing possible. For the ones who could not make the venue
          here are a few video clips and pics of different bands and, of course, not forgetting the
          Bude Buskers outside the Falcon Inn - or as one of the locals was heard to say - I see
          the Orchestra are playing again this morning.

 Overlooking Bude from Summerlease Crescent


                            Mike Owen and his Woodland Jazz Band playing I Love her at The Bullars Arms, Marhamchurch, Bude.  28th August 2007                                                 Brian Carrik's Algiers Stompers playing Just a Little While to Stay at The Waterfront Centre, Bude. 28th August 2007
 playing     I Love her                                                  playing      Just a little while to stay                  
Bullers Arms, Marhamchurch,Bude. Tuesday 28th August 2007                             Waterfront Centre, Bude. Tuesday 28th August 2007

              Mike Owen and his Woodland Jazz Band (Denmark/UK)                                                   Brian Carrick's Algiers Stompers
                 Mike Owen tmb/ldr,   Ole"Don"Kirk tpt,   Laar Dalsgaard clt,                                                   Brian Carrick  reeds/ldr,  Peter Wright tpt,
             Sven Topgaard piano,  Bjarne"Stub"Juul gtr, Finn Faaborg bass,                                    Chas Hudson tmb. Malc Hurrell bnj, Bill Cole bass,
                                                   and Uffe Hansen drums                                                                                             John Baker drms and Gabriele Gad piano

                     What a cracking band , Mike's playing is unsurpassed                                                           A great New Orleans  sound from this band
                     in my opinion - just wonderful - click on to the picture or                                                            so click the title/picture to watch video
                     title to here the lads playing ' I Love her'

                 to book this band  and more info click on to Mikes website:



                           Click on picture to hear Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band playing Meet me somewhere in your dreams.                                                         Keith Stephens Hot Club trio and Caroline Irwin , The Falcon Hotel, Bude. 29th August 2007
playing                                                                                 Playing 
               Meet me somewhere in your dreams                              Sit right down and write myself a letter

                    Waterfront Centre, Bude. Wednesday 29th August 2007                                             Falcon Hotel, Bude. Wednesday 29th August 2007    

                           Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band                                                     Keith Stephen's Hot Club Trio with George Huxley
                         Martin Bennett piano/ldr, Dave Copperwaite tpt,                                                  and John Hallam, also Caroline Irwin on vocals.
                 Howard Murray reeds, John Finch tmb, Stuart Smith drs, 
                          Mac' MacDonald bnj and Jim Swinnerton bass.                                                     Keith Stephen gtr/ldr, Roly Veitch gtr, Bruce Rollo bass,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               with Caroline Irwin vocals
                                                                                                                                                                                                   George Huxley and John Hallam reeds

                       One superb band not to  be missed so click on to                                                          What a great sound with two of the finest reed players                
                                             the title/picture to hear.                                                                                          and not forgetting the lovely voice of  Caroline Irwin
                                                                                                                                                                                                       so click on to the title/picture to hear.    



                             Black Snake Jazz Band - Falcon Hotel - Bude Jazz Festval 2007 click picture to activate                                                           Keith Nichols Collegians Bude Jazz Festival 2007  -  click on picture to activate
playing - two tracks joined together                                    playing - (I dont know the title)
 Falcon Hotel, Bude. Sunday 26th August 2007                                                         
                  Budehaven  Leisure Centre, Bude.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sunday 26th August 2007 
                                           Black Snake Jazz Band                                                                              Keith Nichols Collegians
Mike Cox bnj/ldr, Richard Bennett tpt, James Evans clt,                                      Keith Nichols tmb/ldr, Andy Woon tpt, Norman Fields clt,
                          Dave Donohoe tmb, Bill Cole bass, Des Bacon piano                                          Nick Gill piano, Nick Ward drms, Frans Sjöström bass sax
                                            and Colin Bowden drms.                                                                                                                  and Tom Langham bnj

                             Two two minute tracks joined together so click on                                                  Two and a half minutes of this fine band listen to the
                                                picture to activate video                                                                                       superb solos of Norman Fields, Tom Langham and
                                                                                                                                                                              Andy Woon, Nick Gill on this classic Rag (I dont know the title)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        so click on picture to activate video   

                                And not forgetting the musicians who formed the orchestra that started from the Brendon Arms
                              and finished up outside the Falcon Inn  - must add we had some great artists sitting in with the lads
                       Peter Tamplin and Geoff Barnhart (USA)  -  so click on the pictures to watch the lads and lassies in action


                                                Big Butter and Egg Man                                                                        Lady be Good 
                                           with special guest Bill Cole                                           

                                                                  Dinah                                                                      Washington and Lee Swing
                                                  featuring Gurd Preu

                                Big Butter and Egg Man with Geoff Barnhart                                   I Cant Escape from you
                                                                                                                                        with Peter Tamplin and Marcel Eydoux

                                                       Not forgetting all the Musicians who gave up their morning to entertain:

                                 trumpets/ cornet:   Roger Wimpenny   instigator and leader, Ian Hutchinson, Jim Reid, Dave Kedge.

                                            clarinets/reeds:      Don Walker, Gerd Preu, Stan Davies, Anne Hunt, Judy Lodge, Stan Acaster,
                                                                                    Paul Bridgewater, Norman Grodentz.

                                                   trombones:        Don York, Brian White.

                                                       pianos:             Marcel Eydoux, Peter Tamplin, Geoff Barnhart, Cliff Davis.

                                                      banjos:              Polly Hobbs, John Bryant, Burtie Butler.

                                         sousa/Ebbass:            Stan Tofield, David Joules, Bill Cole.

                                                      drums:               Barry Knight, Roy Swift, Cees Hoogkamen.


                                                                        our most loyal fans  Bill and Avril                                                    the en-masse line up outside the Falcon Hotel

                                                                                                                        See you all next year
                                                                                                                      Burtie Butler   




                   Jazz at 'Challock Lees Goose Fair' with Burt Butlers Jazz pilgrims

           Every year Challock Lees have a Goose Fair which is great fun for the children and adults
               alike, this year The Pilgrims were invited to play for the crowds - this was held on Sunday 9th
               September 2007 - here are the lads playing My Blue Heaven - so click on either picture to
               watch them or title.

                     the crowds that we were playing to                                  The lads - My Blue Heaven
                                                                                                            Band members:
                                                                    John Finch tmb, Barry Knight drs, Tom Brady tpt/voc
                                                                 Mick Durrell bass, Roy Mason reeds and Burtie Butler bnj.