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                                                         Jazz at the Whitstable Oyster Weekend 21st - 29th July
                                                         Ashford Jazz Weekend   Saturday 7th July 2007

                                               Hadlow Tour de France weekend with the Hadlow Allstars

                                                   John Mason's reunion   Saturday 12th May 2007

                                Venture Away UK Jazz Weekend at Norton Grange I.O.W. 9th-11th Feb 2007

                                                  50th Jazz Anniversary of the Bear & Key Jazz Club

                                       50th Jazz Anniversary One Year of the Bear & Key Jazz Club







        Oyster Weekend at Whitstable 21st - 29th July 2007

   With Burties Jazz Pilgrims, the landing of the Oysters took place on the Saturday 21st, and the Pilgrims
    were entertaining the crowd in the harbour - here they are with the Jazz Band Ball and Bourbon Street
                                                                      - so click on the pic's to watch.


Jazz Band Ball                                                                             Bourbon Street Parade
                                                                                      The Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims

                           playing on the stage till rain stopped play,                                   in out of the rain, playing acoustically
                      at the Jazz Band Ball a bit windy on the camera                                             Bourbon Street Parade

                                            Band members are:           Dave Ware  trumpet,          Dave Corsby reeds,     John Finch trombone

                                                                  Roger Link double bass,   John Cottis drums     and Burtie Butler banjo

                                            You're Driving me Crazy                                                                     Bring me Sunshine

                         Here are the lads at the 'Duke of Cumberland', High Street, Whitstable, Kent on Sunday afternoon 22nd July
                            still part of the Oyster Week, with Tom Brady on Trumpet instead of Dave Ware and Roy Mason on reeds
                                                                                                       - a great session

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                          The 29th July is the "Jazz on a Summers night " held at the Whitstable Playhouse, with Lyn Falvey as the guest
                                      vocalist and Don Simms on the camera - some great moments of the Playhouse evening.

                               Creole Love Call                                                  Mr Sandman                                           Bei Mir Bist du Schoen

                a change of personnel in the band the lads :            
                left to right in the centre photo: 
                                John Finch tmb, Burtie Butler bnj, John Cottis drms, Tom Brady tpt, Arthur Bird bass and Roy mason reeds.

                                                                                  and our special guest on vocals Lyn Falvey

                                                                            so click on the pictures or title to activate the video's
                                                                                    video's from the Don Simms photo library

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                                Ashford Jazz Weekend

        Ashford's Jazz Weekend, what a treat for the local shoppers and jazz buffs alike, held over the weekend
       7th July 2007, put together by the Ashford Town Centre Partnership, here is a little snippet of what was
       on offer, The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band and the Burt  Butlers Jazz Pilgrims at the Lower High Street venue.

    Hindustan                                     Buona Sera            Ida Sweet as Apple Cider      Sunny Side of the Street
The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band                                                         The Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims
                                        band members:                                                                                   band members:
                Bill Barnacle cornet       Bill Jones trombone                             Tom Brady trumpet   Tony Richards trombone
              Pete Rose reeds     Colin Hodges double bass                                  Roy Mason reeds   Burtie Butler banjo
             Mike Marsh drums    and      Ray Perkins piano                    Roger Link double bass  and  Robin Beames drums


                                                                          click on to title tracks or pictures  to watch video

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                                  Hadlow  Tour de France  8th July 2007

            The Sunday 8th July, Hadlow put a great show together for the cycle race of the year
                     with all sorts of entertainment including the Hadlow All Stars Jazz Band a fine jazz band
                led by the drummer Colin Large . To book this band you can contact Colin on  01732 850516


                                                                                   If I had you                                               Hindustan

           The crowds lining the streets of                           The Hadlow Jazz Allstars                            The crowds being entertained by
              Hadlow waiting for the cycle race                                     band members :                                              our Mr Magic Man
              of the year                                                            Tom Brady tpt     Ken Packer clt
                                                                                       Tony Richards tmb  Jim Belcher bass
                                                                                        Burtie Butler bnj   Colin Large drums

                                        so click on the titles or pictures to see the video of the Hadlow Allstars


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                                                         John Mason's reunion

              John Mason's reunion evening on Saturday 12th May 2007 at the Rugby Club, Gravesend, Kent
            was another great success with musicians coming from far and wide, here are a few video clips
            and stills of a great evening. This was a reunion of John's old band members from way back to
            the 70's with Bob Whetstone tpt from Australia, Freddie Legon and local lads Mike Jefferson piano
           and  Mick Brooks drms.   
           So, see if you recognise any one, and click on the smaller pictures for a video of the night.




                               Pictures of the well attended evening - always a success - well done John

                                                 Freddie Legon, Geoff Hoare and John Mason ( organiser )

             Here we have a few video clips, click on the pics/title  to view, my camera only takes two minute
                        minute clips, have joined together, but gives a feel of a great evening  -   Burtie b.

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                  Georgia On My Mind                        Cake Walking Babies                           I Cant Get Started
        Band Personnel:                                                                 Band Personnel:                                                                   Band Personnel:                              
                             John Alma alt, John Mason tmb,                              John Alma clt, John mason tmb,                                    Jim Belcher tmb, Roger Ely tpt,
                        Bob Whetstone tpt, Fred Cogger tnr,                    Bob Whetstone tpt, Fred Cogger tnr,                            Fred Cogger ten, Mick Brooks drs,
                          Mick Brooks drs, Mick Durell bass                         Mick Brooks drs, Mick Durell bass                               Mick Durell bass, John Finch sousa.
                                     Mike Jefferson piano                                                    and Brian Masters bnj.

                           Rosetta                                           Lady Be Good                             Bourbon Street                                 
             Band Personnel:                                                                   Band Personnel:                                                                 Band Personnel:
                      Sam Weller tmb, John Mason tmb,                              
Sam Weller tmb, John Mason tmb,                                      Paula clt, Dave Hill tpt,
                        Geoff Hoare tmb, Don York tmb,                                   Geoff Hoare tmb, Don York tmb,                              Jim Belcher tmb, Mick Brooks drs, 
                 Keith Blundell tmb, Geoff Hoare son drs,                 Keith Blundell tmb, Geoff Hoare son drs,                Mick Durell bass, Brian masters bnj,            
                Mick Durell bass  and Brian Masters bnj.                  Mick Durell bass  and Brian Masters bnj.                             piano  (any one know his name)

                                                                     Struttin With Some Barbecue
                                                                                                              Band Personnel: 

                                                                                       Paula Masters clt, Denis Lear clt, Dave Hill tpt,
                                                                                                                     Bob Whetstone tpt, John Mason tmb,
                                                                                                                       Geoff Hoare tmb, Jim Belcher tmb,
                                                                                                                           Don York tmb, Sam Weller tmb ,
                                                                                                                           Roger Ely tpt, Mick Brooks drs
                                                                                                                      Mick Durell bass, Brian Masters bnj,
                                                                                                                                      Burtie Butler bnj. 
                                                                                                            a nice peice of banjo playing by Brian at the end

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                  What a great weekend we had at Norton Grange, I.O.W. with Venture Away's

           Jazz Weekend - superb bands - food - accommodation - so have a feel of the weekend

           with the following pictures and video clips - for info of forthcoming events click on

                              the above logo for all the information that you need.

towards the reception area                       up towards the chalets                              view as you arrive

                                                                                   breakfast time

            our wonderful waitress Beata                        the sound engineers                    not forgetting the always ready bar staff

and now the bands in the order of play, click on to the pictures for a short video clip



click on picture to activate video                                                                                                              click on picture to activate video
        Colin Kingswell's Jazz Bandits                                                  Dave Stradwick's Sussex Jazz Kings
                1st set Friday evening 9th February 2007                                   2nd set Friday evening 9th February 2007

    click on picture to activate video
                                                                     Bernard Stutt doing a superb version
                                                                         of         "In the Garden "

                                              Saturday gigs, lunch session and evening sessions

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click on picture to activate video

                                   Bob Dwyers Hot 7
                                                             12.30pm Saturday lunch time set 10th Feb 2007

click on picture to activate video

               The evenings and all sets are introduced by Roland Van Laere so click on to Roland's picture for video clip

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click on picture to activate video                                             click on picture to activate video                                         click on picture to activate video
                 Acker Bilk M.B.E.                              Kenny Ball & his Jazz men                 Phil Mason's New Orleans Allstars
           and his Paramount Jazz Band                                                                                    with Christine Tyrrell
        1st set Saturday eve 10th Feb 2007         2nd set Saturday eve 10th Feb 2007          3rd set Saturday eve 10th Feb 2007

                                 Wonderful stuff -  a night to remember, and now to Sunday's sessions

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click on picture to activate video                                            
  click on picture to activate video                                              click on picture to activate video
Gerry Brown's Mission Hall Jazz Band               Hugh Rainey Jazz Band                          John Maddock's Jazz Men
        12.30pm lunch set  11th Feb 2007           1st Set Sunday evening 11th Feb 2007      2nd Set Sunday evening 11th Feb 2007 

                       and now for the Brolly Parade and the jivers and dancers - great stuff - click on the pics for the action
                                                                         with the Hugh Rainey Jazz Band

click on picture to activate video                                                     click on picture to activate video 
             The Brolly Parade led by the Grand Marshall                                 The Jivers and the Dancers
                 himself Maurice  - incidentally he is the
                             birthday boy today

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                                                          and some pics of the young jazzers -
 Gentleman Jim with my sister Pat                 Stella having a ball                        Ken, Norma, Gaye and Terry
                 and my wife Eileen

                                                   The bands booked for next year are :

                  Humphrey Lyttelton & Tina May with Humphrey Lyttelton & his Band

                                        Alan Beechey's Bright Stars of Jazz

                                                 Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims

                                                 The Martinique Jazz band

                         Phil Mason's New Orleans all Stars with Christine Tyrrell

                                                  John Shillito's Select Six

                                                      Dart Valley Stompers

                                                   The Rae Brothers - TBC -

                                           Venture Away Jazz Weekend next year

        Friday 8th - Monday 11th February 2008 at Warner's Norton Grange Isle of Wight

                                     To book call Mark or Roger on 01305 750797

          or go to their website by clicking on their logo at the top of this page or just click here

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                           The Bear & Key Jazz Club, 50th Anniversary Reunion
            at St. Mary's Hall, Whitstable, Kent, 13th Jan 2007

                    What a great evening with the
    Bill Barnacle's Jazz Band and some old members of the Tishomingo
     Jazz Band (1957 - 1962), Dave Bone, Hal Jones, Eddie Goodwin
   Mo Hovery, Sean Maple, Roy Gaston-Williams, Brian Higenbottam
     and Doug Inkpen putting together the New Tishomingo Jazz Band.
      All made possible by the hard and dedicated work of Dave Bone

     so have a look at the photos and movies for the atmosphere of the evening. I might add
       the evening was a total sell out, it was rumoured that tickets were selling on e-bay for five
          times their value - well done Dave, and it's rumoured another evening, around
         Friday 26th October 2007 at the Marine Hotel, Tankerton , Whitstable, Kent.
                              click here for next year


The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band                                                    The New Tishomingo Jazz Band
                             Sean Maple tmb  Colin Hodges bass                         Dave Bone clt    Malcolm Walton tpt     Sean Maple tmb
                           Jimmy Tagford  drms    Bill Barnacle crt                                   Jimmy Tagford drms    Doug Inkpen bass
                             Pete Rose reeds   Ray Perkins piano                            Brian Higenbottam gtr   Roy Gaston-Williams piano



      The Engine Room - Tishomingo Jazz Band                       Mo Hovery - singing St James Infirmary
                     Jimmy Tagford drms   Roy Gaston-Williams piano
                     Doug Inkpen bass        Brian Higenbottam gtr

                                             Ron Woodward                                              
L/R      Ron Woodward   Hal Jones    Jim Davis
member of the Mo Hovery Jazzmen                                           Mo Hovery    Eddie Goodwin            



                                           The Tishomingo Jazz Band circa 1960 photo from the Dave Bone collection
                                    Two of these were not present at tonight's do - yes Bill Ambro and  Robin Walker
            from L/R  :  Bill Ambro, Brian Higenbottam, Jim Davis, Roy Gaston-Williams, Dave Bone, Mo Hovery and Robin Walker

                                                                 The fans from times past enjoying the nostalgia of the evening


                                         The Bill Barnacle Band              
                Bill's Band with a vocal                         Band with Hal Jones  talking                        
                                         opening up the evening                               from Colin and the fans                        us through Tishomingo Blues

                                     Jazz Band Ball and dancing                       dancing with The Tishomingo                    Mo singing St James Infirmary

                                    Bill Barnacle and Ray Perkins                   Colin vocalising on One Meat Ball                 continuing with One Meat Ball

                                                                     Pete Rose singing Dr Jazz                                                                                    
                                                     dancing by Mabby Philpott and Brian Chapman

                         Index Page   

                          and a thank you to Dave Bone and his wife who made this evening possible -  well done


    A great write up in our local rag The Whitstable Gazette by Mike Scott     www.kentonline.co.uk   Jan 18th 2007

                                        also click here to go to the New Tishomingo Jazz Band Story


                                                                                     Later on


                                              another cracking evening this time at the Marine Hotel

The New Tishomingo All Stars                    Roy Gaston-Williams and Phil Laslett                 Dave Bone, Ray Perkins, Mo Hovery
                                  band members:                                                                                                                                  and Phil Laslett
                   Malcolm Walton tpt, Dave Bone clt/ldr.
                 Martyn Rawbone tmb, Ray Perkins piano
                    Harry Cook bass, Phil Laslett drms
                         and Colin Higenbottam gtr


Bill Ambro, Roy Gaston-Williams and Mo Hovery



                                                Three Video clips of the lads so click on the pictures below to watch

                                  New Tishomingo All Stars As Lon As I Live              New Tishomingo All Stars Ostrich Walk              New Tishomingo All Stars  Struttin With Some Barbeque
                As Long As I Live                                                   Ostrich  Walk                                              Struttin With Some Barbeque


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