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                                 Here is a list of bands to book and clubs to visit so scroll down  and get the info etc.

                                                 CLUBS : adm charged                                                     PUBS: adm free

                                                 ROSE & CROWN, SELLING, FAVERSHAM            THE LORD HOOD, GREENWICH
                                                   THE GREYHOUND, MAIDSTONE          



                                                                             JAZZ at The George

Shalmsford Street, Chartham, Nr Canterbury,Kent, CT4 7RY

Every Thursday Commencing 6th March  with the Jazz Pilgrims
Featured Bands Include
Tuxedo Jazz Band              Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims     The Syncopators        Vocalion Jazz Band
 Real Ales                   Good Food


 Further details contact Gerry Birch

01233 812411 day  01227 732394 eve

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                                                             JAZZ  at the Lord Hood                                                                         



                                                        The Lord Hood, 300 Creek Road, Greenwich, London. SE10 9SW
                                                                                  020 8858 1836

Thursday Lunch at the Lord Hood with George Bridges Brunch Bunch -
                                                  a superb seven-piece  jazz orchestra is a must. 
                                                          -   resident    -    sitters-in welcome     -
                            Every Thursday  -  12.30pm - 3.00pm    -   adm is free   -   the food is just great

                                                             to view the Lord Hoods site click here

                 below are pictures  -  video movies  -  sound tracks - these were taken live 25th January 2007

            The Brunch Bunch with Eileen Ford               Val and Carol  and not forgetting Helen upstairs       The bar and basher Barry supping a pint


     The resident members of the Brunch Bunch

       Terry Sullivan           George Bridges      Nick Whelan            Brian Lawrence            Ernie Reid                Ian Etheridge         Chris Welch
             piano              double bass / leader        reeds                          banjo                         cornet                     trombone                  drums
                                                                                                                                                                                                       go to Chri's  Corner

                                                                        sound tracks: click on the title to hear

                                        but with George Murray on Washboard instead of Chris Welch

       Going Home        Please dont talk about me         Ace in the hole       Just a gigolo         You belong to me
       voc Ian Etheridge                 voc Eileen Ford                           voc Brian Lawrence          voc Ernie Reid              voc Brian Lawrence


                                               video movies: click on to the titles to see and hear video clips

                    Going Home                   Ace in the hole                    All of me                        Just a gigolo     


       Someday Sweetheart
         June Night   with special guest Adrian Cox         Jam Session at end
from the Mark of Ealing
photo/video collection

                                                                 The Skiffle playing the Blues

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                                                     The Greyhound, Wheeler St. Maidstone, Kent.
                                                         Sunday lunch 12.30pm - 3.30pm adm free
                            every other month - Jazz Pilgrims and Polygon Jazz Band - check the gig guide

                      Peter and Ron mine hosts                                                a selection of the followers of jazz
                                                                                                                    on the front table left to right
                                                                                                           John and Brenda - Spike - Bill and Avril

                         The Burt Butlers Jazz Pilgrims :
                                                Don York tmb,  Bernie Johnson bass,  Dave Ware tpt,
                                                                 John Cottis drms,  Dave Corsby reeds and Burtie Butler bnj.

                       Click on to the video and get a sample of the atmosphere - taken on the 28th Jan 2007



                                              Wabash Blues Click on Picture to play                                                Thats a Plenty Click on Picture to play
                                                 video 1                                                                 video 2
playing Wabash Blues                                                           playing Thats a plenty
                                              recorded 28th Jan 2007                                                          recorded 28th Jan 2007


                                             Up a Lazy River click on Picture to play                                                World is Waiting for the Sunrise click on pic to play
video 3                                                                     video 4
Up the Lazy River with our                                              World is Waiting for the Sunrise
                                             camera man John Hollands                                         Burtie showing of here with a key change
                                           singing along with Lyn Falvey                                        Bb - C than the band comes in - in Bb
                                        this was recorded 29th April 2007                                                 recorded 29th April 2007
                                  band the same but substitute Chris Rumsey
                              for Dave Corsby and Arthur Bird for Bernie Johnson

                                                                                      camera man John Hollands for the 4  videos 

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