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                      The Pete Rose Jazz Band Story 1978 - 1984

                Pete Rose, an ex Royal Marine musician, started his band in 1978 with some of his fellow musicians from the
                Royal Marines Band, Deal, Kent. The band progressed to a very entertaining seven piece - and due to heavy
                business commitments, Pete had to retire from running the band, and it became the Bill Barnacle Jazz Band in 1984.

                   The original band personnel are:
                   Jan Zawada trumpet, Dick Waterer trombone, Bob Simmonds piano, Neil Boxall bass and Jim Beechey drums.

                   other band members that followed are:

                                                        Cornet                                                               Bill Barnacle  
                                                        Baritone sax / clarinet                                   Dave Corsby
                                                        Trombone                                                         Ken Pyrke,   Phil Barnes
                                                         Banjo                                                                 Dave Bashford,  Burt Butler,   Chris Marney
                                                         Bass                                                                  Colin Hodges
                                                         Drums                                                               Graham Lennard , Jimmy Tagford

                    The band had two popular resident gigs - Wednesday eve at "The Foresters" on the Deal Sea front and
                    Friday eve at  "The White Horse" at   Finglesham, Kent - the band has toured Germany and appeared live
                    in "No 73" a children's  show in 1982 

                                'The Foresters'  The Marina, Deal, Kent  -  every Wednesday in the early 80's a great venue

                                             taken at the Foresters 1982                                                                                       Foresters  1983
                                Kenny Pyrke tmb, Burtie Butler bnj and Colin Hodges bass                          Chris Marney bnj, Colin Hodges bass
                                                                                                                                                     and the edge of Mike Fuller alto sax


The ' White Horse' Finglesham, Kent. (burnt down in the late 80's) another great venue for the
                              Pete Rose JB - every Friday in the early 80's  - they made their only recording there in 1981


                                                    picture taken on the evening of their recording on 2nd May 1981

                                        back row :
                                            Dave Bashford bnj, Graham Lennard drs, Pete Rose clt, Colin Hodges bass
                                                  front row:
                                                      Dave Corsby the saxes, Bill Barnacle cornet, Kenny Pyrke tmb

                                                                               The Pete Rose Jazz Band rec at the "White Horse"
                                                                                public House, Finglesham, Kent.  2nd May 1981

                                The band made an excellent LP the front cover was designed by Jason Pyrke and Eric Souster
                                         and produced by David Aylott and Desmond Carrington -  on Foldback Records FBJ 1849

               band members:
               Bill Barnacle cornet,    Kenny Pyrke trombone,    Pete Rose clarinet,      Dave Corsby sax/ clarinet
                                                                  Dave Bashford gtr/banjo,    Colin Hodges bass  and    Graham Lennard drums

               Side One
               Stevedore Stomp      Too Busy     The Fishsellar       La Mooch       Blues My Naughty Sweetie        Honeysuckle Rose

               Side two
               Hiawatha Rag                Robbin's Nest             The Sheikh of Araby          Creole Love Call          Mama Don't Allow
                                                                                                                                                                                           & signing off Rose Room 

                                                                   click on to above titles to get the full flavour of the lads
          Mama Don't Allow shows the total entertainment  value of the lads
                                                                                                                                                                          Burtie B

                                                                          Continental Hotel, Folkestone, Kent. 1982
                                                                    Graham Lennard drs, Bill Barnacle cnt, Burtie Butler bnj, (Bunny),
                                                                                                                             Colin Hodges bas and Pete Rose clt.

                                                       The Pete Rose Jazz band with guest George Chisholm at the Whitstable Playhouse 1983
                                                       Band members L/R
                                                 Kenny Pyrke tmb, Graham Lennard drns, Bill Barnacle crnt, Colin Hodges bass,
                                                                                        George Chisholm tmb, Dave Bashford gtr/bnj and Pete Rose clarinet.


                       Video's of The Pete Rose Band in Rheda, Germany 1982
                                           click on Pictures/titles to play

                               Mama Dont Allow                                             Down By The Riverside                                               Ice Cream

                                             Shine                                                  Sleepy  Time Down South                                           Sheik Of Araby

                                    Shiek of Araby on Youtube
                                                                                                            Auf Weidersehn

                                      Pete Rose Band in Rheda Germany 1982 video's great stuff with the Germans showing great appreciation
                               Band Members:
                               Bill Barnacle cornet, Kenny Pryke tmb, Pete Rose clt/ldr, Burt Butler bnj, Colin Hodges bass and Graham Lennard drms


                     Video of The Pete Rose Band on 'Coast To Coast', Dover, Kent. 1982

                                                                                          Coast To Coast, Southern Television 1982

                                Band Members:
                               Bill Barnacle cornet, Kenny Pryke tmb, Pete Rose clt/ldr, Burt Butler bnj, Colin Hodges bass and Jimmy Tagford drms


                  Video's of The Pete Rose Band in Folkestone High Street, Kent. 1982

                                Beale Street Blues                                            Bei Mir Bist Du Schön                                      Limehouse Blues


                                             Weary Blues                                                                 Silver Dollar

                                                                                                                                           Silver Dollar on Youtube

                                    Great video of the lads playing in Folkestone High Street, Folkestone, Kent - click on picture or titles to watch

                               Band Members:
                              Tom Brady trumpet, Kenny Pryke tmb, Pete Rose clt/ldr, Burt Butler bnj, Colin Hodges bass and Graham Lennard drms


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