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                                                                                       The Muskrat Ramblers

                                 How it began.......
                                                     A Toolmaker, badge maker, instrument maker, saddler, chef, train driver and a military man got together in a Sussex pub early
                                                     in 2006. This was no retirement party but a serious discussion about forming a new band that could play good swinging jazz. All
                                                     of them had spent most of their lives working hard to raise families and pay mortgages, and in their spare time playing in various
                                                     jazz bands.
                                                                 In fact they had become very good jazzers and were keen to work together in a new band. Rehearsals started immediately
                                                    and resulted in a really exciting and enthusiastic band. This was the beginning of the Muskrat Ramblers.
                                                                 They now play regularly on the jazz club circuit and are resident at the Hassocks Hotel, Sussex on the second Tuesday of
                                                    the month.
                                                                  The Muskrat Ramblers follow the tradition of the New Orleans bands playing the music of the people, by the people and for
                                                    the people and have kept the tradition in mind on this CD.
                                                                  On a cold damp evening in March 2008 they turned Clair Hall in Haywards Heath, into a recording studio with cables,
                                                    microphones, chord books and pints of beer all over the place. The result was this CD, hope byou enjoy it.



                                                                                                   1   Canal Street Blues
                                                                                                   2   I Get The Blues When It Rains

                                                                                                   3   Just A Closer Walk With Thee 
                                                                                                   4   Wild Cat Blues
                                                                                                   5   Wolverine Blues
                                                                                                   6   Old Fashioned Love
                                                                                                   7   Maggie
                                                                                                   8   Working Man Blues
                                                                                                   9   When I Grow To Old To Dream
                                                                                                  10  Bourbon Street Parade
                                                                                                  11  Petite Fleur
                                                                                                  12  Savoy Blues
                                                                                                  13  Marching Through Georgia
                                                                                                  14  Doctor Jazz

                                                                                                  click on the blue titles to listen


                                                          Band members:

                                                          Bill Phelan - tpt /flugalbone              Mike Mounter - trumpet               Ron Westcott - trombone                 Alan Cresswell - clarinet

                                                                               Jim Lewis - bnj / gtr / vcl                        John Frucht - bass                          Paul Norman - drums

                                                       and to book this band or buy the above CD contact:

                                                      Bill Phelan, Good Time Jazz Promotions,      phone 01444 241603        email   williamphelan@btinternet.com   


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                                                                                                                                    George's Regis Jazz Band

                                                      The 'George’s Regis Jazz Band' has now been active in the Chichester area for 20 years
                                                                                                                                       and enjoying their 20th birthday this year!





                                                                                 Band members are:

                                                                          Peter Leonard tpt, Edwin 'Boots' Baker tmb,  Eddie Brockwell clt,  Jim Heath bnj,  Eddie Cooper Bass and George Bennett drms / leader

                                                                                                                                               here are four tracks from their recent CD

                                                                               Im Beginning to See The Light            When I Grow To Old To Dream              At The Jazz Band Ball             Go Down To New Orleans
                                                                                                                                             Recorded Live at The Emsworth Community Centre, Nr Chichester, West Sussex

                                                           All enquires / bookings contact George on 01243 781430   or visit their website:        www.georgesregisjazzband.com  


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                                                                                                                   Sams First and Last Jazz Club Band  ( 1987 ish )


The First and Last, Herne, Kent. 2010

                                                                                                Sam took over the running of the First and Last Jazz Club after the Invicta Jazz Band left - these are recordings
                                                                                                from two sessions recorded in December 1987. Two slightly different line ups but excellent jazz

                                                                                                first set of recordings:

                                                                                            Please Dont Talk About Me When Ive Gone           Travelling Blues       Louisiana - I - a          After Youve Gone Away     

                                                                                           Roy King tpt, Tony Cardwell tmb, Roy Mason clt, Dave Bashford bnj, Bernie Johnson bass and Graham Lennard  drms
                                                                                           and Lyn Falvey on vocals   -   and some great scat singing with Roy and Lyn on After Youve Gone

                                                                                           second set recordings:

                                                                                              Everybody Loves My Baby                        Beale Street Blues                                Old Miss Rag

                                                                                            Tom Brady tpt,  Tony Cardwell tmb,  Roy Mason clt,   Pete Gresham  piano,  Bernie Johnson bass  and  Graham Lennard drms
                                                                                             and some excellent piano playing by Pete Gresham

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                                     The Freddie Carter Band       (1959 - 1964)


              The Freddie Carter Band was formerly the 'Fred Cogger's Jazzmen' (1958 /1959)  as Fred was trying to refresh the band's image.
           so the name changed, here are details of the band from Clive Brooks 'Trad mad' book:

           Roger Ely (tpt), Fred Cogger (alt/ten/ldr), Dave Chandler (tmb), Mick Durell (piano), Gus Warner (bass), Jim hall (drms)
                                                Trombone;   Dave Margaroni, Kenny Pyrke
                                                Piano;         Cedric Knight, Brian Jones; Steve Osborn
                                                Bass;          Mick Durell, Ray Manning
                                                drums;        Dick Gunner

              Here are 12 photos of the band at the old Maidstone Jazz Club, which ran from 1963 to 1964 at the Royal Star Hotel from
              Steve Osborn, resident pianist at the time:

Chris Featherstone                                  Dave Margaroni                            Dave Margaroni, Fred Cogger,
                                                                                                                                                 Roger Ely, Jim Hall


Jim Cogger                                    Jim Cogger, Mike Betts, Steve Osborn, Roger Ely, Dave Margaroni.


Jim Hall                                                                    Jim Hall, Steve Osborn

                                     Mick Betts                                          Steve Osborn                                       Steve Osborn 


Roger Ely, Chris Featherstone, Mick Betts



                                                                                    Kent Messenger 7th June 1963


                             press cutting and two photos of the Hayton Manor recording session. The date was 29th May 1963

                  Personnel were Roger Ely (tpt), Freddie Carter (Cogger) (ts), Jim Hall (tb), Steve Osborn (pno), Ray Mannering (bs), Mike Betts (dms).

                                                                                                                                                              all photos from the Steve Osborn Collection




                                                                     A great recording click on to the titles to listen to the tracks

                                     1. In A Mellotone         2. Summertime        3. After Supper          4. Airmail Special




                                                                                                 Jim Hall       1945 - 2012        

                                           Sadly Jim  passed away, August 2012 - but the lads gave him a great send off on
                               Sunday 2nd Dec 2012 at the Linton Village Hall, Maidstone, Kent

                                          click on the titles to watch the lads at his funeral bash

                                                                        All of Me                                                                  Autumn Leaves  

                                          Dave Hill tpt,      Fred Cogger saxes                                Jack Long piano, Clive Norris bass
                                        Steve Osborn piano, Clive Norris bass                                        and  Vince Clarke drms   
                                       Dave Parker gtr and  Vince Clarke drms


                                                          Bag's Groove                                                             Times a Wastin

                                         Cedric Knight piano, Fred Cogger saxes                          Dave Hill tpt,      Fred Cogger saxes                    
                                            Clive Norris bass, Dave Parker gtr                              Steve Osborn piano, Clive Norris bass
                                                 and  Vince Clarke drms                                        Dave Parker gtr  and  Vince Clarke drms




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                                                                        Creole Jazz



                                                         Band members L/R:

                                Tony Cardwell tmb, Roger Hooper sousa, Geoff Collins drms/ldr, Dave Link tpt,
                                                                 Colin Martin piano and Terry Giles reeds

                                                   to contact this great outfit ring Geoff on:       01424 435844
                                                                                                  email  creolejazz2003@yahoo.com

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                                                The Oscar Theobald Quartet     ( late 50's )

                            Ted Theobald (clt), Steve Osborn (pno), Jim Newell (gtr), and Pete Mousedale (dms).


Ted Theobald (clt), Steve Osborn (pno)                          Steve Osborn (pno), Jim Newell (gtr)
         performing at the Chance Inn, Guston , Nr Dover Kent

                                                                                   all photos from the Steve Osborn Collection

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                                        The Colerose 5 + 1

               playing at The Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent.       playing       Foo Birds    click to play


                          band personnel:  Pete Rose clt/sax, Bill Jones tmb, George Reid saxs, Colin Hodges bass,
                                                                                                   Ray Perkins piano, Jimmy Tagford drms


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                                                       The Expedient Brass band



                                             band members:

                                         Roy Martin bass drum,  Roger Hooper sousa,  Chris Hunt cornet,  Jim Pearce tpt

                                         Roland Hopkins sax,  Dave Hopkins drms,  Josh Reynolds clt and Henry Law Sax


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