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                Grahame Humphreys Jazz Band             New Tishomingo Jazz Band       Medway Delta Jazz Band


                     The Grahame Humphreys Jazz Band 1984
                                    on tour South France  12th July - 5th August

           It was a great pub on the South Circular Road in London and depping in the Grahame Humphreys Jazz Band,

             I was asked if I would like to do a small tour of the South Of France with the band.  Naturally. I jumped at the

             chance, asking my wife to be if she could come, off on tour we went. Here are some great photos and videos

            that Eileen took of the lads. We first went to a campsite near Chalain, a concert at Salle de Fete, than off to

            Salins-les-Bains where we played at The Lido Hotel. And finally playing at the Lido Hotel and a nightclub

            Cala Gogo - all in all a great and fun three weeks to have in ones life.         Burtie Butler

                   Band members:

                   Grahame Humphreys          Mike Summers                Guy Babinet                            Chris Yelf

                                          Here are the lads on You Tube playing Dippermouth Blues


                                                            Burtie Butler                       Derek (Del) Smith

                                         click on the pictures below to a feel of the tour and atmosphere

                                       Isle Of Capri                                                  Original Dixie Land One-step
                 somewhere near Chalain                                                                  Hotel Lido

                                                                                           click on pics or title for video            

                                    April Showers                                                           Aint She Sweet
   Hotel Lagune Argeles                                                                   Hotel Lagune Argeles

                                                                                           click on pics or title for video

                                     Old Man Mose                                                          Coffee Grinder
 Hotel Lagune Argeles                                                           having a blow at the campsite

                                                                                            click on pics or title  for video

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                                                                                    The Medway Delta Jazz Band   

                                         This band was formed in 1966 - 1979     original band members were:

                           Dave Link  tpt/ldr     Norman Halliday clt   Bob Boorman tmb   Eric Webster bnj/gtr  Roger Link bass and Pete Stevens drms


                         These are the original members playing at the London Tavern, Maidstone - late 60's early 70's

                                       The band had some changes in the personnel as you will see in some of the following photos


                                                                This photo taken at the RAFA Club Chatham - 70's   band members L/R

                                             Barry Weston tmb     Roger Link bass    Dave Link  tpt   Cyril Foukes  drms

                                                                                    Randy Colville clt     Eric Webster bnj/gtr    and     Allan Bradley piano  




                                  Sadly the demise of 'Jazz at the Continetal'  Whitstable - March 1972. Licensee Mr Wilfred Crispin, said lack of

                                             support has led to the decision to finish after only two months  -  band members L/R

                           Roger Link bass   John Finch tmb   Dave Link tpt   Pete Stevens drms   Burtie Butler bnj  and  Ian Turner clt




                       The above three photos were taken in the mid 70's at 'The Plough Inn' Lewson Street Nr Sittingbourne Kent.

                       The band played there every Friday evening as seen in pics John Finch tmb     Dave Link tpt      Roger Link bass

                                   Ian Turner clt    Pete Stevens drms and out of picture  Eric Webster  bnj  and Allan Bradley piano




                           The above picture was taken at the Plough Inn Lewson Street April 1972

                      L/R  Norman Halliday, Dave Link, Roger Link, Burtie Butler and Snowdrop - does anybody know

                      his real name - could it be Edwin 'Boots' Baker ????

                      from Marcia Links photo collection - Dave Links widow




                      The Medway Delta Jazz band at the London Tavern, Maidstone - not the Alec Webster band !!!

                      band members:
                      Brian Boorman tbn, Roger Link bass, Dave Link tpt, Pete Stevens drms,
                                                 Norman Halliday clt and Eric Webster bnj.



                                                         A wonderful cartoon of the MDJB - artist unknown





                                   These two photos taken at 'The Ship Inn' Ospringe, Faversham  circa late 70's   band personnel in pics   L/R

                                           Roy Williams tmb   Dave Link tpt    Cyril Foukes drms   Ray Smith tenor sax  Roger Link bass  

                                                                            Roy Mason  clt  and out of pic Eric Webster Bnj

                                 and then the 'Medway Delta Revival Band '  was formed    1999 - 2000

                         The original band members were    John Finch tmb     Dave Link tpt      Roger Link bass   Ian Turner clt   

                                                              John Ellmer drms and       out  Eric Webster  bnj       

                                                           These were taken at the 'Swingate Inn' Dover, Kent   -  late 90's


                                                              Roger Link bass                                       Pete Stevens drms



                           The New Tishomingo Jazz Band

                                               second time around  2007 -


                 Way back in 1957, six schoolboys formed  a Traditional Jazz band to play New Orleans-based music, popularised by
                 the bands of Chris Barber and Ken Colyer in the UK, and George Lewis in the USA. A name was agreed, after a tune
                 called Tishomingo Blues.  Soon, a local Jazz Club was opened at the rear of the Bear & Key Hotel in Whitstable, and
                 regular weekly sessions were held for the next 5 years. Most Kent towns had a Jazz Club, and it was accepted that individual
                 bands would perform at these other venues from time to time. But as teenage culture changed in favour of Pop music,
                 some “Tish” members moved on to pastures new, and the Bear & Key club closed. In 2007, fifty years after the first band
                 was formed, a Reunion party was held in St. Mary’s Hall, Whitstable, attended by 150 guests, with Bill Barnacle’s Jazzband
                 providing the music. On hand were Dave Bone, Sean Maple, Roy Gaston, Doug Inkpen and Brian Higenbottam. All had
                 played in various Tishomingo combinations, so with local trumpeter Malcolm on lead, this miscellany played an interval set,
                with Hal Jones providing spoken lyrics to the signature Tishomingo Blues. The response was so enthusiastic, that leader
                Dave Bone felt that it was perhaps time to reform the “Tish”, so five of the best local “jazzers” were recruited, and the new
                band opened at the Bun Penny pub in Herne Bay on March 16th, 2007, to play once a month. Other residencies followed
                at the Riverside Restaurant, Canterbury, and the Office Bar in Folkestone until the band settled in a Whitstable venue, the
                Stables Bar of the Duke of Cumberland, a stone’s throw from the original Bear & Key Hotel!  Sessions ran until July, when
                the venue changed to the Cellar Bar of the Marine Hotel in Tankerton, where fans were entertained at monthly Club Nights
                until December, 2010.



                                                                Taken at the Louis Armstrong Sunday 25th January 2009
                                                  L/R Dave Bone clt/leader, Harry Cook bass, Jimmy Tagford drs, Jackie Bowles,
                                                            Martyn Rawbone tmb, Malcolm Walton tpt and Ray Perkins piano.

                                Taken at the Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent                                and a private venue at the Golf Club, Whitstable, Kent.

                                                        Dave Bone clarinet, Malcolm Walton trumpet and Martyn Rawbone trombone.        


                                                                        The new venue in Herne Bay March 2007


                                               In the local Rag - in thephoto its Sean Maple on trombone



                   The Tish have released a new CD recorded at the New Eden Studio, St Edmund's Catholic School,
                Dover, Kent.   rec on the 22nd February 2011 - to purchase this CD or to book the New Tishomingo Band

                                          contact the management:
                                         Dave Bone on 01304 830 966  or mobile  07518 051 991

             here are three tracks from the CD to listen to

                                               Ostrich Walk             Black Bottom           Monochrome       



                                 Also see the lads in video at their Bear and Key Jazzclub Reunion 2
                                                        at the Marine Hotel, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent. 26th Oct 2007

                      New Tishomingo All Stars As Lon As I Live                New Tishomingo All Stars Ostrich Walk              New Tishomingo All Stars  Struttin With Some Barbeque
                                       As Long As I Live                                                          Ostrich  Walk                                                Struttin With Some Barbeque

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