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                                                   1983   30th July

                         George Chisholm with Pete Rose Jazz Band


                           Kenny Pyrke tmb, Graham Lennard drms, Bill Barnacle crnt, Colin Hodges bass,

                                              George Chisholm tnb, Dave Bashford bnj/gtr and Pete Rose clt.                                                                   

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                                                                                                      1984 28th July
                        George Chisholm with Bill Barnacle's Jazz Band


                 Kenny Pyrke tmb, Bill Barnacle crnt, Jimmy Tagford drms, George Chisholm tnb,

                                                                             Colin Hodges bass, Randy Colville clt and Chris Marney bnj






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                                                                       1985 27th July

                     Humphrey Lyttelton with the Invicta Jazzband


The Invicta Jazzband with special guest Humphrey Lyttelton

These two tracks were recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, in Whitstable, Kent on the 27th July 1985
                                 the first track being 'Snake Rag' with Nigel Pitt and Humph doing some great cornet and trumpet, the
                                 second track 'At the Jazzband Ball'  brings a bit of humour into the equation with the band not quite
                                getting the dog-leg right and Humph explaining it away in his usual of the cuff humour.

                               Band members from left to right in the photo:          Lyn Falvey                    vocals
                                                                                                                    Phil Barnes                   trombone and introduction's
                                                                                                                                                           and sadly no longer  with  us
                                                                                                                     Burtie Butler                banjo
                                                                                                                    Nigel Pitt                      cornet
                                                                                                                    Humphrey  Lyttelton    trumpet & clarinet
                                                                                                                   John Cottis                    drums
                                                                                                                   Pete Rose                       clarinet
                                                                                                                  Humphrey Mayes           double bass
                                                                                                                                                          and sadly no longer with us
Jonathan Vinten               piano,

                                                               to hear the tracks just click on to the required title that is underlined:
                                                                                                                Snake Rag
                                                                                                       At the Jazzband Ball

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                                                        1986  1st August

              Pat Halcox and John Croker with the Invicta Jazzband

ontinuing with the memorable guests, our next celebrity guests were Pat Halcox  and
                 John Crocker at the Whitstable Playhouse on the Friday 1st August 1986 the 'Jazz on a
                 Summer Night', which coincided with Whitstable Oyster Week, and at the start of Bourbon

                 Street,  Pat is heard to say "Where can you get a cuppa tea in Whitstable between 5.30pm

                and 7pm?"  - well if Pat came to Whitstable now in 2007, things have mightily changed . . .

                so click on to the titles and go back a few years to relive the evening.

              1986 Pat Halcox and John Crocker with the Invicta Jazz Band   1986 Pat Halcox and Dave Link    1986 Pete Rose and John Crocker

            The Band Members:                                                                                                Pat and Dave                                 Pete and John
           Burtie Butler bnj, Kenny Pyrke tmb, John Cottis drms, Roger Link bass,
                       Dave Link tpt, Pete Rose clt and John Crocker clt.

                       Royal Garden Blues                  Bourbon Street Parade                   Sheik of Araby
                            introduction from Pete Rose                      Pat Halcox vocal and the whole                          Our final number
                            a bit lengthy but it shows Pete's                band joining in - and the standing
                           sense of humour and the fun                       ovation.
                            on the night - just great  

                                                                                      So click on to the above titles to hear

                  1986 John Cottis and John Crocker                 1986 Kenny Pyrke, Dave Link, Pat Halcox and Roger Link

                                      John and John                                                    Kenny Pyrke tmb, Dave Link tpt, Pat Halcox and Roger Link doublr bass
Dave Link and Kenny Pyrke are sadly no longer with us 2007 

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                                                                        1989  29th July     

                                        Alan Elsdon with the Invicta Jazzband

                               our next celebrity guest is Alan Elsdon, who was  our guest at our -
                 'Jazz on a Summer Night' at the Whitstable Playhouse - Saturday 29th July 1989



                 L/R:  Burtie Butler bnj, Kenny Perke tmb, Roy Mason reeds, Alan Elsdon tpt, Dave Link tpt,

                                       Mike Porter-Ward bass and John Cottis drums.

                                  click on below to hear Alan chat and his superb  playing:

                                China Boy           Butter and Egg Man            Margie                  That's a Plenty



                                The Band on Stage                                    and our lovely audience in the bar

                                       I Want a Little Girl               Marie              Up The Lazy River

                                                                          I Cant Get Started



                                   Mike Scott finishing of the evening with the chat etc and the last no


                                     Sadly Mike is no longer with us passed away in February 2018

                                                                                 Dr. Jazz Stomp

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                                                                31st July 1993

              Colin Bowden and Hugh Rainey with Burt Butlers Jazz Hazzlers

                     A great evening at the Playhouse with Hugh and Colin a full House and click on to the titles to hear the lads



                                                      A normally unseen photo from the bands point of view and angle


                                      Musicians Lft / Rgt:

                                   Burtie Butler bnj, Hugh Rainey bnj, Robin Beames drms, Tony Cardwell tmb, Colin Bowden drms,

                                      Malcolm Walton tpt, Bernie Johnson bass, Mike Scott washboard and Jim Searson clt.

                                                                             Write up in the Whitstable Times


                                                                            Write up in the Kent Messenger


              I Wonder Who's Kissing her Now    -   vocal Jim Searson     

              Louisiana-I-a                                  -   vocal Jim Searson

              Buddy's Habit     with a bit of information of the tune from Malclom Walton and some additional infon from Jim Searson

              George Gershwin  melody from Hugh Rainey with Colin Bowden and Bernie Johnson

              Shine            with Burtie and Mike Scott joining the band

              Thats A Plenty     with Robin making the band into a nine piece orchestra with loads of drumming

             Thats A Plenty   

               so click on to the Tune titles for a great feel of the evening as all jazz concerts are - great fun and great jazz


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                                                                21st July 1996

                        Terry Lightfoot with Burt Butlers Jazz Hasslers


                                   The lads enjoying an interval drink at the Ship Centurion - Left / right

              John Cottis, Roger Link, Malcolm Walton, Burtie Butler, Jim Searson, Terry Lightfoot and Tony Cardwell


               Tony Cardwell tmb, Burtie Butler bnj, Jim Searson clt, Malcolm Walton tpt, John Cottis drms

                                       Terry Lightfoot clt, Roger Link bass and mine host and organiser Mike Scott wash/brd

                                                                  The program as signed by Terry

                                                                               Whitstable Times


                       Maryland My Maryland              I Cant Escape from You           Old Fashioned Love


             You Always Hurt The One You Love    Terry Lightfoot voc                 Someday You'll be Sorry  Jim Searson voc

                                              Two Clarinet feature with Terry and Jim on I Cant escape from you

                                                       click on the above titles to here the lads at the concert

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