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                                                                        BRIEF HISTORY


            The Band, Doctor Jazz, was formed out of the original Terry Treagus Jazz Sounds. Terry’s Band
            originated in the 1950’s at the Medway College of Art and three members of that first Band, Terry
            Treagus, Keith Blundell and Bill Stotesbury, regrouped in 1972, joined by Alan Robinson, Colin
            Martin and Ralph Hayward. Weekly sessions started at The New Ash Tree,
Gillingham. In November
           1973 the residency at The Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh started and in 2008 the Band celebrated a
           35 year run, broken only by a 3 months period when one of the ‘landlords’ locked himself in (and
           everyone else out) following a dispute over finances with the owners.


                                                 TERRY TREAGUS JAZZMEN (1954-1958)


                                     The Jazzmen played at numerous College functions. From left to right are:
                                               Tony Richards (clt), Terry Treagus (crt), Keith Blundell (tbn),
                                            Dave Ross (dms), Mick Wallis (wshbd) and Bill Stotesbury (bjo).



                                     The Terry Treagus Jazzmen played in several emerging Jazz Clubs in
                                    Maidstone in the 1950’s most notably at Highfield House where they were
                                    the first resident Saturday evening Band.

                                      Tony Richards, Terry Treagus and Keith Blundell at Highfield House.


                                 In the years following 1958, after the break up of The Terry Treagus Jazzmen,
                                 most of the band went their different ways, starting working careers, marrying
                                 and starting families. Not many carried on playing.


                                         THE TERRY TREAGUS JAZZ SOUNDS (1972-1978)

                                       After 14 years ‘layoff’ Terry and Keith came together again through their work
                                as architects and the old jazz bug bit again when they contacted Bill with an idea
                                to form another band.
                                                Two young musicians, Alan Robinson and Colin Martin, joined them and,
                                after a short period with Dave Straker on sousaphone, Ralph Hayward, who had
                                been playing string bass with Tony Pink, joined to make up the band. For some
                                time the band did not have a drummer, initially because of scarcity, later from choice.

                                                                             THE LONG RESIDENCY

                                The Terry Treagus Jazz Sounds started with regular Wednesday evenings at
                                The Old Ash Tree, Gillingham. Bill Stotesbury used to work a milk round alongside
                                 his Graphic Design Practice and in1973, while collecting milk money from the
                                 landlord of The Duke of Wellington at Ryarsh, they discussed the band and the
                                 landlord decided to give it a trial on Thursday evenings.


                                            Alan Robinson (clarinet) Keith Blundell (trombone) Bill Stotesbury (banjo)
                                  Colin Martin (piano) Terry Treagus (trumpet/leader) Ralph Hayward (bass)
                                                               Barry Fisher vocals and Jill Martin vocals
click here for the Jill Martin now Jill Grant story

                                       Other jazz musicians who played as deps with the band during those
                                       early years at the Duke of Wellington included:

                                                      Dave Straker and John Morphew on sousaphone
                                    Robin Beams, Pete Lay on drums and George Murray on washboard
                                               Eric Webster, Nobby Willett and Alan Bundy on banjo
                                                Humph Mayes, Dave Gray and Barnie Smith on bass
                                                              Allan ‘Lord Arsenal’ Bradley on piano


                                  The style of the Terry Treagus Jazz Sounds was fairly strictly ‘New Orleans’.
                                  Terry knew exactly what sound he wanted and the repertoire was very much
                                  of that genre. Colin Martin still uses the original chord book which includes
                                  programmes set out by Terry for some of the more notable gigs.


                                                              DOCTOR JAZZ (1978 - still going)

                                   In 1978 Terry Treagus stopped playing and left the Band which was then
                                   joined by Dave Kedge on trumpet, cornet and flugel horn. Dave had been
                                   with The Thameside Stompers since 1975 and had been the regular dep
                                   for Terry, he was the obvious replacement. The band needed a new name
                                   and, following an ill-fated tour of Germany, where playing in a Dusseldorf
                                  Jazz Club called Doctor Jazz kept our finances and spirits going, there was
                                  the inspiration for the band name. It was at this time that the familiar logo also
                                  came into use.

                              Doctor Jazz at the Rye Jazz Festival - Rye September 1979

                       Taken outside Papa Joes Restaurant 1979 - how young they all look             The front cover of the programme for the festival
                     Dave Kedge tpt Jill Martin voc, Colin Martin piano, Alan Robinson clt,
                 John Morphew brass bass, Keith Blundell tmb and Eric Webster bnj (hidden)

                                                                 The write up of  'Doctor Jazz' in the 1979 Rye Jazz festival programme


                                                              here are the lads in the first jazz in a church with bar - I might add -

                                                        Stone in Oxney - mid 80's - from the Bruce Bauer collection -  band members are:
                      Dave Kedge
cornet, Alan Robinson clarinet/vocal, Keith Blundell trombone, Colin Martin piano
                                             Eric Webster
banjo, Fred Hoare bass and Bert Logronio drums

                                Bill Stotesbury spent several years with Ken Colyer’s Band and
                                Doctor Jazz was joined, firstly by Nobby Willett and then by Eric Webster on banjo
                                and Fred Hoare took over on string bass after Ralph Hayward moved away to
                                Devon. The band continued for some time without a permanent drummer until
                                Bert Logronio was introduced to us by his father-in-law. Bert had been a Rock
                                and Pop drummer in the nightclubs of
Hong Kong and Singapore, had met and
                                married an English girl and came to
                                                   In the 1960’s Graham Buttenshaw played clarinet and saxaphone
                               professionally for a couple of years with the Rod Foster Band from Northern
                               Ireland and toured the ‘A’ Circuit alongside the Barber, Ball, Bilk and Lightfoot
                               bands. Following the demise of many Jazz Clubs and Concert Tours the Rod
                               Foster Band returned to Ireland and Graham joined the Thames City Jazzmen
                               until he founded a
London advertising agency in 1967, and played no more jazz
                               for 16 years. In 1983 he was persuaded to sit in with the band Jazz Music run by
                               Janet Francis, sister of Doctor Jazz’s Colin Martin. In 1988 Alan Robinson left
                               Doctor Jazz to move north and Graham, after being ‘dep’ on a couple of gigs,
                               found himself the regular stand in on Thursday evenings at the Duke of Wellington.
                               Four years later, following a meeting of the band, Graham was told they would like
                               him to join them permanently.
                                                   Eric Webster left the band to take up a more professional role on
                               banjo and was replaced by Nobby Willett.. Following Ken’s death Bill Stotesbury
                               ran the Ken Colyer Trust and the Trust Band for some time, but eventually returned
                               to Doctor Jazz where he continues to share the banjo role with Nobby Willett.
                                                   Fred Hoare’s health was deteriorating and, when he decided to retire
                               in 1993, the band was joined by Terry Sullivan, a regular follower and occasional
                               singer with the band. Terry initially used Fred’s old string bass, but later changed
                               over to electric bass.
                                                   Don York is a regular trombonist with the band, deputising for Keith
                               Blundell and, over the past 16 years, the pair have featured in trombone duets
                               during many Thursday evening sessions. Don was trombonist with the Crescent
                               City Jazzmen, Johnny Martin’s Jazzmen and George Wooding’s Jazzmen through
                               the 1950’s, with Tony Pink’s Jazzmen from 1957 to 1979 and the Thameside
                               Stompers from 1975 to 2000, where he played alongside Dave Kedge.
                                                  The regular singer with Doctor Jazz, especially on gigs, is Lyn Falvey,
                               who always brings a touch of class to the proceedings with her unique, powerful
                               style and wide ranging repertoire

                                                  Bert Logronio died tragically and suddenly in 2005. Alberto Encarnacion
                              Logronio’s gravestone bears the inscription “Born a Filipino, Died an Englishman,
                              Drummed his way to Glory”. The band was then joined by John Cottis on drums.


                                                            Cassette Art Work                                The Crown, Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent  2010
                                 Doctor Jazz recorded two tapes in the 80's this is the first one recorded
                                    at 'The Crown' Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent on the 25th October 1985

                 band personnel:
                 Dave Kedge
cornet, Alan Robinson clarinet/vocal, Keith Blundell trombone, Colin Martin piano
                                      Eric Webster
banjo, Fred Hoare bass and Bert Logronio drums

                     Hiawatha Rag               All The Girls Go Crazy                  Mabels Dream                    The Fish Seller

                                                                   St Louis Blues                         Riverboat Shuffle

                                                                 click onto above titles from the tracks on the tape to listen


       Cassette Art Work                                          The Village Hall, Shoreham, Kent.  2010


                       This is the Second one recorded at The Village hall, Shoreham, Kent on the 15th March 1986

                  band personnel:
                  Dave Kedge
cornet, Alan Robinson clarinet/vocal, Keith Blundell trombone, Colin Martin piano
                                      Eric Webster
banjo, Fred Hoare bass and Bert Logronio drums  

   Travelling Blues            Nobody's Sweetheart Now             Sarratoga Swing           Honeysuckle Rose

                                                    Burgundy Sreet Blues                                        Bei Mir Bist Du Schon



                              The ‘deps’ list of Jazz Musicians who have helped Doctor Jazz over the past three
                              decades reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Kent Jazzmen.
                                        It is sincerely hoped that, in the following list, no-one has been missed.

                                   Dave Link (cornet) Mick Stansell (trumpet) Tom Brady (trumpet/vocals)
                             Tony O’Sullivan (trumpet) Malcolm Walton (trumpet) and Roger Ely (trumpet) 
                                            Pete Curtis (clarinet) Dave Stone (clarinet/soprano sax)  
                                            Terry Giles (clarinet/saxophones) Dennis Lear (clarinet)
                                     Eric Webster, Burt Butler, Alan Bundy and Andy Maynard (banjo)
                                                        Ian Rogers (bass) Chris Yelf (brass bass)
                                            Ronnie Hoare, Mike Jefferson and Jonathan Vinton (piano)
                      Robin Beams, Graham Rogers, Miles Wilson, Laurie Palmer and  John Elmer (drums)
                                                        Viv Rogers (singer) and Peter Baker (singer).



                                                                     The Duke of Wellington Ryarsh

                                         to contact the website of the Duke of Welligton    click here 

                      The present house was built in the reign of Henry VIII but the original, an old chapel,
                      dated back to the days of William the Conqueror. The beer house was originally named
                      the 'Cock and Coney', then between 1815 and 1818 the 'Wellington' to honour the Duke's
                      victory at Waterloo, and thereafter the present name.
                      It also featured in the Whitbread Innsigns, No 28 of the second series issued in 1950
                      as the picture below:




                        From a watercolour by visiting Australian artist Brian Harris, a relative of a friend
                                  of Colin Martin’s. He trained as an architect and went to Oz in 1966 where he is
                                  a well established water colourist of marine subjects.


                 Below are movie clips of Dr Jazz's 19th Anniversary at the 'Duke of Wellington'  Ryarsh
                                               19th November 1992 - also a great feel of the atmosphere

                                                                                   The band:

                                 Dave Kedge      cornet                          Graham Buttonshaw     clarinet/alto sax
                                 Keith Blundell 
trombone                    Colin Martin    piano
                                 Nobby Willett 
banjo                           Bert Logronio  drums
                                                                Fred Hoare  
electric bass

                                         with guests: Ronnie Hoare on piano track 1        and Terry Sullivan vocalising on track 2

                                                                                           click on pictures to watch


Running Wild                                   2    After Youv'e Gone

                                                  with Ronnie Hoare on Piano                                                   vocal : Terry Sullivan


3    Saratoga Swing                                              4     Dr Jazz 

                                                                                                                      vocal :  Don York


                                                                           THE CURRENT BAND

Dave Kedge                     Graham Buttenshaw                     Keith Blundell
Cornet and Flugelhorn                     Clarinet and Alto Sax                                Trombone


                                                    Colin Martin                            Bill Stotesbury                        Terry Sullivan
Piano                                                    Banjo                                            Electric Bass

Don York                                Nobby Willett                          John Cottis
Trombone and Vocals                                        Banjo                                                Drums


                                                                                                                   Lynn Falvey 

                                                                     Sadly Graham Buttonshaw has passed to the great Jazzband in the sky

                                                                                22nd September 1940    -      16th October 2019





                                        Doctor Jazz is available for any occasion or ailment, large or small.
                                           The band size and composition is variable to suit all situations.

                                                For a consultation, prescription or quotation please call

                                               COLIN MARTIN               Telephone         01622 746164.

                                                                                          E-mail            martinc7@sky.com



                                   There are audio recordings of the band on CDs and a rare film of a full
                                               session at The Duke of Wellington is available on DVD.


                                              “When I’m trouble-bound and mixed, he’s the guy that gets me fixed”

                                                             DOCTOR JAZZ            March 2009/KB


                                   Doctor Jazz 40yrs at the Duke of Wellington 7th November 2013



                                               Photos taken on the night


   Lyn Falvey   -     Dave Kedge     -     Keith Blundell                                   Barney Smith  -   Barbara Padbury   -  Jan Smith

                                                                             Don York  -   John Mason                                      Bill Stotesbury    -   John Cottis   -     Terry Sullivan


                                           Phil Durell   -  Alan Robinson   -  Keith Blundell                         Phil Durell   -   Barry Knight  -  Alan Robinson   -  Mick Durell
                                                                                                                                                          apparently  Phil and Mick are related back in the distant pass

                                                                                                                                                                 around the early 14th century as rumours go !!!!


                                                                                                                                                                                           Dave 'Jaik' Hill    trumpet


                                                          Ian Rodgers  bass                                                                                                Jan Smith     



                                                                The Cake baked by Lyn Falvey                                                      Mick Durell     -     Colin Martin                      


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                                                                                                   The Black Cat Jazz Band


         The Black Cat Jazz Band was formed by Ian Turner from 1997 - 2000, band members being
                              Malcolm Walton tpt, Ian Turner clt/leader, Tony Cardwell tmb, Andy Maynard bjo,
                                                   Roger Link double bass and Mick Lay drms.

                                   Here are videos taken at St Margaret's Church, St Margaret's Bay, Kent
                                          recorded Saturday 17th May 1997 - The Black Cat Jazz Band trio



                                             Andy Maynard banjo       Roger Link double bass         Ian Turner clarinet

                                                         playing: click on to the titles below to watch

                               Old Rugged Cross                 Darkness On The Delta                 Curly Headed Baby   

                                             What A Friend We Have in Jesus                              Solace



                              Band members:
                           Ian Turner clt/ldr, George Bridges bass, Tony O'Sullivan tpt, Eric Webster bnj,
                                                      Tony Cardwell tmb and Mick Lay drms


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                                                  The Don Barcott Band story
to book this fine band or smaller combos give Don a ring on:

                                                                        01634   405037                               
                                                          Dons story of his big band:

                         a great caricature of Don                          Don was 5 years touring with ' Wally Scott '
               I have put together a fifteen-piece band of musicians that I have had the pleasure of playing with
               over the years - an exciting prospect and a first for me.

               I have played in various big bands but never one of my own. The musicians I am playing with are
               all first class in their field of endeavour  and, I must add, all nice guys - I feel a band of gentleman
               that people will warm to.

               The band is comprised of:
                                                         Five Saxophones, Three trumpets,  Three trombones
                                                                  Piano,  Bass,  Drums and Vocalist

               A nice workable sized band to enhance any major function or concert. We will play music to suit
               all tastes but our forte will be the Glenn Miller sound, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and arrangements
               from what was once Britain's finest big band the late Ted Heath.
               Don also runs        3 of a Kind   (trio)  ,   Five 5 Live      and     Sound of Seven


                                                                         The big band look

                                         here is the Big Band sound click on the titles to hear:

                                 String of Pearls                             Brazil                         Moonlight Serenade   


                                                   Video of Dons Big Band playing A String of Pearls


                                    from left to right
                                   Alan Boorman  saxs,      Donn Barcott drms,      Dick Gunner vocals,

                                             Charlie Swan piano   and        Tony Dee  electric bass

                  here are three tracks from the above CD click on to the titles to listen rec at the Medway Little Theatre


                        It Dont Mean A Thing                Sweet Georgia Brown              Glenn Miller Set


Three videos of the band at the Medway Little Theatre      
click on title / picture to watch

                            A Melody from Tony Dee                    The Man I Love voc Dick Gunner                           This I Dig of You 


             Don Barcott drums:
                Formed a  band after leaving the Royal Air Force (where he was a musician) in 1954 and it has been on
                going ever since. Has played all the major venues in Kent and quite a number of quality venues in London,
                ie, The Hilton Hotel, The Grosvenor Hotel and the Café Royal during 1990's to name but a few. Regularly
                performs at the Woodville Halls, Gravesend, Kent backing the Artists appearing in their variety shows. Has
                a wide experience of all types of venue and requirements. Don enjoys keeping his band 'together' in their
                playing - entertaining - and giving enjoyment to the audience as well as themeselves.

                Alan Boorman saxs:
                First class musician - his expertise with all his instruments shows out at all performances. A true professional.
                As a young man he played lead Alto sax with the famous Eric Winston Orchestra ( which included Michael Holiday
               on vocals in the mid 50's)
- one of the great big bands of their heyday. Alan is still in his prime and still remains a
               true professional - his playing is truly outstanding and we all stand in wonderment.

               Tony Dee Electric Bass:
               Ex Army musician - therefore a disciplined technician. Served as a regular in the 1st Royal Dragoons now the
               Blues and Royals, 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment as a Bandsman. Was a member of Band 'Airborne' - the
               band that won 'Opportunity Knocks' six times - that went on to tour the country, topping the bill at every venue -
               Cabaret Room, Dance Hall and theatre throughout England. The only band of its kind to claim that fame. Tony
               Dee, because of his outstanding talent, was a great instigator in putting them in that showbiz frame. He is a fine
               solo artist and valued member of the Five 5 Live Band

            Charlie Swan Piano:
One of Kent's finest in his field of endeavour - has played with the best of Jazz musicians - was a stalwart in the
               piano-chair with the Brian Jenner Band while it reigned supreme at the renowned 'Pavilion' at Gillingham. We are
               lucky to have him with us to enhance our endeavours and to enjoy his talent......And what a nice man.

               Dick Gunner Singer and Piano:
               A true musician in the show business flare. Has worked in the past with some of the well known Bands in Kent,
               playing drums first, than as a singer and now has added the keyboard to his profession - in which he excels. First
               class musician and entertainer in the true tradition of our craft . 'A great character to front our band - with a great


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