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                         The Imperial Jazz Band                    The Mister Jelly Roll Story                 The Canterbury Jazz Pilgrims Story                The Beverley Big Band

                                                                                   The Bourbon Street Ramblers                



                                           The Imperial Jazz Band

             In the early 80's Robin Beames formed the Imperial Jazz Band with some well known musicians, David Stone
          on reeds, Malcolm Walton trumpet and musical director, Tony Cardwell trombone, Colin Hodges double bass
         David Bashford banjo and guitar and himself on drums. The band had  a successful Friday jazz club at the
         Kings Arms , Headcorn, Kent, which ran for around 15 years and sadly with the untimely departure of Dave
         Bashford Robin decided to wind up the band. Memories of the band and the sound, below in photo's and music

                                                                      The Kings Arms Tenterden, Kent

                                Inside the car at the Tenterden Light Railway                                  Playing to the Passengers on Bodiam Station
                                 Malcolm Walton tpt, Robin Beames drms                                         Geoff Foster clarinet, Robin Beames drms,
                                  Phil Durell banjo and Pete Curtis clarinet                                        Colin Hodges bass and Dave Bashford banjo


                                                                          The Greyhound, Maidstone - Sunday lunchtime gig
                                                L/R  Chris Thompson bass, Dave Stone clt, Robin Beames drns and Andy Maynard banjo

                                                                           The Louis Armstrong, Dover - Sunday evening gig
                    Colin Hodges bass, Tony Cardwell tmb, Robin Beames drms,               Dave Bashford bnj,Tony Cardwell tmb, Robin Beames drms,
                    Colin Martin piano, John Longley tpt, Ian Turner clt                                   Colin Hodges bass,Malcolm Walton tpt, Dave Stone clt
                                                                                                                                                 unknown piano player 

                            The tracks below were recorded at the Louis Armstrong, Dover. Sunday 27th June 2004
                                       band personnel:
                                          Malcolm Walton  tpt,        Dave Stone  clt,         Tony Cardwell tmb,          Colin Martin piano
                                               Phil Durell  bnj,               Colin Hodges bass         and                    Robin Beames drms

                                                   Its a Sin To Tell a Lie                Dinah                          Sleepy Time Gal

                                                          Stay on the right side of the road                                  Marie


                                                          The IJB  on Tour in Belgium at a beer festival, and a Jazz Club, April 2001
                          Sean maple tmb, Malcolm Walton tpt, Dave Stone clt, Dave Bashford bnj, Colin Hodges bass and Robin Beames drms


                       The Imperial Jazz Band  -   Play The Classics

                                                              This is a great CD recorded at Langley Studios, Rainham, Kent.  1999

                                              band members:     
                                             Malcolm Walton tpt,  David Stone reeds,  Tony Cardwell tmb,  David Bashford bnj/gtr,
                                                                            Colin Hodges bass and Robin Beames drums
                                                                                          click on tracks below to listen:

                                    Back In Your Own Backyard                 Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland             Shimmy Sha Wobble

                                 On The Sunny Side Of The Street                               Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

                                         Melancholy Blues                 Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter              Muddy Water

                                                                    Let Me Call You Sweetheart                              Squeeze Me


                                                                            The IJB at the Maidstone Jazz Festival in 2004

                                    Dave Stone reeds, Gerry Birch sousa, Robin Beames drms, Roger Ely tpt, Phil Durell bnj and Tony Cardwell tmb.

                               The IPJ play at various functions from a six piece to an intimate quartet, lavish weddings and small garden parties

                           Jeff Foster reeds, Colin Hodges bass, Robin Beames drms,                                Colin Hodges bass, Dave Stone reeds,
                           Malcolm Walton tpt, Dave Bashford bnj and Tony Cardwell tmb.                        Robin Beames drms and Ray Perkins piano.

                                                To contact the Imperial Jazz Band for bookings etc. contact:

                                                               Robin Beames on  01622 861664    
                                                          or email:     robin.beames@virgin .net    


                           The Mister Jelly Story  1985



                          The Mister Jelly line-up formed by:

                          Pianist Colin Martin and his vocalist wife Jill Martin with Trevor Whiting reeds, Nick Stevenson tpt,
                                                             Mick Durell bass and Roger Mullen gtr.


                                                                    Jill Martin now Jill Grant
   taken at Pissarro’s, Hastings.by Ray Boldon

              my  story - Jill

I came back to live in Kent with my parents in 1976, having been a student in Birmingham.  It was in
Birmingham that I began singing in jazz bands,at a club called the Salutation which was then meeting
in a club owned by Ian Campbell of folk fame.  A super venue – a cellar bar but bigger than Jerry’s and
with black walls, ceilings (and probably floors!) a stage and spotlights.  I joined the house band which
was called the Salutation Stompers, led by John Minnion who became a good friend.  Alan Robinson
tells me John still remembers me!
              When I came back to Kent I soon got involved with the local scene, firstly with Malcolm Walton’s
New Jazz Bandits that used to play at the Sun Inn, Bredgar.  At the time I joined, the lineup was Malcolm,
John Rangecroft on reeds, Rod Hayes on trombone, Humph Mays on bass, Brian Kemp on drums and
Mike Jefferson on piano.  Later John was replaced by Alan Robinson, whom I had met while he was depping
for John earlier.  We became fast friends and are to this day.  I met Colin at Bredgar and he invited me to
go over to Ryarsh and sit in with Terry’s band, the Terry Treagus Jazzsounds  – I did and Terry asked me
to join on the spot!  At the time, the band had a male singer too, called Barry Fisher.  I got on very well with
Barry and we each had our feature numbers.  He was also an ace jazz jiver and I loved to watch him dance
with my friend Maggie Stone, a keen follower of the local trad scene.  I would have loved to join in, but I
have two left feet so was consigned to the role of spectator.
             I had so much fun in that band.  Terry got loads of really good function gigs, including posh venues
in London and he had a minibus (known as the Band Wagon) that he used to get us there.  He’d come round
and pick each person up and I remember having a fluttery feeling of excitement when Terry tooted the horn
outside my house.  Off to another fun gig!  On the way back there was always a lot of mucking about, joke
telling and general silliness, most of it emanating from Barney Smith who was a riot on legs.  The band was always well received and for some reason, one of my clearest memories is of Terry playing “Ciribiribin”. 
I sang with Terry’s band from 1977 to its breakup (I can’t now recall exactly when that was).  Two bands
formed from the ashes of the Jazzsounds – the Seven Aces and Doctor Jazz.  Incidentally, that band name
was my idea, and Keith Blundell designed the very clever band logo.  I sang regularly with Doctor Jazz
and my own band, Mister Jelly, until the demands of my day job amongst other things prompted my temporary retirement from singing, except for the occasional guest spot
            As most people know my marriage to Colin ended but we remained friends.  I picked up the threads
of singing again and moved towards singing a broad repertoire of standards and contemporary jazz songs
by people like Dave Frishberg, but retaining my love of earlier jazz (after all, I grew up listening to it!).   I
still pop over to the Duke at Ryarsh from time to time and have a sit in with my old friends.
Check out my
website :   
      www.grantidge.com                                                                                                                                                               Jill Grant

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                The Bourbon Street Ramblers  1983 - 1985

                   This band is the forerunner of    'The Original New Orleans Jazz Band'   click on title for more info
                   The band members:

                   Alex Holt piano, Geoff Brown tpt, Ivan Gandon reeds, Sam Weller tmb, Paul Baker drms,
                                                 Pete Drage bass and Peter Bert bnj.

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                                 The Canterbury Jazz Pilgrims

                              1998 - 2001 

                 The Canterbury Jazz Pilgrims were formed from the demise of Burt Butler's Jazz Hasslers - Burt wanted to make a CD
                 and he joined forces with Bill Phelan and between the pair of them the C.J.P. was formed and some superb CDs were
                 cut - four in all and you can click on below and listen.  

This picture was taken at the Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent.
                                                                      21st November 1999

Band members:
                                                  Bill Phelan cornet,  Jim Searson clt,   John Finch tmb,
                                    Burtie Butler bnj,  Alan Kennington bass  and  Robin Beames drums



                                            Busking in Canterbury outside Nasons  - June 2000


                     7th July - 16th July 2000 the C.J.P. made their to the South of France


                              Friday night halfway 7th July playing in Beaune in Café L'Halleborde for free beer


                                                                         playing on the front in Cannes

                     our view of the listening crowds in Cannes               Sunday 9th giving Nice the sounds of Jazz

                                               The lads playing homage to the Guvnor   (Ken Colyer)
                                                    who sadly spent his dying days in Fréjus, France


                           "Jazz on a Summers Night " at the Whitstable Playhouse, Whitstable, Kent.  23rd July 2000

                                        with mine host Mike Scott on Washboard

                                                      and guest star Alan " Lord Arsenal" Bradley - piano and trumpet


                         The band cut four CD's - so enjoy - if you wish to purchase contact Burtie  p&p @ £6


Reigning Supreme                                                  Get Jazzed 

both recorded 25th Feb 1999 at Langlei Studios, Medway, Kent                            

           Lady be Good                             Love Letters in the Sand                             Painting the clouds                Curse of an Aching  Heart             
           Lock my Heart                           
 Move the Body Over                                  Nobodys Sweetheart Now       Doctor Jazz

           I get the Blues when it Rains       Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage                      In the Sweet by and by           New Orleans

           Jazz me Blues                             Roll along prairie Moon                             Lead me Saviour                     Treasure Island

           Coquette                                     You and I were Young Maggie                   Closer Walk with Thee             Porters Love Song to a Chambermaid

                             Let me call you Sweetheart                                                         Give You anything but love     Ponchatrain Blues      



                                                                           both recorded 30th February 2000 at Langlei Studios, Medway, Kent

                                Raise the Spirits                                                                  Call it Jazz       

               I double Dare You                          Paper Doll                                            Dans La Rue d'Antibes                   Just a Gigolo

               Out In The Cold Again                   Riverside Blues                                    Linger a While                                South

              Always Be In Love With You            Let The Great big World                     Sunday                                           Hold Me

              Sweet Fields                                    Please Dont Talk About Me                 Ja - Da                                            The Glory Of Love

              Too Busy                                         Blueberry Hill                                      Im Alone Because I Love You         Write Myself a Letter

              Canal Street Blues                            The Second Line                                Old Spinning Wheel                       Alice Blue Gown

                          Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall                                                 Everywhere You Go                       Till We Meet Again


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                                                    The Beverley Big Band Story - 1994 -


                            The Beverley Big Band was formed in the Autumn of 1994 by Jane Beverley and David Forbes to play the music of the 30’s and 40’s in the style of that era, such as Glenn Miller,
                            Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

                             Initially a Concert band of amateur and semi-professional musicians from Herne Bay and Whitstable, performances were often for charitable causes in village halls and churches
                             until, in 1998, the band began to play for dancing, which proved extremely popular as the opportunity to dance to a big band was a rarity!

                            The band expanded to 20 musicians plus singers Angie Wicks from Chatham and Colin Grainger from Herne Bay, and it was time to invest in new illuminated music stands,
                            portable sound amplification and uniforms. To fund this investment it was decided to hire Canterbury’s Westgate Hall and promote a series of “Dance Parties”. The combination
                            of live Big Band music and “American Supper” catering (guests bring their own food and drink) proved to be a winner, and very soon a database of over 300 dance fans was established.

                            Function bookings gradually materialised in larger venues such as Margate Winter Gardens, Canterbury University, Herne Bay King’s Hall and Broom Park Country Club.
                           The band continues to impress, playing for the Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball at Higham Park, Canterbury Cricket Ground, and Jarvis Great Danes Hotel, as well as concert dates
                           at Herne Bay Bandstand, Margate Theatre Royal and Whitstable Playhouse and recently for the delegates to the Lambeth Conference in the Shirley Hall, King’s School, Canterbury.

                          We owe a great debt of gratitude to our founding manager Rod Mount who sadly passed away last autumn. He was inspirational in getting us known throughout Kent and made
                          sure we were in the right place at the right time.

                          The band repertoire has expanded greatly, encompassing a larger range of music to appeal to a wider dance audience, wedding functions and other celebrations (usually held in
                          large marquees), and a 15-track CD has been recorded for retail sale.

                          Young vocalist Paul has joined the band, and after nearly 20 years, the Beverley Big Band is now unquestionably the premier dance orchestra in the area, even teaming up with
                          East Kent Ballroom dance champions Ian Sharpe and Victoria Lawrence to provide an opportunity to dance to a Big Band and watch dance demonstrations at Folkestone’s
                          Leas Cliff Hall.

                          This year, a new Musical Director has taken up the baton. John Myhill, from Ramsgate is an experienced musician, composer and conductor, and plays in his own Modern Jazz Trio.

                         The band continues to rehearse every Monday at the Royal British Legion in Herne Bay, where you are welcome to come along and listen to us rehearse – not always as good a
                         sound as we eventually produce – got to get the wrong notes out of the way first! 



                                                                                           The Beverley Big Band in concert at Westgate Hall, Canterbury, Kent


                                                                           FRONT ROW from left:
                                                                           Geoff Cane, Deryck Euden, Dave Bone, Tom Clarke, Jane Beverley, Alick Harwood, Tony Barry, Kate Williams
                                                                           SECOND ROW :
                                                                           Gary Pitt, Dave Cayley, Rod Mount, Terry Glanville, Tony Matthews,  Chris Jeffreys, Jim Williams, Eddie Goodwin, Ruth Goodsell
                                                                          BACK ROW:
                                                                           Nick Capocci, Jimmy Tagforth, Harry Cook (far right - back to camera!)
                                                                                                                                                         Musical Director: John Myhill


                                                          To Book this Band simply contact us through the website: mandy@beverleybigband.co.uk This address can be used for enquiries
                                                          about the band, booking us for events etc. as well.

                                                          Alternatively you can Phone Dave Bone on 01304 830966 or email david.bone70@googlemail.com

                                                                         up and coming events  and website        click here


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