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                                                  Here is a list of bands from the past and present so scroll down  and get the info etc.

                                                                                         BANDS :                                                                                       

                    Trad Fad                   Northdown Stompers                The Mainline Jazz Band                Thameside Stompers

                    The Shanghia Syncopated Orchestra              Les Herberts Jazz Band              Red Hot and Blue        The Dixiecats Jazzband





                                                                   The Dixiecats Jazz Band


                                   The Dixiecats playing at the Queen Charlotte, Rochester, Kent 1982
                                   picture from the Eric Webster collection
                                   band members:

                                   Tom Brady tpt/ldr, Peter Godsiff clnt, Kenny Pyrke tmb, Micky Brookes drms
                                   Bernie Johnson bass and Eric Webster banjo




                           The Dixiecats at a private party circa mid eighties  

                           band members:
                           Tom Brady tpt  John Elmer clt, Kenny Pyrke tmb, Eric Webster bnj.
                           Jim Belcher bass and Miles Wilson drms.



                         The Dixiecats at The Malta Inn, Allington Lock, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent
                                                       taken in the 70's / 80's                                       

                    band members:
                    Tom Bradt tpt, Roy Mason clt, John Finch tmb, Harry King Drms
                    Eric Webster bnj. and Mick Howell bass.


                                                                              Red Hot and Blue  


            Peter Leonard trumpet  - Chris Thompson bass - John Stuart banjo - Alan Cresswell clarinet

                 This great quartet has just been formed since 2013 - a great sound

                       and a great CD to buy - click on the four high lighted to listen


                          1    Streets of the City                       8 Burgundy Street   

                           2   Magnolias Wedding Day          9  Sweet Georgia Brown

                           3  Wabash Blues                           10   At the Jazz Band Ball

                           4  Bad Penny Blues                      11   When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver

                           5  Old Miss Rag                          12   The Old Rugged Cross

                           6   Davenport Blues                     13   Strutting with Some Butter and Egg Man

                           7   So Do I                                    14   Panama


               Recorded live at the Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle in the Small Boat Owners Club 29th November 2014

                                             to purchase CD and enquire about the Red Hot and Blue

                          phone Peter on   07427 726 228    or  email:  redhotandbluejazz@gmail.com

                                                   or visit     www.facebook.com/redhotandbluejazz    


                                                                Trad Fad     (1972 - 1978)

             information from Clive Brooks wonderful book 'Trad Mad' a concise history of the traditional jazz revival in Kent

                                                                  The original line up of the Trad Fad as follows:

                                                           Jeff Hatton (tpt/ldr), Pete Godsiff (clt/ten), Kenny Pyrke (tmb),
                                               Alex Holt (piano), John Atkinson (bjo/gtr), Sid Dale (tuba) and Derek Bailey (drms)  

                                                                                    (tpt)  Norman Haynes, Tom Brady
                                                                                    (bjo/gtr) Eric Webster
                                                                                    (bass) Bernie Johnson
                                                                                    (drms) Andy Grey, Micky Brooks
                                                        Band renamed 'The Dixie Cats' under the leadership of Kenny Pyrke     


              A newspaper cutting June 10th 1974, from Eric Webster's pics

             band members:
                                        Geoff Hatton tpt/ldr, Pete Godsiff clt, Kenny Pyrke tbn, Alex Holt piano,
                                        Eric Webster bnj, Sid Dale tuba and the youngest member of the band Andrew Gray drms.



                                            The lads with Patti Clarke       

This recording is from the Tony Pink collection taken at the Laughing Water 15th October 1975
                                                                                                        band members:
                                               top row L/R      Pete Godsiff , Beth (a fan), Norman Haynes, Bernie Johnson and Alex Holt
                                               bot row L/R      Eric Webster, Micky Brooks and Kenny Pyrke.

                                              with guest: Randy Colville clt  and  Ray Smith tenor on 'St James Infirmary'

                             click on to titles to hear:       
                        Avalon                Back of Town Blues   
(Norman & Kenny voc)             Battle Hymn of the Republic



                                   This is a great photo of Peter Baker supping of what he likes supping and if you click on to the
                                 title St James Infirmary you can hear Peter vocalising with the accompaniment of Randy Colville on clarinet
                                                       and Ray Smith on Tenor - the great sounds we had in the seventies

                                                                                    St James Infirmary      ( vocal Peter Baker)

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                                             The Northdown Stompers        1956

                                     taken at the Orpington Jazz Club


                                                      from left to Right:

                                     Bill Phillips tmb., Mick Jones bass, Davy Jones bnj., Jim Belcher tpt.,
                                            Al Roscoe drms., Jack Gilbert clt  and  Pat Roscoe piano.

                                                               photo from the Jim Belcher collection






                                 above four pics  from the Eric Webster collection taken around 1959

                 Alan Roscoe tpt, George Berry clt, Jim Belcher tbn, Pat Roscoe piano, Mick Jones bass,
                 Brian Fairbanks drms and Eric Webster bnj


                     Note the transport. The bass player took his bass in the motorcycle chair, the leader
                     had the car, most of the others had motorcycles or scooters in those days,

                                                              George Berry clarinet

                                                       trade card not many people
                                                       had phones in the late 50's

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                                                                                       The Mainline Jazz Band

                     This band was run by Tony King, a trumpet player from Hull Yorkshire and having settled down in the Gravesend
                     area put together a jazz band made from various musicians from the Gravesend and Medway area. The band first
                     started a regular gig in the Railway Inn at Sole Street. The band took its name from the mainline train service to
                     London.  The band started in the late 70ís and continued until the mid 1990ís with various personal changes over that time.

                                                                              The Original line up:-

                                                                                   Tony King trp
                                                                                   Neil Highley trm
                                                                                   Jack Hughes cla and alto sax
                                                                                   Geoff Gilry guitar
                                                                                   Pete Drage bass.
                                                                                   Pete Turner drums.  No photo available
                                                                                   Pam Tucker vocals


                    This band had a change when Pete Turner was replaced on the drums by Eddy Newport in about 1979.  Pete Drage
                    was replaced by Alex Taylor, Neil Highly was replaced by Rod Hayes and Jack Hughes was replaced by Charles Sherwood.
                    During the 80ís the band shared a Sunday lunch time gig at the Toll Gate Inn on the A2 near Gravesend with the
                   Jubilee Jazz Band run by John Pollard a sax and clarinet player. This gig ran for about 6 years with great success.

                                   Tony King                                      Neil Highly                              Charles Sherwood                         Jack Hughes                               Geoff Gilry               
                                    Trumpet                                          Trombone                                          Reeds                                           Reeds                           


Eddy Newport                                          Pam Tucker                                                  Bob Pluck                                             Pete Drage
                                              Drums                                                      Vocals                                                           Guitar                                                double bass

                      The band played in the mainstream style rather than in the true traditional NO style. The repertoire covered  many  
                       jazz standards to boss novas and some pop numbers. The function of the band was to entertain as many people as
                       possible with a variety of styles of jazz music.
                      The band worked around Kent, Surry and London areas playing at many functions and WM clubs.  Gravesend is
                       twined with Nurmunster in Germany and Cambria in France and over several years the band went and played at
                       concerts and festivals in these towns. The height of the bands fame was reached when Tony King got a booking
                       to perform at the Rochester Castle Gardens on the same bill as The Kenny Ballís Jazz Band. Playing to an audience
                       of 3000 was the pinnacle of the bands success.

                                                                In the mid 80ís to 90ís there were some changes.
                                                       Neil Highly was replaced by Rod Hayes on the trombone.
                                                       Geoff Gilry was replaced by Steve Morgans on keyboard.
                                                             Alex Taylor was replaced by Pete Thomas bass
                                                          Pam Tucker was replaces by Elaine Dyan on vocals
                                           Charles Sherwood  was replaced by Mark Southwell on clarinet and Saxes
                               Bob Pluck on guitar, Mike Brooks drums and Alan Boreman on alto sax did many deptís with the band..

                    The later line up produced a recording at Porcupine Studios in New Eltham under the direction of Ted Taylor. The band
                    had about 200 cassettes made and they were sold at various functions especially the foreign engagements. This helped
                    to cover the cost of the recording session.



                                                                                 The band that went to Germany in 1986:

                L/R  Eddy Newport, Rod Hayes, Mark Southwell, Steve Morgans, Elaine Dyan, Tony King and Pete Thomas.  

                  Here are four  tracks from their cassette recording made in 1987 the line up is the above group musicians

          Sweet Georgia Brown         Mack the Knife                Sweet Sue                             It dont mean a thing
    vocal Elaine Dyan               vocal Tony King            vocal Steve Morgans              vocal  Rod Hayes    (arranged by Tony King)

               In 1991 Eddy Newport left the band and was replaced by Mick Brooks

              The band ended itís days playing at the Three Daws Pub in Gravesend and finely at the Cricketers at Meopham  
              and many ĎStarsí were booked to play with the band. Kathy Stowbart, Hugh Leddigo, Roy Williams, Randy Colville
              and others all made a Sunday lunch time gig a firm favourite.

              Composed by Eddy Newport. August 2008.

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                                                                                         The Thameside Stompers

                    This band is probably one of the longest running jazz bands in North Kent; itís first started up in the early 70ís. The band came
                    together by two guys who met at a folk club and found they had a love of jazz and thought it would be a good idea to try and form
                    a traditional jazz band. Those guys were Pete Drage playing bass and Alan Bundy plying banjo. Through work contacts Pete
                    met Dennis Lear a clarinet player and in turn Don York playing trombone formed the start of the band. Soon drummer Peter Turner
                    and trumpeter David Kedge made up the final line up. Cutting their musical teeth at various pubs they finally settled down to a regular
                    weekly gig at the pub ďThe Ladís of the VillageĒ in Stone near
Gravesend. This gig ran without a break for nearly 25 years. Over
                    that time there were many changes to the line up. Harry King replaced Pete Turner, Fred Hoare bass replaced Pete Drange and
                    his brother Ronnie Hoare joined playing piano. Harry King died and was replaced by Colin Large and in the latter years Don York
                    was replaced by Rod Hayes and Dave Kedge was replaced by Ken Atkinson trumpet. Fred Oare died and was replaced by
                   Jim Belcher
on bass and Ronnie Oare left the band. Finally the ďLadísĒ gig came to an end in the late 1990ís and found a new pub
                   to gig in called ďThe Rising SunĒ at Falkham Green near Longfield Kent. This gig was a once a month event and ran for about 5 years.

Tom Brady Colin Large Jim Belcher Dennis Lear                Rod Hayes  Ken Atkinson and Tom Brady
          Taken at 'The Rising Sun'  at Falkham Green, Nr Longfield, Kent

                   Since then the band has been doing various gigs around the county, but are few and far between. Since the Performing Rights laws,
                   whereby if a pub has more than two musicians playing, a music licence must be obtained and the cost can be too much for the landlord
                   to pay, so in effect this has killed live bands in a pub for ever.
                   Photos of the original line up are unobtainable. This group formed the mainstay of the band at the ďLadís of the VillageĒ and
                   ďThe Rising SunĒ pub gigs.


Ken Atkinson                          Dennis Lear                            Rod Hayes                           Alan Bundy                            Jim Belcher                         Colin Large
   cornet                                         clarinet                                      trombone                                    banjo                                       bass guitar                                  drums

                            here are the above lads playing at 'The Lads of the Village', Stone Crossing, Nr Gravesend, Kent. 27th August 1991
                                                                        Savoy Blues                               Running Wild
vocal Rod Hayes


                                     here are the boys at 'The Rising Sun' Faulkham Green, Kent. 5th September 1991 -
                                                               but Dave Link on trumpet and Fred Hoare on bass.
                                                     Baby wont you please come home                                       Rosetta
                                                                                                vocal Colin Large
                                                                                       Known as the Al Boley of kent

here are the boys at 'The White Swan' 13th November 1991, but Eddy Newport on drums
                                                                  Lonesome Road                             Christopher Columbus


                                                   here are the boys at 'The Jolly Knight' Rochester, Kent. 7th December 1993
                                                                   but Tom Brady trumpet and John Ellmer drums
                                                             There'll be some changes                         Digger Digger Do
vocal Tom Brady



                                                   Over the years, several musicians have dept with the band and listed below are just few.


                 Tom Brady tpt            Eddy Newport drums             John Elma drums and clt       Barny Smith bass and guitar           Nobby Willett  banjo

                                           Ian Hamilton tpt                  Dave Kedge tpt                 Dave Link tpt                 Tony King  tpt

                   The band style is a relaxed traditional jazz sound with a wide range of standard jazz tunes.

                  Composed by Eddy Newport  
                   Sept 2008


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                                                       The Shanghia Syncopated Orchestra

                 A great orchestra playing 20's and 30's arrangments led by trumpeter/ vocalist Robin Eve in his spare
                                         moments from 1982 - 1989 after having found a pile of old 1920's dance music in a shop, and the Orchestra
                                         are still playing now and one of their yearly highlights is at the  Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall (map
                                         Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, United Kingdom SE1 8XX.


                                                     the lads from left to right:

                                        Steven Botting tmb, Ron Rackley bass, Martyn Liston reeds, John Cottis drums,  Bob Pluck banjo,

                                                                   Robin Eve tpt/leader, Peter Flawn piano and Steve Hatfield violin



                                                                  two tracks from this wonderful orchestra recorded 3rd October 1982
                                                                             at the Oakwood International Studio, Canterbury, Kent.

                                                                         Shanghai                              Vo - Do - Do - De - O - Blues

                                                                                                       click on above titles to listen

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                              The 'Les Herbert's Jazz Band


     The Les Herberts Story:

             Over a decade ago, two strangers met, one foggy winter night on the London train. As it struggled home to Thanet,
             they exchanged reminiscences and discovered a mutual musical background which spanned the skiffle fad and the
             trad jazz boom of the 1950's. One played the piano, the other played the banjo and there it stopped. However, as in
             all good stories, the two players discussed their acquaintance elsewhere and the tiny seaside town of Broadstairs, Kent
             produced five other musicians, all exactly right for a jazz band. Someone else found a 'gig' and with only one practice
             and six tunes in the repertoire, the band set out on its road to minor fame. In its early days the band rarely played under
             the same name twice running, which was just as well, but one night, after offering the name 'Les Herberts' as a French
             pun, they found that an entrepreneur had billed them as ' Les Herbert and his Vaudeville Jazz Band'. The name stuck,
             but the band often receive messages for Les from people who distinctly remember playing with him, knew him as a mate
             in the army or claim he owes them money. Jazz has taken the Herberts into all kinds of places apart from night clubs
             and pubs, and they have shared the bizarre experiences that are common to musicians everywhere. There was the
             night when they played 'on ice' and the piano froze, the night when they unintentionally kept 200 pilgrims awake in
             Canterbury and the afternoon on which they welcomed Father Christmas to a department store. The band has appeared
             on stage on numerous occasions, in company with such eminent jazz figures as George Melly, Alex Welch and Chris
             Barber, but most of all, they have played in Thanet and East Kent, turning out 'jazz' to appreciative audiences, especially
             in Margate's own jazz pub, "The King's Head". During the Herbert's story, the personnel have changed from time to time,
             but the band has played on through the swinging 60's and in and out of Punk Rock without faltering.
                        The music on this record is a good cross section of the bands repertoire. "Tight like that" is a popular favourite
             everywhere the Herberts play, as are other old standards such as "Dr. Jazz" and "That's a plenty". However, this recording
             has given them a chance to do some "studio" tunes, the old Jelly Roll Morton composition "Sidewalk Blues" being one
             of these. Les Herbert's jazz has never been totally for the purist, but tunes like "Gatemouth" and "Buddy Bolden's Blues"
             are authentic enough to satisfy those who want both nostalgia and entertainment.
                         This record is dedicated to the band's many followers and supporters and, who knows, may introduce a new
              audience to some very old songs. During its making, the musicians consumed at least 40 bottles of a well known brown
              ale, several pints of vicious home brew, 2 gallons of coffee, 4 lbs of cheese and a lot of biscuits. Three members of the
              orchestra now have new neighbours and all of the band are now speaking to their wives once more. Wout Steenhuis
              went quite pale at the 10th take of "Sidewalk" but looks all right now. Thanks Wout.

                                                                                                                       " The Herberts "    March 1978



                                         This Lp recorded in 1978 and produced on the Jelmer Label no 'JELMER STERIO JS 102/78' it
                                        hales from the engineering stable in Broadstairs of local maestro Wout Steenhuis who, as well as being
                                         a brilliant musician himself handled recordings of the Wedgwoods  and organist Tony Savage's sing -
                                         along shows at Margate's Lido.

                                                                 Side 1                                                                        Side 2

                                     1, Tight Like That     voc John Walters                                                       1,  Gatemouth
                                     2, Sidewalk Blues                                                                                   2,  I've Got What It Takes     voc Betty Renz
                                     3, You Took Advantage Of Me  voc Bill Bowden                                      3,  Sweet Georgia Brown      voc Bill Bowden
                                     4, Jazz Me Blues                                                                                     4, Saratoga Swing
                                     5, Buddy Bolden's Blues    voc Bob Hilditch                                               5, Fidgety Feet
                                     6, Louisiana   voc Bill Bowden                                                                    6, Sweet Lorraine  voc Bill Bowden
                                     7, Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me   voc Vernon Kennard              7, That's A Plenty
                                     8, Doctor Jazz     voc Dick Smith                                                                8, Tight Like That


                                     The Orchestra:
                                     Bill Bowden  
Trumpet, Flugelhorn and vocals                                  Dick Smith      Clarinet and vocals
                                     Martin Rawbone    Trombone                                                         Robin Day       Drums
                                     Vernon Kennard     Bass and vocals                                                Bob Hilditch    Guitar, Banjo and vocals
                                                                                           John Walters 
Piano and vocals
Guest Vocalist:  Betty Renz   on 'I've Got What It Takes' Klaxon, Whistles, Mumbling, Footsteps, Vocal Refrains: Les Herberts

This is a review in the June 1979 'Cresendo International' magazine of the album




Here we have Betty on her 91st birthday looking good and still singing


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