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                                               The Bill Barnacle Jazz Band Story

              1979 and onwards

               Bill started his band at the Smugglers, Herne, Kent in 1979 - 1980 with the following musicians:

                             Bill Barnacle cornet/leader , Bruce Roberts clarinet, Sťan Maple trombone, Mike Oliver piano,
                                                           Dave Bashford on bass guitar and Bill Ambro on drums

and later Dave Bashford on banjo/guitar and Brian Askew on bass
                                                             and later Phil Barnes on cornet, when the band became the  Invicta Jazz Band in 1981


                         Here are some early recordings taken at the Smugglers in 1979

                              band members:   
                              Bill Barnacle crnt, Bruce Roberts clt, Sťan Maple tmb, Derek Blair piano, Dave Bashford bass gtr and Bill Ambro drums

                                      Lester Leaps In            I Can't Give You Anything But Love           Hy Ya              Summertime

                                      Sarratoga Swing                   Royal Garden Blues                    Piano Rag by Derek Blair

                             band members the same as above but Dave Jones replacing Derek Blair on piano

                                    Apex Blues                  Please Dont Talk About Me When I've Gone        Someday You'll Be Sorry

                                                                          C Jam Blues                                   St Louis Blues

                                                              The band playing in Folkestone High Street - September 1985

                                                                                         Playing in Lee's Cliff Hall Folkestone - 1985


                    Sťan Maple tmb, Colin Hodges and Bill Barnacle the rest of band                              Folkestone Leas Cliff Lift - September 1985
                              out of sight at Folkestone Football Ground concert
                             playing opposite Joe Brown and his Brothers - 1989


                                                                       The lads playing at Roger's annual Summer Jazz Party
                                                                                               at Old Oak Tree House, Hoath. August 1985


                              The Bill Barnacle Band made some great tapes 4 in all - here are sample tracks from them:


                                            Indian Summer recorded    1985                                               Walking On Air  recorded  1987                           
                                            Band Members:                                                                      Band Members:
                                            Bill Barnacle cornet/vocal/Leader                                             Bill Barnacle cornet/vocal/Leader
                                            Sťan Maple tmb, Bruce Roberts clt/Ssax                                 Sťan Maple tmb, Bruce Roberts clt/Ssax
                                            Chris Marney bnj/voc, Colin Hodges bass/voc                           Chris Marney bnj/voc, Colin Hodges bass/voc
                                                    and Jimmy Tagford drums                                                        and Mike Marsh drums

                                      Hard Hearted Hannah      Just One Of Those Things                           The Wolverines       Chimes Blues

                                   Indian Summer    Is It True What They Say About Dixie                  I Could Do Most Anything For You    Muskrat Ramble

                                      Shout 'em Aunt Tilley               Wabash Blues                            I'm Crazy About My Baby       Savoy Blues


                                     Folkestone Band Stand - 1987                                                                  Folkestone High Street - May 1987

                           The Bill Barnacle Band Power to 2nd place                                    As Colin remarks - Bill Barnacle and the Mountain Goats !!!
                            (out of 30-odd) in Fountain Canel Boat Race 1988                         Sťan Maple tmb, Colin Hodges bass, Jimmy Tagford drms,
                                                                                                                             Bill Barnacle crt, Ray Perkins piano and Pete Rose clarinet



                                            On The Shelf  recorded  1989                                                           Big Fat Daddy  recorded  1993
                                            Band Members:                                                                              Band Members:
                                            Bill Barnacle cornet/vocal/Leader                                                     Bill Barnacle cornet/vocal/Leader
                                            Sťan Maple tmb, Bruce Roberts clt/Ssax                                         Sťan Maple tmb, Bruce Roberts clt/Ssax        
                                            Chris Marney bnj/voc, Colin Hodges bass/voc                                   Chris Marney bnj/voc, Colin Hodges bass/voc              
                                                     and Mike Marsh drums                                                                     and Mike Marsh drums

                                    South Rampart Street Parade       Aint Misbehaving                             Shimmy-Sha-Wobble        Taint What You Do

                                   Choo Choo Ch' Boogie     42nd Street      The Chant                             Squeeze Me          Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

                                    Drop Me Of In Harlem               Dont Be That Way                              Stevedore Stomp                     Harlem Bound


                         A great caricature drawing of the band by a German fan                        The band playing for Albert 'Spider' Wellard's party in Tenterden             
                                   taken from a photograph - circa 1993                                                              1989 and with Lyn Falvey on the left   



               The lads playing at a private party - 1992 - with some very talented young musicians - and I must add some talented old ones as well !!!
                   musicians left photo:                                                                                   musicians right photo:
                   Bill Barnacle crnt, Kate Hodges bass, Jane Cornish violin,                             Roy King crnt, Sťan Maple tmb, Tom Hodges tenor sax,
                        Chris Marney bnjo and Nick Mortimer alto sax.                                         Bruce Roberts clnt and Bill Barnacle crnt



                                                            Photo taken at the Louis Armstrong one Christmas, band members are L/R:

                                                             Mick Morris gtr/bnj, Sťan Maple tmb, Mike Marsh drms, Bill Barnacle crnt/ldr,
                                                                                         Colin Hodges bass and Pete Rose reeds



                                                 Bill recorded two CDs as a quartet the first one 'Dream Come True' in July 2005 band members:
                                                                                                                          Chris Rumsey reeds, Mike Porter-Ward bass,
                                                                                                                          Dave Bashford gtr/banjo and Bill Barnacle cornet

                                              Buzzy           Mister Sandman      Mack The Knife       Theres A Blue Ridge Round My Heart Virginia  


                                                                                                                                                                        Engineers on both CDs Roger Cotton
                                                                                                                                                                                    and Bill's son Steve Barnacle

                                                       This is Bill's second recording in September 2005 -  a double CD ' Roundelay' band members:
                                                                                                                                  Chris Rumsey reeds, Bill Barnacle cornet
                                                                                                                                  Clive Fletcher bass and Bob pluck gtr/banjo

                                                             CD1         In A Mellow Tone                All By Myself                Nature Boy (Clive F voc) 

                                                             CD2         Girl From Ipanema              Shine                           Coquette 


                                  private venue - Nov 1996 -                                              The lads playing at an unknown venue - 1989
                                        with Dave Bashford bnj
                                                  Nikki Walton vocal


                       Bill Barnacle Jazz Band in Reims 1992     
                            One of their many visits to Reims - playing at the Childrens                       and here in Reims at the ' Cafe de Londres '  May 1995
                                  Music Festival in front of the Lord mayor - 1992

                                                                    taken in 1975                                                         and 33 years later !!   2008
                                                                                    and still going strong I might add - Burtie Butler
                                                                         Bill Barnacle        Mike Marsh      Mick Morris       Colin Hodges